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12/02/14 2014 Master Teacher Workshop: Europe's Transformative 20th Century cwes,ellison,euc,jackson,outreach
10/24/14 From the Lowly Lubok to Soviet Realism: Early Twentieth Century Children's Books from Russia ellison
10/07/14 Roundtable discussion: How to Make Sense of the World when the World is Falling Apart china,ellison,humanrights,isp,jackson,mideast
09/04/14 A Polish Perspective on Europe and the USA ellison
08/13/14 2014 Policy Forum for Educators - Security and the New Europe cwes,ellison,euc,isp,outreach
07/12/14 3rd Annual Polish Festival at Seattle Center ellison
06/05/14 Contested Understandings of the Region East and South of Lake Balkash During the Qing Dynasty: Studies on Five Manchu Documents, 1758-1771 ellison,earc
06/01/14 Polish Art Exhibition at Sebi's in Seattle ellison
05/29/14 The Japanese Dog at SIFF ellison
05/23/14 Language between linguistics and politics: The case of Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian ellison
05/23/14 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Naim Karimov, ed.Tarixning hasratli sahifalari (Sad pages of history). Tashkent: Sharq Nashriyoti, 2006 ellison
05/22/14 Recent Publication on/in Kyrgyzstan: Roza Aytmatova. Tarïxtïn aktay baraktarï. Menin eskerüülörüm (White Pages of History. What I Remember). Bishkek: Biyiktik, 2007 ellison
05/21/14 Movie Ida by P. Pawlikowski at SIFF ellison
05/21/14 Quod Erat Demonstrandum at SIFF ellison
05/18/14 Opening of the St. John Paul II Library at St. Margaret's ellison
05/16/14 Recent Publication in/on Kazakhstan: Muratbek Imangazinov.Iliyas Jansügirov (1894-1938). Almaty: Qazaq universiteti, 2004 ellison
05/15/14 The Kyrgyz Uprising Against Russian Colonial Rule in 1916 ellison,isp,mideast
05/15/14 “Recent Publications on Central/Inner Asia”: Zentralasien-Analysen (Central Asian Analyses), published monthly by the Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen, Germany ellison
05/09/14 “Water and Energy Problems in Central Asia” ellison
05/08/14 Migrations in Central Asia as a Part of the Global Migratory System: New Trends, Threats and Perspectives ellison
05/07/14 Energy Security in new European Union member states ellison
05/05/14 Symposium on Aerospace Clusters in Poland and the US at the UW ellison
05/04/14 Third of May Celebration at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
05/04/14 Václav Havel's The Beggar's Opera ellison
05/03/14 Evening with Stan Borys at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
05/03/14 Asian Languages and Literature Colloquium ellison
05/02/14 An Introduction to Tibetan Music ellison
05/02/14 American Romanian Cultural Society ellison
05/02/14 American Romanian Cultural Society's book club meeting - on Vladimir Bartol's ALAMUT, with special guest Translator, Michael Biggins ellison
05/01/14 Femmes Fatales figures in late 19th and early 20th century Western Art ellison
05/01/14 “The Ahiska (Meshkhetian) Turks as Immigrants in Turkey and in the US" ellison
04/29/14 Workshop for Educators: Exploring Asia: Asian Cities – Growth and Change eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/26/14 Polish Book Club Meeting at the Green Lake Library ellison
04/26/14 20th Annual Northwest Regional Conference for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (REECAS NW) ellison
04/24/14 “Uzbek Folktales in Comparison to Brothers Grimm’s Folktales” ellison
04/23/14 Military Security of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland ellison
04/22/14 What Lies Behind Putin’s Power Play? ellison
04/22/14 Current Military Developments in Ukraine ellison
04/22/14 Exploring the History and Charting the Crisis: Understanding Ukraine ellison,isp
04/21/14 TALK "Before the Catastrophe: New Revelations in Russian, Ottoman, and Armenian Archives regarding the period 1909-1914" ellison
04/12/14 Spring Bazaar at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
04/12/14 Cappella Romana presents the World Premiere of Passion Week by Maximilian Steinberg: A Lost Work of Sacred Music from Post-Revolutionary St. Petersburg ellison
04/10/14 The Invention of Northeastern Europe: Geopolitics, Film Festivals and Documentary Cinema ellison
04/10/14 “Ethnicity, Russification, and Excess Mortality in Kazakhstan” ellison
04/10/14 Ukraine and Russia: Regional and Global Implications ellison,jackson,outreach,maais,phd
04/08/14 Ukraine's EuroMaidan: Stories of Life in the Revolutionary Mode ellison
