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06/26/15 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute - Across the Salish Sea: Canada-US Connections in the Pacific Northwest canada
10/16/14 Arctic Geopolitics and Canadian Leadership canada
09/27/14 "Indigenous Ways of Knowing Cultural Food Practices and Ecological Knowledge" in Canada and the US canada
07/11/14 Community College Master Teacher Institute: Global Development and Changing Gender Roles [25] canada,isp
07/01/14 2014 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators canada
05/31/14 Canadian Film, "Rhymes for Young Ghouls," at SIFF canada
05/30/14 JSIS Arctic Research Symposium & Reception canada,cwes,earc,isp
05/07/14 Annual D.C. Conference: The Future Direction of International Affairs Education and Foreign Language Study in the United States canada,isp,jackson,maais,phd
05/02/14 Native Organization for Indigenous Scholars: Canada-U.S. Research [64] canada
04/23/14 Introduction of the Arctic Minor to Community Colleges at the Advising Conference: Changing Landscapes canada
04/21/14 Canada-U.S. Transnational Environmental Law and Conservation Contracts [32] canada
04/10/14 "Inuit Political Engagement in the Arctic," for SMEA 514 Oil in a Changing Arctic [20] canada
04/04/14 Arctic Indigenous Mobilization - Sami & Canadian Inuit arctic,canada
03/16/14 Lake Chelan Leadership Retreat March 2015 [145] canada
03/16/14 Teaching Canada, Civil Rights and the Common Good [12] canada
03/11/14 Leadership Fireside with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [40] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 UW and community reception for Sheila Watt-Cloutier [150] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Sheila Watt-Cloutier in Q&A with ARCTIC 498 Course Students [30] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Lecture: "The Right to be Cold - Canadian Inuk Activist" [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Inuktitut and UW Language Learning Center Roundtable [10] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Evening Community Dinner with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [25] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Faculty Luncheon with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [8] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 UW-Nunavik Roundtable with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [16] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/03/14 Canadian Studies Graduate Affiliate Presents at Horizon House Retirement Home canada
02/20/14 Polar Obsession in Canada [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/06/14 Living in Canadian Sea Ice – It’s a Wonderful Life [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/30/14 Inuit Regional Autonomy: The Evolution of Governance Regimes in the Canadian Arctic [25] canada
01/22/14 Arctic as an Emerging Region in the World [80] canada
01/16/14 Canada's Arctic Populations, Northern Security Issues and Emerging Forms of Governance [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/08/14 In Canada, When Mountains Move [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
12/09/13 The Canadian-Arctic: An Emerging Actor on the World Stage [40] canada
12/04/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/26/13 Canadian Scholar Lectures, "Québec Students Strikes of 2012: Red Squares, Fair Shares & Boycotts" [28] canada
11/26/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/21/13 Canadian Indigenous Scholar Speaks on Climate Change, Media Ethics, Science & the Environment [15] canada
11/06/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/29/13 "The Emerging Arctic: Are We Ready?" [110] canada
10/29/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/24/13 Canada Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies Maple Leaf Luncheon - "Canada's Arctic" [50] canada
10/23/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/10/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
09/30/13 Transboundary (Canada-US) Puget Sound/Salish Sea Region Workshop: Valuing Killer Whales, Chinook Salmon & the Ecosystem Services they Provide [22] canada
07/28/13 Faculty Field Course to Northern Canada [6] canada
07/12/13 At the Crossroads: Climate Change, the Environment and Social Justice [30] canada
06/27/13 Canada-US Regional Issues the Focus of June Workshop for Teachers canada
06/26/13 K-12 STUDY CANADA presents Archives on the Arctic canada
05/30/13 2012-13 U.W. Canada Fulbright Visiting Chair* Lecture & Roundtable on the Arctic canada
05/25/13 Arctic Geopolitics: How Does North America Fit In? canada
