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01/21/15 Paris and Beyond: Making Sense of the World with Jackson School Faculty cwes,euc,isp,jackson,mideast
01/09/15 Twitter Chat with Ambassador O'Sullivan cwes,euc
12/02/14 2014 Master Teacher Workshop: Europe's Transformative 20th Century cwes,ellison,euc,jackson,outreach
11/06/14 Anything is Possible: How to Overcome Obstacles and Make a Difference cwes,euc,hellenic,religion
10/23/14 Food for Thought: Iceland, 2015 cwes,euc,jackson
10/17/14 Changes in the Arctic: Old and New Debates cwes,euc,jackson
09/17/14 The UK Political, Economic, and Business Environment" with Simon Moore cwes,euc
08/13/14 2014 Policy Forum for Educators - Security and the New Europe cwes,ellison,euc,isp,outreach
05/30/14 JSIS Arctic Research Symposium & Reception [50] canada,cwes,earc,isp
05/29/14 The 2014 European Parliament Elections: Democratic Breakthrough or Surge of Euroskepticism? cwes,euc,jackson
05/22/14 Fifty Years of EU-Turkish Relations in Turbulent Times: Where to Go from Here? cwes,euc,mideast
05/22/14 Turkey and the European Union cwes,euc
05/21/14 European Capital of Culture or Dubai on the Bosporus? Neo-Liberal Urbanism since 2002 cwes,euc,mideast
05/19/14 "The Choice for Europe" cwes,euc,outreach
05/16/14 2014 Graduate Research Workshop on the European Union cwes,euc
05/15/14 Suzanne Daley, NY Times: "The Rise of the Far Right in Europe" cwes,euc,hellenic,jackson
04/03/14 Reading and Book Signing: "86 Days in Greece: A Time of Crisis" by Taso G. Lagos cwes,euc,hellenic,jackson
03/11/14 Leadership Fireside with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [40] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 UW and community reception for Sheila Watt-Cloutier [150] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Sheila Watt-Cloutier in Q&A with ARCTIC 498 Course Students [30] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Lecture: "The Right to be Cold - Canadian Inuk Activist" [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Inuktitut and UW Language Learning Center Roundtable [10] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Evening Community Dinner with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [25] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Faculty Luncheon with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [8] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 UW-Nunavik Roundtable with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [16] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/24/14 The Euro Crisis: Causes, Implications, and Consequences cwes,euc
02/20/14 Polar Obsession in Canada [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/06/14 Living in Canadian Sea Ice – It’s a Wonderful Life [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/16/14 Canada's Arctic Populations, Northern Security Issues and Emerging Forms of Governance [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/08/14 In Canada, When Mountains Move [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/04/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/26/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/06/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/29/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/23/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/10/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
08/13/13 Europe In and Out: An Assessment of Member-state Confidence in the EU cwes,euc
06/05/13 The Current Situation in Turkey: A Roundtable Discussion with Live Video Link to Turkey cwes,euc,mideast
05/22/13 EUCE business event: 2013 Europe Day Breakfast cwes,euc
05/22/13 Lecture: Europeanization and the Domestic Policies of Welfare State Reform cwes,euc
05/09/13 Europe Day: Free coffee & trivia on Red Square! cwes,euc
05/08/13 Europe Day Lecture: The European Union Today cwes,euc
04/23/13 Lecture: "Labor Yields: Norwegian Economic Management in the 21st Century" cwes,euc
04/22/13 Earth Day Lecture: "Roadmap for Moving to a Competitive Low Carbon Economy" cwes,euc
03/14/13 Lecture: The EU Beyond the Crisis: Social Impact and Exit Strategies cwes,euc
02/26/13 Lecture: Portable Tombs: Two Reliquary-Enkolpia of Saint Demetrios cwes,euc,hellenic,religion
02/08/13 Towards Global Food Law: Transatlantic Competition and Collaboration cwes,euc,isp
