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Requirements to Complete

Master of Arts Degree in International Studies: Middle East


Language Requirement:

Three 3-credit or two 5-credit courses in one Middle Eastern language beyond the second-year level.

Other Course Work Requirements: (27 or 36 credits)

Students writing a thesis must complete 9 credits of JSIS 700 and at least 27 credits in course work. Course work taken to fulfill this requirement must be distributed to ensure that the following separate requirements are met. Additional course work needed to meet the credit requirement must be focused on the Middle East. Language training classes do not fulfill any part of this requirement.

  • 20 credits on the modern Middle East from at least two disciplines in either the social sciences or the humanities.

  • One approved Jackson School course.

  • Two additional courses in one social science discipline or one professional school.

At least one of the courses to finish the program must be a seminar.

These courses should be at the 400 level or above. At least 18 of these credits must be at the 500-level. Those writing a thesis must complete at least 9 credits at the 500 or 600 level, while those choosing the exam option must complete at least 18 credits at the 500 or 600 level.

Final Degree Requirements: 

To complete the program, students can choose to write a thesis OR present two seminar papers. An oral exam is required. By mid-Autumn quarter of the second year in the program, students must establish a Supervisory Committee of at least two faculty. The Committee Chair must be from the Middle East program. Additional faculty may be added, if desired. This Committee oversees:

    Thesis Option
  1. Students should consult with their Supervisory Committee members on a regular basis for guidance in completing the thesis. Once approved and signed by the committee, the thesis must be submitted to the Graduate School. Students must register for a minimum of 9 Thesis credits (JSIS 700).
  2. Students also take an oral exam administered by their Supervisory Committee.
    2-Paper Option
  1. Students must submit two seminar papers to their committee for approval. At least one paper must relate to the Middle East, but the second paper must have some relevance to the student’s overall program or career objectives. The Supervisory Committee must approve both papers.
  2. Students also take an oral exam administered by their Supervisory Committee.


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