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2015 EU Visit Program

The EU Center of Excellence of Seattle is pleased to be able to give two UW undergraduate students the opportunity to experience the inner-workings of the EU up close by sponsoring their participation in the 2015 EU Visit Program to Brussels. The program, which runs from June 21-26, 2015, focuses on the dynamic changes taking place in today's integrating Europe and the future of the transatlantic partnership. Thanks to the support of the European Union, the EU Center of Excellence can pay the airfare and related hotel expenses for UW students selected to participate in this program, which is organized by the Network of EU Centers of Excellence.

Students selected to participate in the visit program will join students and teachers from across the US for a five-day visit in Brussels where they will meet both US and EU officials, touring the city and the major EU and international institutions based there. The itinerary will include site visits to the European Commission, the US Mission to the EU, and the European Parliament.

Who Can Apply?

All UW undergraduate students in fields of study related to the European Union and contemporary Europe can apply to the EU Visit Program. Applications from students engaged with EU-related coursework or activities (e.g. Model EU) are encouraged.

To apply, complete the following online:

EU Visit to Brussels Application Form.

Statement of Purpose. An approximately two-page statement of purpose addressing why it is important to study the European Union and how a visit to Brussels will enhance your undergraduate education in the area of contemporary Europe, transatlantic relations, and the EU. Statements of Purpose are to be submitted by following this Catalyst dropbox link :

Transcripts. Unofficial University of Washington transcript (one copy), as well as official transcripts from any other colleges or universities attended before transferring to the UW. Transcripts are to be submitted by following this Catalyst dropbox link:

Letter of Recommendation. One academic letter of recommendation from a UW instructor. Letters of Recommendation are due within one week of the application deadline of April 24 and should be mailed to 

Deadline: April 24, 2015

The official application form, copy of unofficial UW transcript, and Statement of Purpose should be submitted through Catalyst by the application deadline of April 24. Letters of recommendation should be sent to the EU Center of Excellence at within one week following the application deadline.

The European Union, the United States' most important economic and strategic partner, is a unique organization and process by which the participating member states share power across a range of economic and political areas. A visit to Brussels brings to life the accomplishments and challenges Europe has faced in uniting 27 nations through treaties, economic policies, and a common currency, as well as the future evolution of a united Europe.

For more information or questions about the EU Visit Program, please contact or call 206-616-2415.

EU Centers from across the U.S. will also be participating in the program.

Some comments from our Seattle delegation on the overall experience:

“The mix of American and European diplomats was a great perspective on how each side views the relationship.”

“The best sessions for me were the ones where there was a great deal of interaction between the speakers and the EU Visit participants. The briefings at the Commission were particularly good because the speakers offered personal insights and met with us afterwards for what turned out to be a great conversation. The speaker at the Council chambers was also very engaging.”

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