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International Studies: General Major
- Required Courses & Advanced Topic Core Courses

(Please note: 3 additional courses in an approved "track" are also required. See: Track lists).

Required International Studies Curriculum
(these 8 courses are all required)

ECON 200 Micro Economics
ECON 201 Macroeconomics or JSIS 123 Introduction to Globalization
JSIS  200  States & Capitalism: Origins of the Modern Global System
JSIS  201  Introduction to International Political Economy
JSIS  202  Cultural Interactions in an Interdependent World
JSIS B 330  International Political Economy
JSIS  495  Task Force (Open only to IS majors)
JSIS  498  Readings in International Studies (Open only to IS majors)

Core Course List - Advanced Topics in International Studies  
(3 courses required from this list)

JSIS 478 Advanced Topics in International Studies (varies yearly)

JSIS A 301 Europe Today
JSIS A 324 Human Rights in Latin America (with LSJ 322)
JSIS A 346 Alternative Routes to Modernity (with HSTAS 348)
JSIS A 405 Social Change in East Asia (with ANTH 449)
JSIS A 416 Nato
JSIS A 429 Eco-Capitalism
JSIS A 430 Security Affairs of Russia & Eurasia
JSIS A 431 Demographic Issues in Asia (Comparative Demographic Issues) (w/SOC 434)
JSIS A 459 United States-China Relations (w/POL S 419)
JSIS A 465 International Humanitarian Law

JSIS B 216 Science and Society (with PHYS 216)
JSIS B 301 War (with SOC 301)
JSIS B 310 State Society Relations in the Third World (with POL S 320)
JSIS B 311 The Myth of War
JSIS B 315  Law, State and Society
JSIS B 324  Immigration
JSIS B 330  International Political Economy
JSIS B 331  Political Economy of Development
JSIS B 332  Political Economy of International Trade & Finance
JSIS B 333  Gender and Globalization (with GWSS 333)
JSIS B 334 The Place of Law in Multicultural Conflicts (with LSJ 336)
JSIS B 335  Geography of the Developing World (with GEOG 335)
JSIS B 337  Collective Violence and the State (with POL S 337)
JSIS B 338  Biosecurity
JSIS B 344  Migration in the Global Economy (with GEOG 344)
JSIS B 345  Gender and International Economic Development (with ANTH/GWSS 345)
JSIS B 350  Environmental Norms in International Politics (with SCAND 350)
JSIS B 362  Law and Justice: An Introduction to Social Theory (with LSJ 362)
JSIS B 365  World Cities
JSIS B 366  Comparative Law & Legal Cultures (w/LSJ)
JSIS B 375  Geopolitics (with GEOG 375)
JSIS B 386  Law and Politics and International Trade
JSIS B 385  Industry and the State
JSIS B 388  Political Economy of Industrialized Nations
JSIS B 406  Political Islam & Islamic Fundamentalism (with POL S 432)
JSIS B 407  Political Islam & Contemporary Islamist Movements
JSIS B 416  Putting the World on the Couch: Psychoanalysis & International Studies
JSIS B 420  Failed States
JSIS B 421  National Security and International Affairs
JSIS B 422  International Trade and Security
JSIS B 423  Practicing American Foreign Policy
JSIS B 424  International Law and Arms Control
JSIS B 426  World Politics (with POL S 426)
JSIS B 427  Weapons of Mass Destruction: Development, Deployment, & Detection
JSIS B 428  The Media & Peace (w/COM )
JSIS B 429  Nuclear Nonproliferation and International Safeguards
JSIS B 431  International Negotiation Simulation
JSIS B 433  Environmental Degradation in the Tropics (with ENVIR 433)
JSIS B 436  Ethnic Politics and Nationalism (with POL S 436)
JSIS B 437  Global Diasporas
JSIS B 439  Law and Political Power
JSIS B 440  The Communist Experience Around the World (with HSTCMP 440)
JSIS B 441  Forced Migrations
JSIS B 446  History, Memory and Justice
JSIS B 467  Nations and States in the Modern World (with HSTCMP 467)
JSIS B 469  Law and Rights in Authoritarian Regimes (w/POL S & LSJ)
JSIS B 472  Electoral Systems (w/ POL S)
JSIS B 476  Comparative International Political Economy

JSIS C 307 Religion and World Politics (w/POL S 307)
JSIS C 368 Modern European Jewish History (w/HSTEU 368)
JSIS C 403  Modern European-Islamic Migration, Integration, and Citizenship (w/ GEOG)
JSIS C 404  Political Economy of Religious Institutions JSIS D 429 International Population Issues JSIS D 435 Population and Modernization (with SOC 432) JSIS D 450 Political Economy of Women & Family in the Third World (w/ SOC) JSIS D 468  Deeply Divided Societies

ARCTIC 400  Integrating Policy and Science in Arctic Studies

GEOG  371 World Hunger and Resource Development

GWSS 305 Feminism in an International Context

POL S 328 International Organizations
POL S 356 Society & Politics (w/SOC)
POL S 367 Comparative Law & Courts (w/LSJ)
POL S 425 War and Deterrence
POL S 427 International Political Economy

SOC 331 Population and Society
SOC 456 Political Sociology (Ethnicity and Nationalism)
SOC 466 Economic Sociology

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