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Program Requirements
for a
Master of Arts Degree in International Studies: China

Language Requirement:

Students must reach a proficiency equivalent to the completion of 3rd year Chinese at this University (45 credits).

Required Core Courses:

  • JSIS A 521/Seminar: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of China (Part 1)
    Introduction to interdisciplinary analysis of selected problems of modern China through readings drawn from several academic disciplines.
    Winter Quarter - 5 credits
  • JSIS A 522/Seminar: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of China (Part II)
    Continuation of JSIS A 521. Focus on writing a research paper.
    Spring Quarter - 5 credits

Other Course Work (26 credits):

Most of this work should be in disciplinary courses that focus on China. Courses must be taken from at least 2 different departments. Language training courses cannot be counted toward fulfillment of this requirement. Non-language training classes from Asian Languages and Literature can be counted here; but when this occurs, students must take courses from at least 2 other departments. With the approval of the graduate program coordinator, students may take a maximum of two courses not specifically focused on China, which serve to fulfill a necessary disciplinary or professional component of their individual program.

These courses must be at the 400, 500 or 600 level. Thesis credits at the 700 level cannot be utilized to fulfill this requirement.  A minimum of 8 credits must be at the 500 or 600 level.

Final Papers and Oral Exam:

Students take a final oral exam after completing either two research papers or a thesis. With the approval of the graduate program coordinator, students select a Supervisory Committee consisting of at least two graduate faculty members from the China Studies program to oversee both of these.

Students may choose one of the following two options:

a) Two Research Papers
One of these papers will normally be completed in JSIS A 521-522. The other should come from a 500-level course in one of the disciplines. This second paper can come from a 400 level course where no comparable 500-level course exists. Each paper should be at least 20 pages in length.

Two copies of revised papers must be submitted to the JSIS Student Services Office by the end of the 6th week of the quarter in which a student intends to graduate. Students should also enclose a copy of the professor’s comments that form the basis of their paper revisions. The Supervisory Committee must approve both papers.

b) Thesis
This option is designed for students wishing to undertake a major research project normally begun in a graduate seminar that involves extensive use of primary sources. Students should consult regularly with members of their Supervisory Committee for guidance in both their research and writing.

To complete this option, students must register for a minimum of 9 credits of
JSIS 700-Master's Thesis. Graduate full-time status is 10 credits; students may take more than the minimum number of thesis credits. The thesis must be signed by all members of the Supervisory Committee and presented to the Graduate School.

JSIS 700 is available all quarters (Entry codes from the Academic Services Office

Oral Exam

Once the paper(s) are approved, students must also pass an oral exam administered by their Supervisory Committee. This exam will concentrate on the final paper(s), but course work may also be covered.


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