Graduation Requirements


Advising Appointment
Graduating students should plan to meet with Paula Milligan within the last two quarters to review their file for graduation. To schedule a meeting, review Paula Milligan’s calendar in Thomson 111 or call the office at (206) 543-6001.

Oral Exam
An interdisciplinary exam will be given by all members of the student's committee. Generally, sixty percent of the oral examination will devoted to presentation of and questions about the thesis, and forty percent to a general examination of the major and minor fields. In scheduling the oral exam, students need to work out a day and time that is agreeable with all members of their committees. The oral usually takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Scheduling forms are available from Paula Milligan. She will schedule a room for the oral exam and notify all involved. This form must be submitted four weeks before the end of the quarter. The oral exam must be completed by the Thursday of finals week.

The graduate school has a policy and style manual to which all theses must adhere.

Students must also adhere to proper procedures for theses that involve human subjects.

Students must be enrolled in the quarter for which they will be submitting their thesis.  The final draft of the thesis must be submitted three weeks before the end of the quarter, in order to complete the program within that quarter. In order to be considered for the Waugh Thesis prize, a final draft should be submitted by May 15th to all committee members.

Once approved, students must submit two signed and bound copies of their thesis to the Jackson School, one to Mark Di Virgilio and one to the Graduate School, by the last day of finals week. A photocopy of your signed signature page must be submitted to Paula Milligan by the Thursday of finals week.

Language Proficiency
Students must enter the program having studied a regionally relevant language for at least two years. They must then complete an additional two years of language study while in the program. Students focusing on Russia must complete 4th-year Russian. Students focusing on other countries in the REECAS region may fulfill their requirement with 4 years of the corresponding language, when available, or by studying an additional language to total 4 years. Native speakers of a regionally relevant language are exempt from this requirement upon passing a proficiency test.

Program Evaluation
Before authorization can be given to the Graduate School to grant your degree, you must complete the JSIS evaluation form by the Thursday of finals week.

To receive a Master's degree, you must complete a Master's Degree Request four weeks before the end of the quarter to avoid a $250 late fee.

You may attend both the UW Commencement ceremony in June as well as the Jackson School’s Convocation Reception.  The latter is usually in the evening a few days before commencement.  Advanced ticketing for both is required.  At the beginning of spring quarter, queries should be directed to

If you will be attending the Jackson School commencement, you will need to fill out a questionnaire from Paula Milligan and send a paragraph statement with biographical information, your thesis title and your post-graduation plans to Mark Di Virgilio at by June 1.


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