05/24/13 Inuit in Canada - Foodland Security Exhibit canada
05/03/13 Lecture on "Idle no More" from Canada: U.W. Symposium of Native & Indigenous Scholarship canada
05/02/13 “The Living Breath of Weteb?altxw:” Indigenous Ways of Knowing Cultural Food Practices and Ecological Knowledge canada
04/08/13 The Right to a Healthy Environment in Canada canada
04/08/13 The Environmental Rights Revolution with Canadian author, David Boyd canada
03/29/13 Don’t Just Stand There: Engage Students in Active Language Learning canada
03/15/13 On the Other Side of the Border: Spoken Word, Graphic History Novels, & Lit Trips from Canada in the Social Studies Classroom canada
03/07/13 Arctic and Media Lecture canada
02/20/13 The Arctic Dimension to Canada's Foreign Policy canada
12/06/12 Maple Leaf Luncheon: 'America Bouncing Back: How Canada May be Key to U.S. Economic Recovery' canada
11/16/12 Inuit Political Leadership in Canada & the World Today canada
11/15/12 Language, Media and Cultural Identity: A View From Quebec canada
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/13/12 Preparing for the Age of the Arctic: Canada, the United States & the Arctic Council canada
11/04/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
10/28/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
10/21/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
10/14/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
10/09/12 Canada, International Relations & Indigenous Diplomacies in the Arctic canada
10/07/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
09/30/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
09/30/12 Beyond the Culture of Nature: Rethinking Canadian & Environmental Studies Conference canada
09/28/12 Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting canada
09/23/12 Voices of the First Peoples – Canada & the United States canada
07/07/12 34th Annual Study Canada Summer Institute for K-12 Educators 2012 canada
05/30/12 Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami of Canada "Polar Lines" Exhibition canada
05/24/12 Lost Years: The Chinese Diaspora in Canada Talk canada
05/24/12 "Chinese Diaspora in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand" with Canadian writer/director/producer of Lost Years, Kenda Gee canada
05/11/12 Canada and the U.S. in the Arctic: Past Successes, Future Challenges canada
05/10/12 Canada's Arctic and Inuit in the Hearts of Editorial Cartoonists canada
05/04/12 Canadian First Nations Filmmakers Screenings/Discussion canada
05/04/12 The 11th Annual Symposim of Native and Indigenous Graduate Research canada
05/04/12 Canadian Indigenous Filmmakers present at the Native American Students in Advanced Academia Conference canada
04/29/12 At a Crossroads: Choosing Hidden Paths in Global Health - Including Canadian Perspectives on Global Health canada
04/16/12 Alberta, Canada Tar Sands, Treaty Rights, and International Dimensions of Keystone XL canada
03/15/12 Coffee Roundtable with Dr. Robert Pastor canada,jackson
03/01/12 Lecture & Roundtable Discussion "The Northwest Passage & Climate Change" canada
02/03/12 Annual General Meeting and Mini-Conference 2012 canada
02/02/12 Trails and Their Role in the Construction of Inuit pan-Arctic Identities canada
10/20/11 Indigenous Encounters canada
07/08/11 2011 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators canada,outreach
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
05/28/11 Winds of Heaven, A Film about Emily Carr, British Columbia by Michael Ostroff canada
05/14/11 Canadian Mohawk Writer, Producer, Director, Tracey Deer canada
05/05/11 Canada Arctic Governance Task Force Program and Reception canada
05/04/11 A Regional Governance Conversation with Washington and British Columbia Regional Partners canada
05/01/11 Registration Deadline - 2011 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute canada,outreach
04/27/11 Reading the New Political Party Machines in Canada canada
04/26/11 Québec Questions: Québec Studies for the Twenty-First Century canada
04/20/11 Métis, mixed-ness and music: Aboriginal-Ukrainian encounters and cultural production on the Canadian prairies canada
04/15/11 The 6th Annual Graduate Student Symposium - Communities, Cultures and Cross-Border Considerations: An Interdisciplinary Canada-US Graduate Symposium canada
03/27/11 The 11th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference canada
03/13/11 Washington State Council for Social Studies Leadership Retreat canada
03/07/11 Communities, Cultures and Cross-Border Considerations: An Interdisciplinary Canada-US Graduate Symposium - Call for Proposals canada
03/05/11 Arctic Sovereignty Lecture canada