02/07/13 Feeding the World in the 21st Century: Symposium on Global Food and Farming Issues cwes,euc,isp
02/07/13 The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis: Will the Humans Be Saviors of the Earth? cwes,euc,hellenic,isp
02/06/13 Deadline to apply for EPLO internships cwes,euc
01/18/13 Lecture: Leading Greece Back to Growth cwes,euc,hellenic
01/13/13 Film screening: Pericles in America cwes,euc,hellenic
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/13/12 Lecture: The Euro Crisis cwes,euc
11/11/12 Fabulous Iceland: From Sagas to Novels cwes,euc
11/01/12 Britain Today: Big Year and Bright Future cwes,euc
10/29/12 Modern Direct Democracy in Washington State and Switzerland cwes,euc
10/17/12 Religion, Republicanism and Emergency Power: American Lessons from the Indian Experience cwes,jewish,religion,soasia
10/12/12 Lecture series on Byzantine History by Dimitris Tsougarakis cwes,ellison,euc,hellenic
08/22/12 2012 Summer Teacher Workshop: "Europe Caught Between Austerity & Growth: Which way out of the Crisis?" cwes,euc
06/03/12 Conference: The Greek Debt Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities cwes,euc,hellenic
05/09/12 Europe Day Trivia Event cwes,euc
05/09/12 Europe Day Lecture: Where Europe Ends cwes,ellison,euc
05/08/12 Europe Day Lecture: France Today cwes,euc,jackson
04/13/12 Conference: Securing Europe: The EU's External Relations in Troubled Times cwes,euc
02/29/12 The Euro at Twenty: A Greco-European Tragedy? cwes,euc
02/16/12 Letters from France: Type Designer Jean-François Porchez cwes,euc,jackson
02/04/12 Rescheduled Teacher Workshop on "Reforming the Welfare State: A Transatlantic Perspective" cwes,euc
01/19/12 Brownbag Colloquium: Recent Developments in Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking: Facts, Myths, Challenges cwes,euc
01/13/12 Lecture: Is This the End of Men's World in Poland? cwes,euc
11/14/11 The Polish Presidency of the EU: Implications for Europe & Transatlantic Relations cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/14/11 The Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Implications for Europe and Transatlantic Relations cwes,ellison
11/01/11 2011 MASTER TEACHER WORKSHOP SERIES Europe’s Muslim Populations: Historical Context and Current Challenges from East to West cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
10/10/11 UW Jackson School: How the World has Changed Since 9/11 cwes,euc
09/13/11 Lessons for Korea: Two Decades of German Unification cwes,eacenter,earc,korea,outreach
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/06/11 Conference: Innovation and the 'Win-Win' - Efforts towards Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunities to Enhance the Overall Public Good cwes,euc,jackson
05/24/11 Rethinking "Togetherness": Discourse, Identity, and Citizenship in the EU cwes,euc,jackson
05/24/11 "Meet Europe" Trade Event business,cwes,euc,jackson
05/09/11 Europe Day: Coffee and Trivia on Red Square cwes,euc,jackson
05/06/11 Lecture: Governing Europe: The Establishment and Growth of EU Agencies cwes,euc,jackson
05/04/11 Lecture: Can the EU get its Financial House in Order? cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
04/29/11 Conference: Towards a Social Europe? National Welfare States and European Union Social Policy cwes,euc,jackson
04/28/11 Keynote: Saving Jobs, Preserving the Welfare State: European Responses to the Great Recession cwes,euc,jackson
04/22/11 Lecture: The Socialism of Fools?: The Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism cwes,euc,jackson,jewish
04/15/11 Conference: Credit & Credibility in Early Modern Europe cwes,euc,jackson
04/08/11 Ninth Annual Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union cwes,euc,jackson
03/10/11 Lecture: Democracy in Transition: How Transnational Activists Change Deliberative Politics cwes,euc,humanrights,jackson
03/04/11 Lecture: The Politics of James Bond cwes,euc,jackson
03/03/11 Lecture: Not So Popular Culture: How Early Modern Spanish Writers' Manipulate Popular Culture cwes,euc,jackson
03/03/11 Lecture: Could the British Have Won the War for American Independence? cwes,euc,jackson
02/22/11 Screening and Q&A: Hollywood contra Franco cwes,euc,jackson
02/19/11 2011 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc,jackson
02/15/11 Lecture: Sentimental Literature and Anglo-Scottish Identity, 1745-1820 cwes,euc,jackson