04/02/14 Komiks: Comic Art in Russia (Book Talk) ellison
03/30/14 Polish Book & CD Sale at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
03/29/14 J. Kopczewski in Monodrama Dobrze ulozony at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
03/29/14 Polish Book Club Meeting at the Green Lake Library ellison
03/27/14 Economies in Flux: Ukraine, Thailand and Venezuela ellison,jackson
03/24/14 Evidence-based Training Modules for Russian Oncology Nurses and Medical Faculty: Collaborations in Bashkortistan ellison
03/24/14 Living with Breast Cancer: Experiences and Perceptions of Women in Georgia ellison
03/23/14 Lenten Lunch and Concert at the Russian Community Center of Seattle ellison
03/22/14 Pisanki: Polish Easter Egg Workshop in Seattle ellison
03/13/14 Romanian Film "Child's Pose" at the Seven Gables Theatre ellison
03/11/14 Leadership Fireside with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [40] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 UW and community reception for Sheila Watt-Cloutier [150] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Sheila Watt-Cloutier in Q&A with ARCTIC 498 Course Students [30] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/11/14 Lecture: "The Right to be Cold - Canadian Inuk Activist" [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Inuktitut and UW Language Learning Center Roundtable [10] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Evening Community Dinner with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [25] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 Faculty Luncheon with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [8] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/10/14 UW-Nunavik Roundtable with Sheila Watt-Cloutier [16] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
03/05/14 Movie "Aftermath" by W. Pasikowski at SJFF ellison
03/04/14 Uzbekistan is Buying: Export and Trade Opportunities with Uzbekistan Opportunities for US Companies in Uzbekistan and Invitation to Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo 2014 ellison
03/02/14 Maciej Grzybowski in Concert at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
02/28/14 Recent Publication in/on Uzbekistan: Muhammad Ali.Zamondoshim Portretiga Chizgilar. Ocherklar (Sketches for portraits of my contemporaries) ellison
02/27/14 Recent Publication in/on Kyrgyzstan: Chïñgïz Aitmatov and Muxtar Shaxanov. Askada kalgan añchïnïn ïyï. Kïlïm kïyïrïndagï sïr achuu (The outcry of the hunter left at the top of the mountain. Revelationof issues at the turn of the century) ellison
02/27/14 Global Gypsy: Balkan Romani Music, Representation and Appropriation ellison
02/23/14 Winter Nights 2014 ellison
02/21/14 Recent Publication in/on Kazakhstan: The Stories of the Great Steppe (The Anthology of Modern Kazakh Literature. Translated by Sergio Levchin and Ilya Bernshtein, edited by Dr. Rafis Abazov) ellison
02/20/14 Polar Obsession in Canada [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/20/14 Recent Publication in/on Central Asia: Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek schoolbooks for Elementary Schools published shortly after Independence ellison
02/14/14 Outside the Capital: Two Months Exploring Culture and Life in Southern Tajikistan ellison
02/13/14 The German School of Turkology ellison
02/09/14 Maslenitsa at the Russian Community Center of Seattle ellison
02/07/14 Prosperity and Tension in Almaty: Redefining the Kazakh National Identity ellison
02/06/14 Living in Canadian Sea Ice – It’s a Wonderful Life [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
02/06/14 Only Unity: Serbia in the Aftermath of Yugoslavia ellison
01/31/14 EU Democracy Promotion after the Arab Spring and Euromaidan Protests ellison
01/31/14 Turkish and Central Asian Modernization in the Soviet Imaginary, 1923-1945 ellison
01/30/14 Rules, Taboos and Exemptions among Shamans, Bonesetters and their Patients in Urban Mongolia ellison
01/29/14 The Uncertain Legacy of Crisis: European Foreign policy Faces the Future ellison
01/24/14 The Role and Status of the Elders among the Turkic Peoples of Central Asia ellison
01/22/14 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows Program Speaker Series: Soviet Perspectives ellison
01/21/14 Ukraine's Euromaidan Protests: a panel discussion ellison
01/16/14 Canada's Arctic Populations, Northern Security Issues and Emerging Forms of Governance [420] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