02/25/11 Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Annual General Meeting canada
02/16/11 The Arctic: Who Owns it and How Long Will it be There? canada
02/08/11 Memorializing Mad People's History: Preserving Our Past through Archives and Activism canada
01/27/11 The US-Canada Economic Relationship canada
01/13/11 Québec in the French Atlantic canada
01/08/11 Sixth Annual Public Health Symposium: Changing Demographics and Public Health in the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada) canada
11/11/10 Canada Clinic: Looking Beyond the 49th Parallel canada,outreach
11/07/10 Chilkat Weaving Residency with Canadian Master Weaver Evelyn Vanderhoop canada
10/28/10 Portal for North America: Adding North American Content in Mainstream Courses canada
09/28/10 Challenges and Rewards of a Multidisciplinary Program: Canadian Studies at the University of Washington canada
09/23/10 Canadian Consul General Welcome Reception canada
07/24/10 Journey to Makah: Tribal Canoe Journey 2010 canada
06/25/10 2010 Study Canada Summer Institute canada,outreach
06/14/10 Northern Sovereignty and Political Geography in North America canada
06/11/10 SIFF Film Screening: Father and Guns (De pére en flic) canada
06/05/10 SIFF Film Screening: Father and Guns (De pére en flic) canada
06/03/10 SIFF Film Screening: Father and Guns (De pére en flic) canada
05/25/10 Conference - Canada and the American Curriculum canada
05/25/10 Saving Muslim Girls: The Curricular Construction of a Deficit Discourse canada
05/20/10 Giving Voice to the Meaning of Diversity: A Canadian Perspective canada
05/17/10 Supporting Working Canadian Families: The Role of Employment Insurance Special Benefits canada
05/11/10 Indigenous perspectives on Success, Responsibility, and Accountability in Higher Education canada
04/24/10 NASAA Symposium: Indigenous Research and Relationships canada
04/23/10 The Cinema of Sovereignty with Loretta Sarah Todd canada
04/21/10 Roundtable Discussion - The Lost Canadians canada
04/10/10 Washington Association for Language Teachers (WAFLT) Spring Conference canada,outreach
03/29/10 The Promise and Politics of the Salish Sea: Exploring Transboundary Dynamics canada
03/28/10 The 40th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages canada
03/20/10 La Journée de la Francophonie canada
03/18/10 MOVIE: Breakfast with Scot canada,isp,smak
03/12/10 K-12 Event - A Novel Approach to International Studies and the CBAs: Using young adult fiction to excite students in their research of Canadian historical events canada,outreach
03/05/10 Lecture: "Arctic Sovereignty" canada
03/03/10 Lecture - Marine Conservation in the Pacific Northwest: Whales, Salmon, and Sound canada,focus
02/27/10 Special Master Class with Alanis Obomsawin canada
02/26/10 Day of Remembrance - Impact of World War II on Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians: Comparative & Contemporary Perspectives canada
02/26/10 FILM SCREENING: WABAN-AKI: People From Where the Sun Rises canada
02/10/10 Business Breakfast - Economic Opportunity in the Arctic canada
02/10/10 Public Lecture - From Igloos to the Internet: The Inuit in the 21st Century canada
01/09/10 Fifth Annual Public Health Symposium: US-Canada Academic Collaboration in the Pacific Northwest canada
12/28/09 Book Discussion: Translation is a Love Affair canada
11/17/09 Roundtable: The Impact of Homophobia on LGBT Citizens: A Comparative Canada-US Perspective canada
10/30/09 Conference: Celebrating the Release of The Routledge International Companion to Multicultural Education canada
10/24/09 The Fifth Annual Québec Workshop: Culture, politique et diversité du Québec comme sources d’inspiration dans la didactique de la langue française canada,outreach
10/23/09 Author Reading: Roy Osing and Be Different or Be Dead canada
10/21/09 Roundtable: Negotiating and Implementing the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement canada
10/16/09 International Canadian Summer Institute - Institute Impacts canada
10/10/09 Presentation: Dig Deep CBA and Canadian Historical Fiction Literature Circles canada,outreach
09/17/09 Canada-America Society Event: "Sleep Better at Night: Expert Financial, Business, and Legal Solutions for Canadian and American Expats" canada
06/26/09 K-12 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute: Experience BC From the 5 Themes of Geography to the 2010 Olympics canada,outreach
06/14/09 Seattle International Film Festival canada
05/11/09 The Good and Bad of a Universal Health Care System: What the U.S. Can Learn from Canada canada
05/11/09 JSIS Centennial Gala canada