01/25/11 Lecture: The Color of Africa: Black and White at the Battle of Adwa - Ethiopia, 1896 cwes,euc,jackson
01/14/11 Lecture: Fictional Exuberance: The Great Crash of 1720 in the Dutch Republic, England, and France cwes,euc,jackson
11/24/10 Lecture: Cleaning up the Vote: The Case of Electoral Fraud in Sweden, 1719-1909 cwes,euc,jackson
11/23/10 Symposium: Assets or Liabilities? Migration Debates in Europe cwes,euc,jackson
11/23/10 Dead Kings and National Myths: Why myths of founding and martyrdom are important cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/12/10 Lecture: Economic Governance in the European Union and the Aftermath of the Euro Debt Crisis cwes,euc,jackson
11/12/10 Lecture: From Lydia to Greece: The Origins and Use of Coins in the Classical World cwes,euc,jackson
11/04/10 Lecture: The Dog That Did Not Bark: Anti-Americanism and the Financial Crisis cwes,euc,jackson
10/21/10 Lecture: The Nordic View of the European Union cwes,euc,jackson
10/11/10 Sustainability at Work - Nordic Perspectives on the Greening of Capitalism cwes
10/07/10 Lecture: Is America Still Exceptional? A European Perspective cwes,euc,jackson
08/12/10 Europe and the Environment: 2010 Summer Workshop for Middle School, High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,euc,jackson,outreach
06/03/10 Lecture: Counterterrorism Policy in Norway: Fighting an enemy that isn't there? cwes,euc,jackson
05/22/10 Western US Graduate Research Workshop on the EU cwes,euc,jackson
05/20/10 Presentation: EU funding opportunities for US scholars & universities cwes,euc,jackson
05/20/10 Lecture: Print in a Time of War: Caricature and Allegory in Early Modern French Images of Spain and Flanders cwes,euc,jackson
05/19/10 Lecture: Alabama in Africa cwes,euc,jackson
05/10/10 Europe Day Trivia & Espresso cwes,euc,jackson
04/26/10 Lecture: The EU After Lisbon and the Challenges Ahead cwes,euc,jackson
04/26/10 Lecture: Image, Word, Thing: Seeing and Transporting Imperial Nature in the Hispanic Enlightenment cwes,euc,jackson
04/24/10 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc,jackson
04/16/10 Lecture: The Fonds Ricoeur cwes,euc
04/16/10 Cancelled: Lecture: The Politics of James Bond cwes,euc,jackson
04/15/10 Lecture: Calvin's Political Philosophy cwes,euc
04/08/10 Lecture: Beyond Strong and Weak: Re-thinking Post-Authoritarian Civil Societies cwes,euc,jackson
04/07/10 Lecture: España en Europa: EU lessons from an 'old' new member state cwes,euc,jackson
04/02/10 Migration and the New Citizenship in the European Union cwes,euc
04/01/10 Lecture - Europe’s Dilemma: Immigrant Integration in Western Europe cwes,euc,focus
03/20/10 Third Annual Powell and Heller Family Holocaust Conference cwes,euc,jackson,jewish,religion
03/15/10 Steven Hill discusses his new book "Europe's Promise" cwes,euc,jackson
02/25/10 MOVIE: Persepolis cwes,euc,jackson,mideast,smak
02/23/10 Lecture: Human Rights and Historical Memory cwes,euc,jackson
02/18/10 MOVIE: Battle of Algiers cwes,euc,jackson,smak
02/17/10 CANCELLED: Lecture: Note-Taking Among The Media in Early Modern Europe cwes,euc
02/11/10 CANCELLED: Presentation: EU Funding Opportunities for US Scholars and Universities cwes,euc
02/08/10 Lecture: Immigrant Integration and Anti-discrimination Policy in Europe cwes,euc,jackson
02/05/10 Lecture: The Fabrication of the King: Raphael and Le Brun Reflecting on the Textile Medium cwes,euc
01/28/10 MOVIE: Goodbye Lenin! cwes,ellison,euc
01/15/10 Lecture: Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion in the Royal Navy, 1740-1820 cwes,euc
01/12/10 Lecture: What The Lisbon Treaty Means for Europe cwes,euc,jackson
11/20/09 Conference: Legacies of Unification: Twenty Years of German Unity cwes,euc
11/19/09 Keynote Address: Germany 1989: A new kind of revolution? cwes,euc
11/16/09 Council of European Chambers of Commerce Networking and Business Card Exchange cwes,euc,jackson
11/12/09 Lecture on Hemingway and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade cwes,euc,jackson
11/11/09 Scenes from "From Seasons Such as These", a play about the life of former UW student Thane Summers, a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War cwes,euc,jackson
11/10/09 Showing of "Dreams and Nightmares", a documentary film about the Spanish Civil War cwes,euc,jackson
11/04/09 Lecture: Cartographies of Time cwes,euc
