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The African Studies Speakers Bureau is a resource for students and community members to find affiliated faculty members who can be contacted for more information about specific topics related to Africa and the African Diaspora.

African Studies Speakers Bureau Profiles

    • African women’s health
    • Culture and reproduction
    • Ethnographic methods
    • Mozambique
    • Race and health disparities
    • Women and development in Africa
    • Biodiversity
    • Conservation
    • Environmental Issues
    • Evolutionary Topics
    • Sustainable Development
    • Circumcision/genital cutting/genital mutilation
    • The Gambia
  • Ron Krabill; Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
    • Apartheid
    • Media Freedom
    • South African politics
    • South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    • South African Social Movements
    • African economic development
    • Globalization and Africa
    • Governance (Institutions, Political rule)
  • Doug Merrill (Fall Quarter only); Acting Instructor for Comparative History of Ideas
    • Community development through direct participation in various community organizations
    • Identity formation in a post-conflict society
    • South Africa
    • Female “circumcision”
    • Demography and maternal child health in East Africa
    • The effect of nutrition on disease resistance, premarital fertility, biological and cultural determinants of maternal and child malnutrition
    • Cultural context of iron deficiency
    • East Africa
    • 5 Things every Student should Know about Africa
    • 5 Things every Student should Know about HIV/AIDS in Africa
    • History of East and Southern Africa
    • Africa
    • Developing Economies
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