05/09/09 Ninth Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Coming of Age in a Changing World canada,cwes,euc,outreach
05/01/09 UW Canada Study Tour - Post-tour Reception with Foster MBAs canada
04/17/09 Re-Imagining Health: What can we learn from Canada? Graduate Student Symposium canada
03/21/09 Crossing Boundaries – the World from a Circumpolar Perspective canada
03/15/09 Integrating Canadian Content in the Classroom with Developments in Teaching and Learning Technologies canada
03/10/09 Building Knowledge and Understanding about Canada and Canada-US Relations canada
03/07/09 K-8 Arts Mosaic: Movement and Music Across the Curriculum canada,outreach
03/06/09 Une Prestation et Concert par Éric Beaudry et De Temps Antan: La recherche de la musique traditionelle dans la région de la Lanaudière canada
03/04/09 A ‘Spectrum’ of Disputes: Framing Autism Activism in Canada and the US canada
02/27/09 What is an endangered language? canada
02/26/09 Arctic Sovereignty Lecture Series canada
02/03/09 K-8 Social Studies Conference Inservice canada
01/19/09 Course Field Trip to the US Coast Guard Healy canada
01/10/09 Fourth Annual Public Health Symposium: US-Canada Academic Collaboration in the Pacific Northwest canada
12/08/08 Inukjuaq, Nunavik: A Pictoral Journey from the Hunt to the Internet canada
11/28/08 Classroom Presentations canada
11/16/08 Canadian Studies Resource Display Table canada
11/16/08 Ritualizing Champlain: Media Analysis of the 400-Year Anniversary of Québec and the Implications for International Relations, Cultural Legacy, and the Creation of Collective Memory canada
11/07/08 Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause canada
10/16/08 The Canadian Push to the Pacific canada
10/12/08 Canadian Studies Resource Display Table canada
10/11/08 The Great Arctic Adventure canada
10/10/08 Doing Business in Canada canada
10/08/08 Foreign Affairs Canada Grants Awards Breakfast canada
10/03/08 Fisheries Management in the Arctic by Vincent Gallucci, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and Center Affiliated Faculty canada
10/03/08 Environment and Natural Resources by Michael Robinson-Dorn, UW Law School and Center Affiliated Faculty canada
09/23/08 An Investigation of Commercial Vehicle Crossing Times at the Pacific Highway canada
09/14/08 Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano of Glenn Gould canada
09/14/08 Arctic Wings: MIracle of Migrations canada
09/14/08 Crossing Haro Strait: Scientific Collaboration in the Gulf and San Juan Islands canada
08/22/08 When the Boys Come Marching Home: The Inter-War Period in Canada canada
08/18/08 Critical Issues in Childrearing Practices and Adaptation in Immigrant and Refugee Families in Canada canada
08/12/08 Canada-US Exchange Rates, the Global Exchange Rate System and Foreign Currency Risk Solutions canada
06/27/08 K-12 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute canada
06/26/08 Educator Workshop canada
06/10/08 Film Screening - Early British Columbia "Documentary" canada
05/31/08 Québec Workshop canada
05/22/08 Presentation to Elementary School Students canada
05/21/08 The Cold Rush: Arctic Energy - Panel Discussion canada
05/21/08 The Cold Rush: Arctic Energy - Faculty/Student Luncheon canada
05/14/08 Roundtable on Inuit Culture and Language canada
05/13/08 Roundtable Presentation on Inuit Governance canada
04/30/08 Newspaper Article canada
04/30/08 Business Lecture canada
04/30/08 Business and Trade Lecture canada
04/30/08 Lecture - Aboriginal Whaling canada
04/28/08 Film Screening canada
04/28/08 Roundtable on Canadian Humanitarian Law canada
04/26/08 International Studies Knowledge Bowl! canada
04/24/08 Lecture - Inuit in Nunavik canada
04/16/08 Faculty Book Reading canada
04/14/08 Canadian Author Reading canada
04/14/08 Roundtable with Maude Barlow canada
04/13/08 FAME Conference canada
04/06/08 Canadian Author Reading canada
04/04/08 MBA Study Tour to Canada Reception canada
04/04/08 3rd Annual Canadian Studies Grad Student Symposium canada
03/31/08 French Culture in Quebec canada
03/31/08 Canadian Traditional Music Collection Opening canada
03/29/08 Educator Workshop - 8th Annual Documentary Film Workshop canada
03/27/08 Breakfast with Admiral Ty Pile, Maritime Forces Pacific canada
03/26/08 Shoreline Community College Lecture Series canada
03/22/08 K-8 Educator Workshop canada
03/13/08 Health Tech Forum: Japan, Canada, U.S.A. - Vancouver, B.C., Portland, Oregon and Seattle canada
03/13/08 The War of 1812 Lecture Series canada
03/09/08 Leadership Retreat for Educators, Lake Chelan, Washington canada
03/07/08 Awards Dinner and Reception canada
03/07/08 Undergraduate Student Conference canada
03/01/08 6th Annual Native Voices Film Festival canada
