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Globally-themed Electives for the European Studies Major

(Students declaring the major in Autumn Quarter 2012 and after must include one of these courses among their "European Studies electives" )

JSIS A 465                       International Humanitarian Law
JSIS B 315                       Law State and Society
JSIS B 324                       Immigration
JSIS B 330                       International Political Economy
JSIS B/GWSS 333             Gender and Globalization
JSIS B 334/LSJ 336           Law in Multicultural Context
JSIS B/GEOG 344              Migration Global Economy
JSIS B/SCAND/ENVIR 350  Environment Norm International Pol
JSIS B/LSJ 366                 Comparative Law, Society, and Courts
JSIS B/GEOG 375              Geopolitics
JSIS B 386                       Law/Pol International Trade
JSIS B 388                       Political Economy Industrial Nations
JSIS B 406/POL S 432       Political Islam
JSIS B 407                       Islamist Movements
JSIS B 421                       International Security
JSIS B 425                       International Law/Arms Control
JSIS B/POL S 426              World Politics
JSIS B 427                       Weapons of Mass Destruction
JSJS B/POL S 436             Ethnic Politics
JSIS B 437                       Global Diasporas
JSIS B/LSJ 439                 Law and Political Power
JSIS B/HSTCMP 440          History of Communism
JSIS B 441                       Forced Migrations
JSJS B 446                       History Memory Justice
JSIS B/HIST 467               Nations/States in the Modern World
JSIS B 476                       Comparative International Political Economy


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