10/30/09 Lecture: Economic Regulation and Social Solidarity: Conceptual and Analytic Innovation in the Study of Advanced Capitalism cwes,euc
10/20/09 Playing French Seattle 2009 - Featuring the works of playwright Matei Visniec cwes,ellison,euc
10/19/09 Lecture: Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Collapse of the Communist Establishment cwes,ellison,euc,isp
10/15/09 Film Screening: Un novio para Yasmina cwes,euc
08/20/09 The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Europe’s Evolution Since 1989: 2009 Summer Workshops for High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,ellison,euc,outreach
05/29/09 French and Francophone Film Festival cwes
05/27/09 France's Role in the World: Policies and Priorities cwes,euc
05/22/09 Europe's Near Abroad: EU External Relations and the Future of the Black Sea Region cwes,ellison,euc
05/21/09 The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus cwes,ellison,euc
05/09/09 Ninth Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Coming of Age in a Changing World canada,cwes,euc,outreach
05/08/09 Challenges of Democracy cwes,euc
05/05/09 The Modernity of Race cwes
04/30/09 The Gatekeepers of Christendom: Religious Politics and the Challenge of Islam in the New West cwes,ellison,euc
04/24/09 2009 Women on the Other Side of the Lens: Conference on Spanish Cinema cwes
04/23/09 Democratic Quality in America and Europe cwes,euc
04/23/09 Spanish Cinema: Women on the Other Side of the Lens. An International Symposium cwes
04/18/09 15th Annual REECAS-NW Conference: Ecological, Cultural and Political Change in Russia, East Europe and Central Asia cwes,ellison,euc
04/17/09 Europe Day Breakfast: Current and coming EU rules, regulations and policies that impat American business cwes,euc
04/17/09 Hunger Strikes by Suffragettes and Irish Republicans, 1909-1923 cwes,euc
04/16/09 Nordic Influences in the Russian Language cwes,ellison,euc
04/14/09 Cultural Identity in Southeastern Europe: Balancing the Global and the Local cwes,ellison,euc
04/07/09 6th Annual International Classroom Workshop cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,outreach
04/03/09 Beaumarchais and the Bastille cwes,euc
04/01/09 Hot Spots in Our World: Russia, Europe, and the Redefinition of Eurasian Security after the Georgian War cwes,ellison,euc
03/17/09 Hunger Strikes by Suffragettes and Irish Republicans, 1909-1923 cwes
03/07/09 2009 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc
02/27/09 Who are the Europeans (and why does that matter for politics)? cwes,euc
02/26/09 Globalization and Climate Change: Challenges in the New Maritime Arctic cwes,ellison,euc
02/06/09 "Arctic Sovereignty and Climate Change: A Nordic Perspective," Arctic Sovereignty Lecture Series cwes,euc
01/27/09 Antisemitism: An Eternal Hatred? cwes,euc
01/22/09 Antiquities and Academies: Cultural History and National Identity in the 18th-Century Spanish World cwes,euc
01/20/09 Islam in Europe: Integration and Radicalization, Two Faces of the Same Coin? cwes,euc
01/16/09 The International Legal Framework and Recent Developments Regarding the Continental Shelf in the Arctic Ocean: Arctic Sovereignty Lecture Series cwes,euc
01/16/09 Visual Knowledge / Facing Blindness cwes,euc
01/08/09 Market Liberalization and Labor in the European Union: Tales from the Transport Sector cwes,euc
12/11/08 The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West cwes,euc,outreach
12/05/08 Taxation and the Worlds of Welfare cwes,euc
12/03/08 Slovenian Literature on Film cwes,euc
12/01/08 How to Read Russian Children's Comics cwes,euc
11/22/08 Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Examination cwes,euc
11/06/08 The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West cwes,euc,outreach
11/01/08 Annual International Classroom Workshop at Whitworth College cwes,euc,outreach
10/30/08 Hungary Now: Opportunities and Challenges cwes,euc
10/29/08 Trans-Atlantic Update cwes,euc
10/09/08 "Changing Climate: The Greek Experience," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/08/08 "Biodiversity: The Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna in Crete," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/07/08 "Sustainability: Issues, Assessment and Ranking of Nations," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/02/08 Francesco Mochi and the Edge of Tradition cwes,euc
08/21/08 Godard's '60s cwes,euc