02/29/08 World Languages Day canada
02/22/08 Lecture on Canadian Food Security canada
02/21/08 Seattle Urban Sustainability Forum canada
02/18/08 MBA Study Tour to Canada canada
02/10/08 Field Trip to Vancouver, British Columbia canada
02/06/08 Business Leaders Forum canada
02/02/08 K-8 Educator Conference canada
01/31/08 Focus the Nation Panel canada
01/31/08 Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Annual Meeting canada
01/29/08 Book Reading canada
01/15/08 Educator Workshop canada
01/05/08 Symposium on Population Health canada
12/12/07 Ambassador Breakfast canada
12/04/07 Yellowstone to Yukon Lecture Series canada
11/06/07 Business Forum canada
11/05/07 Business Forum canada
10/26/07 Symposium on Bilingualism canada
10/15/07 Luncheon/Lecture on Energy Policy in Canada canada
10/13/07 Educator Workshop canada
05/19/07 Enseigner le français : La société québécoise comme outil didactique canada
05/02/07 Partners in Peril: Canada and the U.S. in an Era of Climate Change, Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation canada
05/02/07 Sailing the Northwest Passage: Chronicles of a Changing Arctic canada
04/25/07 Clandestine Truth: The New Canadian Wave Film Festival canada
04/21/07 The 60th Annual Pacific Northwest History Conference canada
04/18/07 Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things: An Impossible Journey from Kabul to Chiapas by Gary Geddes canada
04/14/07 Western Social Sciences Association 49th Annual Conference: Crossing Borders- Canadian Studies Section canada
04/07/07 Indigenous Resurgences Against Contemporary Colonialism in Canada and Beyond canada
03/28/07 Danse Macabre canada
03/17/07 Teachable Traditions: Tales, Toys and Crafts from Around the World canada
03/11/07 2007 Annual Social Studies Leadership Retreat: Digging Deeper canada
03/02/07 2nd Annual Graduate Student Development Symposium: Public Policy Differences Across The Canada-US Border - The Impact on Research, Decision-Making and the Canada-US Relationship canada
03/01/07 World - Languages Day canada
02/19/07 2007 Vancouver Study Tour canada
02/18/07 Crossing Borders- Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival canada
02/15/07 The Canada-US Relationship - History and Contemporary Issues canada
02/12/07 The British Constitution and the Adaptable Monarchy canada
02/08/07 On the Road to Independence canada
02/08/07 The Business of the Games canada
02/08/07 The Business of the Games canada
02/01/07 "Getting to the 2010 Games - Border Security, Transportation and Public Health" canada
01/26/07 Pandemic Preparedness in the Pacific Northwest canada
01/18/07 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services in the North: Working with Canadians Effectively/Respectively canada
12/02/06 Health Symposium: Population Health-How can UWSPHCM and UBC Work Together to Create a Common Research Agenda? canada
12/01/06 Poetic License Required: Teaching Canada with Poetry and Prose canada
11/28/06 Globalization, Transborder Data Flows, and Me canada
11/10/06 Canada-US International Relations by Dr. Sukumar Periwal, Canada-US Fulbright Chair canada
11/01/06 French and Indian War canada
10/26/06 Canadian Values and the Relationship with the United States canada
10/19/06 Presentations on Summer School and Scholarship Information canada
10/18/06 A 2010 Progress Report and Opportunities Update canada
10/11/06 UW Cooperation and Student Mobility with Canada and in Particular with Québec by Anni Fuller, Assistant Director, International Programs and Exchanges canada
09/28/06 Canadian Geography in a Global Context: Canada in the World, the Circumpolar North and the Klondike Gold Rush canada
09/23/06 Workshop on British Columbia and Washington State: Trans-boundary Issues for the 21st Century - Case Study on the Columbia-Okanagan Highlands canada
09/22/06 New Canada-US Fulbright Research Chair at UW attracts Senior B.C. Government Official canada
08/22/06 Summer College for Folks Over Fifty canada
07/25/06 Summer College for Folks Over Fifty canada
07/18/06 SIS 490 A: The Ideological Distinctness of Québec in North America: Surveys, Authors, Institutions and History canada
07/10/06 Three-Part Lecture Series on Canada canada
07/06/06 Pacific Northwest Earthquakes: Evidence in Native Myth and Tradition". (Course #36) canada
06/30/06 Study Canada Summer Institute: The 2006 British Columbia Experience: From the 5 Themes of Geography to the 2010 Olympics canada
06/28/06 The Golden Age of Aboriginal Literature in Canada canada
05/31/06 Being Indigenous: Ethics, Actions and Choices against Colonialism in Canada and the United States canada