01/14/14 Putin & Resurgent Russia: Implications for the US with Jill Dougherty ellison
01/08/14 In Canada, When Mountains Move [710] canada,cwes,ellison,earc,isp
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/14/13 Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle Keyboard Wizards Recital 2013 ellison
12/11/13 Alchymeia Performance ellison
12/08/13 Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle Annual Piano Recital Series 2013 ellison
12/07/13 2013 Russian Piano Festival/Competition ellison
12/04/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
12/03/13 Louise Steinman on Polish/Jewish Reconciliation ellison
11/26/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/24/13 Requiem: Commemoration for the victims of the 1932-33 Famine and genocide in Ukraine ellison
11/22/13 Exiting Anarchy: Militia Politics after the Post-Soviet Wars ellison
11/22/13 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Naim Karimov, XX Asir Adabiyoti Manzaralari (Views of [Uzbek] Literature of the 20th Century). Tashkent: “O’zbekiston”, 2008 ellison
11/21/13 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Tschingis Aitmatov und Daisaku Ikeda. Begegnung am Fudshijama. Ein Dialog (Meeting at the Fudschijama. A Dialogue). Translated from Russian by Friedrich Hitzer. Zürich: Unionsverlag, 1994 ellison
11/20/13 Screening of Tarkovsky's NOSTALGHIA ellison
11/17/13 Russian Community Center of Seattle Fall Bazaar ellison
11/15/13 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Sheteldegi Qazaq Diasporasï jäne Ana Tildi Saqtau Mäseleleri (The Kazakh Diaspora in Foreign Countries and the Problems of Preserving the Mother Tongue). Materials of a Conference, held in Almaty, May 15-16, 2000, published in Almaty, 2000 ellison
11/14/13 China Plays the Uighur Card: Central Asia and East Turkestan Between Baghdad and Beijing eacenter,ellison,mideast
11/14/13 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue, Vol. 1, Number 1 (Summer 2013), published by the Central/Inner Asian Studies Seminar, UW ellison
11/08/13 Returning Spirits: A Discussion of the Revival of Shamanism in Mongolia ellison
11/08/13 AnDa Union Seattle Debut Performance ellison
11/06/13 Polish Heritage, Aviation Career: Building Blocks for Life ellison
11/06/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/01/13 State Formation in Mongolia: A Comparative Approach ellison
10/31/13 Language Policies in Turkey and in the Central Asian Republics: Turkey and Uzbekistan ellison
10/29/13 Tales from the Field: Summer Abroad in Russia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia ellison
10/29/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/24/13 Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the US Kairat Umarov ellison
10/24/13 Kazakhstan 2050: Perspectives from the New Silk Road ellison
10/23/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/22/13 Hacktivism, cyberwar and Snowden: the rise of cyberspace as a post-Soviet geopolitical battlefield ellison
10/20/13 Seattle Polish Film Festival at the SIFF Cinema Uptown ellison
10/20/13 TurkFest ellison
10/18/13 Developments in Kazakhstan ellison
10/17/13 Tashkent: Observations of a former Resident ellison
10/13/13 Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle's Autumn Evenings 2013 ellison
10/12/13 Welcome Nowhere Film Screening ellison
10/11/13 Tashkent: Summer 2013 ellison
10/10/13 Welcome to the Autumn Quarter 2013 and to the 26th Year of the Central-Inner Asian Studies Seminar ellison
10/10/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/06/13 CroatiaFest ellison
10/04/13 50 HEARTBREAKS (AND I'M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOUkraine) ellison
10/04/13 Ukrainian Pizza Lunch ellison
09/28/13 Farewell-To-Summer Party at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
09/13/13 Russian Kaleidoscope ellison
08/31/13 2013 SVU Conference ellison
07/23/13 Photographic Finds in a Time of Transition: Daily life in Nakhodka, Russian Far East through the lens of Georgy Pakin ellison
07/14/13 Czech that Film ellison
07/13/13 Polish Festival Seattle ellison
06/28/13 Opening Ceremony of the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Seattle ellison
06/23/13 DroWa Adventure Fest 2013 ellison
06/18/13 Russia’s Relationship with China, East Asia, Central Asia and Implications for the West ellison
06/09/13 Seattle International Film Festival ellison
06/08/13 A Night with Trejdeksnitis ellison
06/05/13 Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters ellison
