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02/17/15 The Disappearing Future: Korean Literature during the Asia-Pacific War eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
12/05/14 Science Fiction in South and North Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/12/14 Korean Peninsula Forum 2014: The Regional Dynamics in Northeast Asia and the Future of US-South Korean Alliance china,eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
10/09/14 Reading Foreign Magazines under the Censorship Regime: The Reception of Foreign Magazines in South Korea during the Military Dictatorship of 1960-1980s eacenter,earc,korea
09/27/14 Understanding Korea Workshop eacenter,earc,korea
06/05/14 Contested Understandings of the Region East and South of Lake Balkash During the Qing Dynasty: Studies on Five Manchu Documents, 1758-1771 ellison,earc
05/30/14 JSIS Arctic Research Symposium & Reception [50] canada,cwes,earc,isp
05/22/14 Who liberated whom? : Remembering the Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia earc,jackson,phd,seac
05/19/14 Visualizing and Invisibilizing the Subempire: Labor, Humanitarianism and Popular Culture Across South Korea, Southeast and South Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea,seac,soasia
05/16/14 After Assimilating Seoul: Ch’anggyong Garden and the Post-Colonial Remaking of Seoul’s Public Spaces eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/07/14 The Korean Family in Colonial Space: Caught between Modernity and Assimilation eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/06/14 Sing Modern Choson: "Jazz Songs" in the 1930s eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/29/14 Workshop for Educators: Exploring Asia: Asian Cities – Growth and Change eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/17/14 Censors in Modern Korea and Their Colonial Making eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/08/14 Korea Studies Book Launch: An Affair with Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/03/14 Empire As A Moral Problem: Religious Cosmopolitanism And Colonial Modernity In Northeast Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/14/14 Modern Times in North Korea: Scenes from the Founding Years eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/11/14 Leadership Fireside with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [40] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 UW and community reception for Sheila Watt-Cloutier [150] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Sheila Watt-Cloutier in Q&A with ARCTIC 498 Course Students [30] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Lecture: "The Right to be Cold - Canadian Inuk Activist" [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Inuktitut and UW Language Learning Center Roundtable [10] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Evening Community Dinner with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [25] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Faculty Luncheon with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [8] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 UW-Nunavik Roundtable with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [16] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/04/14 Reiterations of the Real in Colonial Korean Literature eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/26/14 A Good Wife and the Making of History: Re-reading Madam Cho's Diary in Seventeenth-Century Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/24/14 My Early Career In Japanese Translation: A Visit With a UW Japanese Major Alumna advise,alumni,career,earc,japan,outreach
02/20/14 Polar Obsession in Canada [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/06/14 Living in Canadian Sea Ice – It’s a Wonderful Life [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/16/14 Canada's Arctic Populations, Northern Security Issues and Emerging Forms of Governance [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/08/14 In Canada, When Mountains Move [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
12/09/13 Global Futures in East Asia – Book Discussion in Seattle earc
10/15/13 Three Generations of North Korean Leadership: Change in Continuity eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
09/28/13 Understanding Korea Workshop eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
09/07/13 Aki Matsuri Teacher Workshop eacenter,earc,japan
