Domestic Programs for Summer


You can earn credit for you language study by participating in one of these summer language programs.

* BALSSI – Baltic Studies Summer Institute for 2012-2014 at University of Pittsburg
* Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute
* Arizona Critical Languages Institute
* Southeast European Summer Languages Institute (SLI) at University of Pittsburg
* SWEESL – Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages
* University of Washington Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
* University of Washington Slavic Languages and Literatures
* University of Washington Scandinavian Studies
* University of Wisconsin-Madison Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute offers instruction in intensive first- and second-year Kazakh and Uyghur, intensive first-year Uzbek, and intensive second-year Tajik will be offered this year. CESSI 2012 will also feature lectures (in English) on Central Eurasian history and culture and a rich program of cultural events and field trips related to the countries of Central Eurasia.

You can also search the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition’s Less Commonly Taught Languages page for specific programs in your language of interest.

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