05/31/06 Global Energy Supplies: Scarcity, Dependency, Alternatives, and the Challenges for International Commerce canada
05/25/06 Canadian Course canada
05/20/06 6th Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity & Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Films canada
05/18/06 Roundtable Discussion on Inuit Governance Movements in Canada Today canada
05/17/06 Innovative Governance in Canada's Arctic: Inuit Self-Determination Efforts Today by Donat Savoie, Interim Executive Director, Inuit Relations Secretariat canada
05/11/06 Ambivalence About the "M" Word: Multiculturalism in New Times and Globalized Circumstances canada
05/10/06 Sovereignty on Thin Ice: Canada, the United States and the Northwest Passage canada
05/10/06 Canadian Consulate, Seatte; UW School of Marine Affairs; Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson International Studies Roundtable on the Environment: Canada, the United States and the Challenges of Climate Change canada
04/29/06 Title VI and Fulbright-Hays National Outreach Conference canada
04/28/06 International Visitor Leadership Program Visit by Mr. Stephen Laskowski, Assistant Vice President, Ontario Trucking Association, Canada canada
04/10/06 First Nations @ UW 35th Annual Pow-Wow canada
04/10/06 Canadian Values, by Douglas Jackson, Professor, Professor Emeritus Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies canada
04/08/06 An Evening of Canadian First Nations and Inuit Films – Qallunuajatut and When Two Worlds Collide canada
04/07/06 The 5th Annual Showcase of Native American & Alaskan Native Scholars - "Transcending Boundaries: Implications of Indigenous Graduate Research”
03/29/06 Wintercollege for Folks Over Fifty canada
03/17/06 Dede Crane and Bill Gaston canada
03/15/06 Canadian Poet Jane Urquhart canada
03/03/06 World Languages Day canada
03/01/06 “Dream City: Vancouver and the Global Imagination - Urban Planning Lessons From North of the Border,” by Lance Berelowitz, International Urban Planner, Vancouver canada
03/01/06 “Urban Waterfront Planning in Nakhodka (Russia) and Vancouver (Canada): A Study in Contrasts,” by Lance Berelowitz, Urban Planner, Vancouver canada
03/01/06 Faculty/Graduate Student Luncheon with Lance Berelowitz canada
02/25/06 Storytelling, Puppetry and Masks from around the World Mosaic canada
02/23/06 In Search of a Canadian Definition canada
02/15/06 The Formation of Canada: 1763 to the Present canada
02/09/06 “Canada's New Strategic Partnership with China and its Implications” by Dr. Wenran Jiang, University of Alberta, Edmonton canada
01/19/06 “Teaching Canada in the Classroom” canada
11/20/05 Association for Canadian Studies in the US 18th Biennial Conference canada
11/19/05 Health Symposium: Operationalizing Population Health: How can UWSPHCM and UBC Work Together to Create a Common Research Agenda? canada
11/14/05 Journey to Understanding: Indian Child Welfare and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - Cross-Border Experiences - A Mutual Learning Circle canada
10/16/05 University of Washington Retirement Association Fall Festival 2005 Canadian Values and Politics canada
09/22/05 Canada in the Classroom canada
09/22/05 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at Your School! canada
09/21/05 Canada in the Classroom canada
08/19/05 Summer College for Folks Over Fifty canada
08/17/05 Summer College for Folks Over Fifty canada
08/04/05 The Earth's Blanket: A Metaphor for Sustaining Cultures and Habitats canada
07/25/05 Three-Part Lecture Series on Canada canada
07/07/05 Being Caribou canada
07/01/05 Study Canada Summer Institute for K-12 Educators canada
06/29/05 Mystics, Eccentrics, Visionaries, and Revolutionaries: People Who Changed the Course of History canada
06/15/05 First International Symposium on the Management and Biology of Dogfish Sharks canada
06/15/05 Demanding Quality: Worker/Consumer Coalitions and 'High Road' Strategies in the Care Secto canada
06/09/05 The Sad Truth About Happiness canada
05/30/05 Open and The Five Books of Moses Lapsinsky canada
05/20/05 Napa Lajoie, Baseball and Nationalism in Canada and the United States University of Washington canada
05/19/05 Three-Day Road canada
05/16/05 Reading and Book Signing by John Vaillant from The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness and Greed canada
05/07/05 Coast Salish History and Art: A Day of Honoring canada
05/05/05 Stuart McLean Host of The Vinyl Caf? canada
05/04/05 The Global Food Conflict: Multinational Corporations versus Local Control in the US and Canada canada
04/27/05 Washington-British Columbia Sustainability Industries Summit canada
