Minor in Southeast Asian Studies


The following are approved introductory Asian civilization courses for the Asia minors in the Jackson School: JSIS 203; JSIS A 206; JSIS A 207; JSIS A/HSTAS 212 (Korea);
JSIS A/HSTAS 241 (Japan); JSIS A 242 (Japan); JSIS A/HSTAS 221 (Southeast Asia); HSTAS 201 (India), HSTAS 202 (India); HSTAS 211 (China).


30 credits, to include the following:

  1. JSIS A/HSTAS 221 (5 credits)

  2. One introductory Asian civilization course from those listed above (5 credits)

  3. 15 credits of electives taken at the UW, chosen from approved Southeast Asia courses or joint-listed equivalent, or from the approved list of electives*

  4. 5 additional credits in Southeast Asian language beyond second-year level, or in upper-division transfer courses on Southeast Asia, or from the approved list of electives*

  5. Minimum grade of 2.0 required in each course applied toward the minor.

Electives List

*Southeast Asia Electives

Any JSIS A or JSIS B course on Southeast Asia or its joint-listed equivalent

ANTH 357 Text & Performance in Island Southeast Asia(5)
ANTH 471 Colonialism and Culture (5)
ANTH 492/NURS 492 Anthropology of Refugees (3)
ART H 204 Survey of Asian Art (5)
HSTAA 338 The United States and Vietnam(5) (formerly HIST 335)
HSTAS 462 Southeast Asian History to 1800 (5)
HSTAS 463 Southeast Asian History 1800 to present(5)
JSIS 486 Special Topic Southeast Asia (non-language)
JSIS C 202 Introduction to Religions—Eastern (5)
JSIS C 354 Buddhism (5)
JSIS C 356/ANTH 352 Buddhism and Society (5)
MUSIC 316 Music Cultures of the World (5)
MUSIC 439 Music of Indonesia and the Philippines (5)
MUSEN 411 Gamelan Ensemble (MUSAP 389)

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