08/20/08 The EU and the World: 2008 EU Summer Seminar for High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,euc,outreach
06/26/08 Life Cycle Rituals and Traditions across Cultures: 2008 Jackson School of International Studies Summer Seminar for Educators, Grades 6 and Up cwes,euc,outreach
06/09/08 Cultural Capital and Stratification in Contemporary Britain cwes,euc
05/27/08 Populist Radical Right Parties of Europe cwes,euc
05/20/08 Inventions of the Imagination: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Imaginary Since Romanticism cwes,euc
05/19/08 Our Ancestors the Sighted: Making Blind People French and French People Blind, 1750-1991 cwes,euc
05/09/08 Europe Day: The Historical Impact of European Integration cwes,euc
05/09/08 Europe Contested:Canadian Interdisciplinary Summer School on Europe and Germany, the Institute for European Studies at the University of British Columbia cwes,euc
05/08/08 Flying High: How Open Skies Benefits US Travelers and Businesses cwes,euc
05/05/08 Why and How Does the EU Become (More) Democratic? cwes,euc
05/02/08 The European Union After Enlargement: Policies and Politics in a New Context cwes,euc
04/30/08 Polygamy and Empire: Civilizing the Jewish Family in Colonial Algeria cwes,euc
04/30/08 Pushing States' Rights? Reforming Federal Structures in Germany cwes,euc
04/30/08 Revolution's Aftermath: Twenty Years of Polish Democracy cwes,euc
04/26/08 Jackson School International Knowledge Bowl! cwes,euc
04/17/08 The Economic Feasibility of Comprehensive Welfare States in a Comparative Perspective cwes,euc
04/16/08 Tax Protest in European Welfare States cwes,euc
04/08/08 Mass Culture or Counter-Culture? Czech Catholicism and American Catholicism: A Comparison of Their Social, Cultural, and Political Situation and Impact cwes,euc
04/04/08 Redeeming Jews: Sephardic Intermediaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean cwes,euc
04/02/08 Russia, the European Union and the US: Soul Mates? cwes,euc
03/30/08 8th Annual Documentary Film Workshop, "Teaching Diversity & Cross-Cultural Understanding throuh Documentary Film, for high school, community college and in-service educators cwes,euc,outreach
03/30/08 "Ghiberti and Gelato," Private docent-led tours of the upcoming Seattle Art Museum exhibits, "The Gates of Paradise" and "Roman Art from the Louvre cwes,euc
03/22/08 Hands on the World: Connecting Crafts and Cultures in the K-8 Curriculum cwes,euc,outreach
03/15/08 Performances of "El entremes del retablo de las maravillas," "El entremes de los romances," and "La loa para el auto sacramental de 'El Divino Narciso,'" cwes
03/14/08 Collaboration & Conflict: The EU-US Partnership cwes,euc
03/08/08 Taller cwes
03/08/08 Europe After 1945: Resources Beyond the Textbook cwes,euc
03/03/08 War and Democracy: The Domestic Political Consequences of International Conflict cwes,euc
02/23/08 2008 West Coast Model EU cwes,euc
02/17/08 The Gates of Paradise: Lorenzo Ghiberti's Renaissance Masterpiece cwes
02/14/08 Deadline for application and abstract to Europe, Globalization and Sustainability cwes,euc
02/04/08 Regionalization and Retrenchment: The Impact of European Integration on the Welfare State cwes,euc
01/25/08 Institutional Competitivesness and the Global Economy: The Danish Miracle cwes,euc
11/30/07 Deadline for school registration of Euro Challenge cwes
11/19/07 Islam, Sex and the City: Quality of Life Issues in Multi-Cultural Berlin cwes
11/17/07 Learning Language with Global Peers cwes
11/14/07 A Delicate Dance: Multicultural Issues in Modern Day France cwes
11/13/07 Cyprus: The EU's Lighthouse in the Eastern Mediterranean cwes
11/05/07 From the Submissive to the Rebellious: French Women's Poetry of the Great War cwes
11/02/07 The Dynamics of French Agenda-Setting in Comparative Perspective cwes
11/01/07 Post-Communist Transformation in Central Europe cwes
10/31/07 A Multifaceted No to Europe: Why the Dutch and the French Rejected the European Constitution cwes
10/30/07 How Others See Us: Perspectives from Europe and Asia cwes
10/26/07 Kalaallit Nunaat - Greenland: A Nation in the Making. Decolonization and National-building in Denmark's Former Colony cwes
10/12/07 Paradoxes of Exile and Identity: Ionesco and Cioran in Postwar Paris cwes
10/09/07 The Discovery and Government of Hunger: The Social and Its States of Welfare in Modern Imperial Britain cwes