04/24/05 At the Confluence of Science and Policy: Exploring Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Research and Management of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems canada
04/17/05 34th Annual First Nations Spring Contest Powwow canada
04/14/05 Pacific Northwest Indian Treaties in National and International Historical Perspective canada
04/14/05 Crossing Borders: Passports of the Future canada
03/31/05 Puget Sound/Georgia Basin Research Conference: Science for the Salish Sea - A Sense of Place, A Sense of Change canada
03/23/05 Bringing the Constitution Home canada
03/22/05 The Difficult Road to the British North America Act canada
03/21/05 The French and Indian War from the Ohio Valley to Quebec canada
03/15/05 Concert with Vazzy, Traditional Acadian Music canada
03/12/05 Washington State Council for Social Studies Annual Lake Chelan Educator Retreat canada
03/06/05 Exhibit: The Burgess Shale: Evolutions Big Bang canada
03/05/05 Sports & Games of the World! canada
03/04/05 Quebec in Question: Multidisciplinary Explorations of Contemporary Quebec Society canada
03/04/05 U.W. Campus 8th Annual World Languages Day canada
03/03/05 The Burgess Shale: A Window to Life and Evolution Half-a-Billion Years Ago canada
03/02/05 Ancient Traditions of the Whaling Peoples of Canada and Russia canada
03/01/05 Two Winters: Tales From Above the Earth canada
02/18/05 Migration and The Politics of Re-bordering North America canada
02/10/05 The Inuit in Canada: An Overview of the History & People canada
02/05/05 U.W. Campus Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Annual General Meeting canada
02/05/05 Sounding the Blood canada
02/05/05 Washington State Council for Social Studies Workshop. canada
02/04/05 Traveling Nature, Imagining the Globe: Japanese Tourism in the Canadian Rockies canada
02/01/05 Douglas Coupland, renowned Canadian author, read from his new novel, Eleanor Rigby canada
01/22/05 Comparative Health Care Symposium: Does Canada Offer a Different Solution to Health Care Issues than the US? canada
12/10/04 Canadian Author Reading canada
12/09/04 2010 Olympic Winter Games Business Seattle Conference canada
12/09/04 Film Screening: "The Take" canada
12/04/04 5th Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Films canada
11/20/04 Opening Celebration: "The Burgess Shale - Evolution's Big Bang" canada
11/16/04 Improving Fishery Management: Melding Science and Governance canada
10/30/04 Converging & Diverging Canada-US Values: 5th Annual Association for Canadian Studies-in-Canada Colloquium canada
10/25/04 Introducing Canada, the Inuit and Qu!"bec to Kids! canada
10/17/04 2004 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival: "What Boys Know" canada
10/17/04 2004 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival: "Girls Play" canada
10/12/04 Genocide in Africa: A Canadian Humanitarian Response canada
10/08/04 Canada Gala canada
10/05/04 As the Crow Flies canada
09/16/04 Canadian Author Reading - no charge, no pre registration canada
09/05/04 Canadian Author Reading - no charge, no pre registration canada
08/23/04 First Nations Language Conference: Ancient Voices/Modern Tools: Language and Tech-Knowledge canada
08/21/04 Promoting First Nations Language Survival: Documentary Films Explore Language Issues canada
08/20/04 18th Annual Summer college 2004 for Folks over Fifty canada
06/30/04 2004 Summer Seminar for Educators: "Living in our world" canada
06/20/04 Two-Day Summer Seminar for Educators: Living in Our World: Environmental Challenges and Solutions for the 21st Century canada
06/11/04 Seattle International Film Festival: Canadian Films canada
05/24/04 Lecture: Regulatory Issues in Canadian Broadcasting by James Patrick, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Canadian Association of Broadcasters canada
05/24/04 Round-Table Discussion: with Inuk actress, Annabella Piugattuk and director/producer of The Snow Walker, Charles Martin Smith canada
05/15/04 Graduate Student Conference: Beyond Globalization and Neo-Liberalism: Governmentality, Spaces, Subjects canada
04/28/04 Panel Presentation: Conversations with our Canadian Sisters - Women's Memoirs canada
04/28/04 Reading by Sharon Butala, Canadian Author canada
04/24/04 The 2004 Seattle Festival Mosaic: Folk & Fine Arts from Around the World canada
04/23/04 University of Washington All-Day Forum: Washington State Model United Nations canada
04/22/04 Panel Presentation: Transgenerational Psychological and Medical Issues in Native American and First Nations in the US and Canada, Western Social Sciences Association Annual Conference, by Kieran O'Malley, UW Health Sciences canada