06/06/13 Unstable Party Identification and Electoral Choice in South Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/28/13 Double Feature Book Launch eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/20/13 [Film Screening] Unfortunate Brothers: Korea's Reunification Dilemma eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/30/13 Exploring Asia Series: Political Change in the 21st Century. A Workshop for teachers. eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/05/13 Paper is Thicker than Blood: Chosonjok Migrant “Kin” at the Gates of South Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/14/13 Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/06/13 Seeking Asylum, Finding God: Religion and Moral Economy of Migrants’ Illegality eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/07/13 Anthropology of Colonialism and War under Imperial Japan eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/06/13 Understanding the globalization of the Korean automobile industry and the implications for post-crisis growth of the Korean economy eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/17/13 A Study on the Role and Task of South Korean Taxpayers' Organizations eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/16/13 Education without Borders: Transforming Learning for the 21st Century eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
01/14/13 2012 South Korea Presidential Election: Panel Discussion with Yong Chool Ha, Clark W. Sorensen, Jonathan Kang, Wang Hwi Lee, Beom Shik Shin, and Sunil Kim eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/09/13 The Political Economy of Corporate Governance Reform after the Asian Financial Crisis eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
12/06/12 Balance of Dependence: The Making of North Korean Foreign Policy under Kim Jong-il eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/28/12 Broadcasting and Cultural Hybridity in Colonial Korea: The Case of JODK Entertainment Programs (1927-28) eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/19/12 Learning Is Never Done: Age and Performance in the Korean Context eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/02/12 Evenings With Ai Weiwei - One Recluse china,eacenter,earc
11/01/12 Evenings With Ai Weiwei - So Sorry eacenter,earc
10/31/12 Evenings With Ai Weiwei - Ordos 100 china,eacenter,earc
10/30/12 Evenings With Ai Weiwei - Disturbing the Peace china,eacenter,earc
10/29/12 Evenings With Ai Weiwei - Fairytale china,eacenter,earc
10/23/12 Road to U.S.-Korea Global Partnership eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
10/23/12 An Evening with Sidney Rittenberg china,eacenter,earc
09/22/12 Reception for "Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between and Beyond the Nation" eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
05/29/12 On May and Martyrdom: Suicide in the South Korean Democracy Movement Seen Through the Case of Park Seunghee eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/23/12 Between Scylla and Charybdis: US Cold War Strategy and the Question of Democracy in South Korea, 1961-1972 eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/09/12 Forum on 2012 National Assembly Elections in South Korea: Discussion panel with Yong Chool Ha, Clark W. Sorensen, Wang Hwi Lee, and Beom Shik Shin eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/25/12 A Game Changer or Just Another Yellow Card? Debating China's New Role in Latin America at the Tico-Nido china,earc,isp,latinam
03/07/12 Encountering Foreign Brides as Cosmopolitan Others: A Citizenship Perspective on Transnational Marriages in Rural Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/15/12 Criminal Process in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: The Origin of Human Rights Violations china,eacenter,earc,humanrights,jackson,korea
02/08/12 Exploring China Online earc
01/26/12 North Korea's Nuclear Program after Kim Jong-il eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/23/12 Twice Crossing: Performing Emotional Citizenship in the Korean DMZ eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/10/12 WINTER BOOK CLUB: TIBET - Across Many Mountains: A Memoir by Yangzom Brauen earc
12/15/11 NCTA Webinar - O-Shogatsu: Japanese New Year’s Traditions Explained earc
11/16/11 What Will You Do With Your Degree in Japanese? How About Teach! eacenter,earc,japan
11/14/11 Policy Round Table & Buk and Blues - Korea Days Seattle china,earc,jackson,japan,korea
09/13/11 Lessons for Korea: Two Decades of German Unification cwes,eacenter,earc,korea,outreach
08/05/11 From Mao to Now, East to West: A China Summer Institute china,eacenter,earc,outreach
07/28/11 Visual Cultures of China and Japan: An East Asian Art History Seminar china,eacenter,earc,japan,outreach
07/12/11 China Summer Book Club for K-12 Educators china,eacenter,earc,outreach
07/01/11 Case Studies in Teaching about China and Japan: A Summer Institute for K-8 Educators china,eacenter,earc,japan,outreach