10/08/07 Slovenia and the EU: Lessons from the Enlargement Process, the Prospects for the EU Presidency, cwes
07/11/07 Fifty Years of the EU: Its Successes and its Future cwes
06/29/07 Teaching World Religions cwes
06/17/07 Seattle International Film Festival cwes
05/09/07 Europe Day Business Breakfast Talk with the European Union Center of Excellence and the Council of European Chambers of Commerce, featuring Ambassador Darrell Johnson who will speak on "The European Union, Russia, and the United States, cwes
04/30/07 The New Civic Engagement: Citizenship and Social Activism in Europe and the US cwes
04/27/07 Transnational Advocacy Networks: Case Studies from Europe and the US cwes
04/27/07 European Constitutionalism: National, Transnational and International Perspectives. cwes
04/23/07 Denmark in the World Community cwes
04/18/07 Latvia in the European common Educational Space cwes
04/18/07 The End of Multiculturalism: Can Europe and Islam Co-Exist? cwes
04/05/07 Democratic Militancy and Democratic Rule: Limits to Political Pluralism in Europe cwes
03/31/07 7th Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Teaching Diversity & Cross-Cultural Understanding Through Documentary Films for High School, Community College and In-service Educators cwes
03/31/07 Europe Week cwes
03/29/07 European Business Card Exchange cwes
03/29/07 The European Union: Celebrating 50 Years of Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership cwes
03/17/07 Teachable Traditions: Folk Art, Toys and Tales cwes
03/11/07 EU session at the WSCSS 2007 Annual Social Studies Leadership Retreat cwes
03/08/07 The Christian Churches as 'Free Spaces' in Communist East Central Europe: the Slovak and East German Cases cwes
03/02/07 World Languages Day for Washington High School Students cwes
02/24/07 West Coast Model EU cwes
02/15/07 Talk on the US & Baltic States cwes
02/15/07 Talk on the US & Nordic States cwes
02/02/07 African American and Francophone Postcolonial Memory: Octavia Butler's Kindred and Assia Djebar's La Femme sans sepulture cwes
01/27/07 Immigration and Multiculturalism in Europe cwes
01/11/07 La litterature algerienne: de Kateb a Djebar cwes
12/05/06 Revolts and Revolutions: Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century cwes
10/27/06 Security, Social Control, Democracy and Mictration with the 'Constitution' of the European Union cwes
10/24/06 Revolts and Revolutions: Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century cwes
10/23/06 The Hungarian Revolution: 50 Years Later cwes
10/20/06 "The Group as a Work of Art: Laocoon and its Afterlives" Culture Colloquium cwes
10/12/06 US-EU Cooperation: Working Together to Promote Reform and Democracy in Ukraine and Belarus cwes
09/29/06 The European Union Today cwes
08/29/06 EU Workshop for Washington State Legislators cwes
07/10/06 The EU and the Challenges of Globalization cwes
06/28/06 Open a Book, Open Your World: Exploring International Literature cwes
06/27/06 Collaboration & Conflict: the U.S.- EU Partnership cwes
06/26/06 Global Partners, Global Challenges: the United States and the European Union in the new century cwes
05/26/06 Academic Conference on "Politics of Ethics" cwes
05/18/06 Mobilizing Kreuzberg: Political Representation, Immigrant Incorporation and Turkish Associations in Berlinş cwes
05/09/06 Europe Day Business Card Exchange featuring speaker from European Commission Delegation to the United States cwes
05/02/06 Jews and the British Empire, C. 1900 cwes
04/28/06 Academic Conference: "Gender, Equality, and the State in the European Union" cwes
04/26/06 Teacher Workshop "Who's Got it Better, Women in Europe or Women in the U.S.?" cwes
04/25/06 The Evolution of the Modern State cwes
04/21/06 Academic Conference: "Terrorism and Trans-Atlantic Relations" cwes
04/20/06 Teacher Workshop on "Terrorism and Trans-Atlantic Relations" cwes
04/20/06 Conservative Kulturpolitik in the Wake of War and Revolution: The DNVP and Cultural Politics, 1918-1924 cwes
04/19/06 Conservative Kulturpolitik in the Wake of War and Revolution: The DNVP and Cultural Politics, 1918-1924 cwes
04/12/06 The Fight Against Terrorism in Europe cwes
04/03/06 Oxford and Heidelberg Universities before the First World War: British and German Elite Institutions in Comparative Perspective cwes
04/02/06 Lodz Ghetto Album cwes
03/30/06 Northern Ireland: Clinching the Peace cwes