04/19/04 Classroom Lecture: Francophone in North America, by Dean Louder, Professor Laval University canada
04/19/04 Public Lecture: The Geographical Distribution of Canadian French Communities in North America, by Dean Louder, Professor Laval University canada
04/17/04 Panel: The Beat of a Different Drum: Lessons for Social Work and Life Long Learning from the Blood Tribe, 2004 National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference canada
04/07/04 International Updates: Trends and Transitions in Your World - Canada-US Border Security Cooperation: Phase II, by Ambassador Cresencio Arcos, Director, International Relations, US Department of Homeland Security canada
03/31/04 David Suzuki, renowned Canadian scientist, environmentalist and author, reads from his newest book, The David Suzuki Reader canada
03/08/04 Canadian historical author, reads from The Last Crossing, 2004 canada
03/06/04 Washington State Council for Social Studies Annual Lake Chelan Retreat canada
02/27/04 World Languages Day for High School Students canada
02/18/04 All-Day Workshop: Doing Business in Canada Seminar canada
02/17/04 4-Part Lecture Series: Puget Sound/Georgia Basin: Protecting & Managing an International Ecosystem canada
02/15/04 Symposium: Dogfish Sharks, the Fish in Fish and Chips and Ecosystem Function in Canada and the US, American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Conference, Seattle canada
01/24/04 Carole Glasser Langille, Nova Scotia poet, reads from Late in a Slow Time, 2003 canada
01/13/04 Public Lecture: Crimes without Borders: A Look Behind the International Criminal Court by Judge Philippe Kirsch, First & Current President, International Criminal Court canada
12/15/03 Canada-US Relations in a New Security Environment Lecture Series Human Security in a Time of Terrorism and War: the Canadian View by the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada canada
12/02/03 2003 Global Business Breakfast Series: Global Security Trends: What They Mean for Business & Trade - Security & Business with Canada canada
11/23/03 Alison Watt, Nanaimo poet, reads from The Last Island: A Naturalist's Sojourn on Triangle Island, 2003 canada
11/17/03 Ann-Marie MacDonald, Canadian novelist and playwright, reads from The Way the Crow Flies, 2003 canada
11/15/03 83rd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Meeting canada
11/12/03 Environmental Challenges Confronting Puget Sound/Georgia Basin canada
11/08/03 4th Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Film canada
10/29/03 Economic Importance, Opportunities and Challenges in Puget Sound/Georgia Basin canada
10/22/03 Tribal Rights, Views, Philosophies, and Challenges in Protecting and Managing Puget Sound/Georgia Basin canada
10/20/03 Symposium: Farming Halibut & Sablefish: An Industry in the Wings or a Threat to Wildlife Stocks? canada
10/11/03 Washington State Council for the Social Studies Fall In-Service canada
10/10/03 Science, Public Policy and Challenges in Protecting and Managing Puget Sound/Georgia Basin canada
10/09/03 Canada-US Relations in a New Security Environment Lecture Series: Economic Terror, Deep Democracy, by Naomi Klein, best-selling author of No Logo and Fences & Windows canada
09/18/03 Washington State Coalition for International Education in the 21st Century: Teaching & Learning in a Global Economy canada
08/14/03 David Cruise & Alison Griffiths, Canadian authors, read from Vancouver, 2003 canada
08/13/03 Steve Floris, Jewish-Canadian author, reads from Escape from Pannonia: A Tale of Two Survivors canada
08/06/03 Austin Clarke, Caribbean-Canadian writer, reads from The Polished Hoe canada
08/04/03 Canadian Geography Institute canada
07/25/03 Week-Long Summer College for Seniors 2003 canada
06/25/03 2003 Summer Seminar for Educators: Conflicts & Challenges of the 21st Century canada
05/10/03 Whales in First Nations Art & Culture canada
03/26/03 Sacred Ecology canada
03/13/03 Muskox Land: Ellesmere Island in the Age of Contact canada
03/07/03 World Languages Day for High School Students canada
03/06/03 Politics & Society in Contemporary Quebec canada
03/03/03 All-Day Workshop: Quebec in Seattle canada
02/25/03 Museums and Native Artists: A Vision for the Future canada
02/04/03 Panel: Totem Poles in an Era of Empowerment and Repatriation canada
02/01/03 3rd Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding through Documentary Film canada
02/01/03 Washington State Council for Social Studies K-8 Annual Inservice canada
01/28/03 Artist Presentation: Robert Davidson canada
01/21/03 Panel: What is Innovation in Traditional Art? canada
01/14/03 The Exploration of Northwest Coast Indian Art: 1774-2003 canada