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
05/17/11 Narrative Analysis of Japanese Storytelling: Differences Between Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers in Representing Characters’ Speech eacenter,earc,japan
05/14/11 China in the World: China-Africa Relations earc,outreach
04/30/11 AP Chinese Workshop 2011: Enhancing Effective Teaching and Learning Practices in AP Chinese Courses china,eacenter,earc,outreach
04/30/11 Celebrating the Performing Arts of China: A Global Educator Day for K-12 Teachers china,eacenter,earc,outreach
04/06/11 Epicenter Japan: Local Crises, Global Impacts eacenter,earc,japan
04/02/11 Images as Tools for Teaching and Understanding: A Workshop on Japanese Images and Identities for K-12 Teachers earc,outreach
03/19/11 Visual Cultures of China and Japan: An East Asian Art History Seminar for Secondary Educators earc,outreach
03/01/11 Winter Book Club - Embracing Defeat earc,outreach
01/26/11 K-8 Workshop: Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Korea and China earc,outreach
01/04/11 Exploring Japan Online: An Online Workshop for K-12 Educators earc,outreach
12/09/10 Protest Culture in China and Korea earc,isp,outreach
11/16/10 North of the DMZ: EARC Autumn Book Club 2010 earc,outreach
11/14/10 NCSS Annual Conference: Vistas, Visions & Voices earc,outreach
09/11/10 Aki Matsuri Workshop for K-12 Teachers earc,outreach
08/20/10 Summer Institute - Perspectives on East Asia for Teachers: Modern China china,eacenter,earc,outreach
08/10/10 China Summer Book Club for K-12 Educators earc,outreach
07/01/10 NCTA Seminar: East Asian Studies earc,outreach
06/02/10 NCTA Seminar: Chinese Culture in Context earc,outreach
05/15/10 China in the World: China-Japan Relations eacenter,earc,outreach
05/15/10 Spring 2010 Teachers' Conference in Korean Studies for K-12 Teachers eacenter,earc,korea,outreach
05/12/10 Understanding China’s Silk Road Today: Who are the Uyghurs? china,eacenter,earc,outreach
05/04/10 Global Focus Series - "The US and North Korea: Dealing With Irrationality" eacenter,earc,focus,isp,korea
04/20/10 Book Reading & Signing: "China in 2010: Legacies of the Past, Prospects for the Future" china,eacenter,earc,gai
04/17/10 AP Chinese Exam Workshop china,eacenter,earc
02/25/10 Book Reading & Signing with Peter Hessler: "Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory" china,eacenter,earc
02/04/10 MOVIE: Shichinin no samurai (Seven Samurai) eacenter,earc,isp,japan,smak
01/12/10 K-12 Workshop: North Korea on Our Minds and in Our Classrooms euc,earc,isp,korea,outreach
10/31/09 CONFERENCE - Crossroads of Asian Music and Poetry: China and Inner Asia/China and Southeast Asia china,eacenter,ellison,earc,seac
10/31/09 Images as Tools: A Workshop on Teaching about Japan earc,japan,outreach
10/29/09 Xinjiang: Behind the Violence china,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp
09/12/09 A New Look at Old Traditions: An Aki Matsuri Workshop for K-12 Educators earc,japan,outreach
07/22/09 Perspectives on East Asia for Teachers: Contemporary Japan earc,outreach
06/25/09 Liquid Planet: Exploring Global Water Issues earc
05/21/09 The Environmental Movement in China: A Workshop for Educators earc,outreach
05/21/09 Severyns-Ravenholt Lecture: Law and the Environmental Movement in China china,eacenter,earc
05/16/09 The State of China-Japan Relations Today earc,outreach
05/13/09 Hotspots in our World Lecture Series China’s Far West: Identity, Administration, and Separatism in Xinjiang china,eacenter,ellison,earc
05/09/09 Ninth Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Coming of Age in a Changing World earc
05/02/09 Learning to Teach About Korea earc
05/02/09 Along the Silk Road: Xuanzang, Zheng He, and Other Cultural Ambassadors earc
04/18/09 Asia on the Big Screen: Teaching about Asia Through Film earc
04/07/09 6th Annual International Classroom Workshop cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,outreach
03/19/09 "Teaching Japanese Discourse Pragmatics” Japanese Pedagogy Workshop eacenter,earc,japan
03/19/09 Perspectives on East Asia for Teachers: Contemporary Japan: A Summer Course for K-12 Educators earc
03/18/09 Books and Beyond: Roll and Fold Books for the Classroom: A Workshop for K-12 Educators earc
03/15/09 Social Studies for Times of Great Change: Annual WSCSS Conference in Chelan earc
03/07/09 Arts Mosaic: Movement and Music Across the Curriculum earc
02/11/09 Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century: A Seattle Times series, workshop, and teaching guide for secondary educators earc
02/03/09 China Matters: Exploring this Diverse Land and People: A Workshop for K-12 Educators earc
01/31/09 Local and Global, Civics and More: Washington State Council for the Social Studies Annual K-8 Conference earc