05/31/13 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: B. Karimov and H. Abdiev, eds. ZZ Asr O'zbek Hikoyasi Antologiyasi (Anthology of the Uzbek Short Story of the 20th Century) ellison
05/30/13 Kyrgyz Ambassador to the US, HE Muktar Djumaliev and Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Chingiz Aitmatov. Zhaabars Toolor Kulaganda (Snow Leopard: When Mountains Tumble) ellison
05/25/13 25th Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Central-Inner Asian Studies ellison
05/24/13 Juliana & PAVA + Gudochek at Northwest Folklife ellison
05/17/13 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Nursultan Nazarbaev. Tauelsizdigimizdin Bes jili (Five years of our Independence)> ellison
05/16/13 Memory Wars on the Silver Screen: Ukraine and Russia Look Back at the Second World War ellison
05/16/13 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Marfua Tokhtakhhodjaeva and Elmira Turgumbekova. The Daughters of Amazons. Voices from Central Asia. ellison
05/15/13 Human Rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Finally, Some Encouraging Signs ellison,isp
05/14/13 Slovene Language Table ellison
05/11/13 Pierogi Fest at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
05/10/13 Ethnicity, Language, & Politics in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan ellison
05/09/13 Peaple of the Poorhouse: The Jewish Dispossessed in Eastern Europe ellison
05/09/13 Kazakh Movie: "Koshpendiler" (The Nomads) ellison
05/07/13 The Guardian of the Past ellison
05/07/13 Slovene Language Table ellison
05/03/13 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
05/03/13 Post-Soviet Kakhstan and the Koryo Saram (Koreans): Shared Struggle with the Preservation of Language Identity and Culture ellison
05/02/13 Toward a Sacred Topography of Central Asia: Shrines, Pilgrimage, and Gender in Modern Kyrgyzstan and Tajikstan ellison
05/02/13 Networked Authoritarianism in Azerbaijan: How the Azerbaijani government uses the Internet to deter dissent ellison
04/30/13 Slovene Language Table ellison
04/30/13 Exploring Asia Series: Political Change in the 21st Century. A Workshop for teachers. eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/27/13 The 19th Annual Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Northwest Conference ellison
04/25/13 Kyrgyz Movie: 'The White Ship', filmed after Chingiz Aitmotov's novella of the same title ellison
04/23/13 Slovene Language Table ellison
04/19/13 Modern Kyrgyz and its Heritage ellison
04/18/13 Language Choice and Ethnolinguistic Vitality: The Case of Kazak Community ellison
04/18/13 The Description of Women in the Works of Chingiz Aitmatov: Poetic Language Issues in Modern Kyrgyz ellison
04/12/13 Central-Inner Asian Studies Seminar: Welcome to the Spring Quarter 2013! ellison
04/10/13 Two Fatherlands? Zionist Youth and the Politics of Belonging in 1930s Poland ellison
03/16/13 2nd Annual Balkan Night Northwest ellison
03/14/13 Dealing with Putin's Russia: Are There Lessons from the Past? ellison
03/07/13 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Naim Karimov, ed. Ismoil Gasprinskiy vaTurkiston ellison
03/06/13 Speaking Soviet with and Accent: Crafting Culture in Kyrgyzstan ellison
03/04/13 Putin presidency a year after the elections ellison
03/03/13 Pentecost ellison
03/01/13 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Abdildajan Akmataliyev ellison
02/28/13 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Qazaqstan Jazushïlarï: Thursday XX G’asïr. Anïqtamalïq (Writers of Kazakhstan. 20th Century. A Reference Book). Almati: Ana Tili, 2004. ellison
02/28/13 Pentecost post-show presentation (CANCELED) ellison
02/28/13 Economic modernization and the growth of political opposition in Russia ellison
02/26/13 Book Reading and Signing: Baltic Facades: Latvia and Lithuania Since 1945 ellison
02/23/13 Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948 ellison
02/22/13 Recent Publications on/in Central/Inner Asia: The Silk Road. An Friday Annual on-Line Journal. Published by the Silkroad Foundation. The Journal’s founder and editor is Professor Emeritus Daniel C. Waugh, University of Washington, Seattle ellison
02/15/13 FIUTS CulturalFest ellison
02/15/13 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
02/15/13 Peace, Order, and Security: The Political Life of Chinggis Khan ellison
02/14/13 A Death Transformed: The Political and Social Consequences of Romas Kalanta's Self-Immolation, Soviet Lithuania, May 1972 ellison
02/12/13 Remembering the Holocaust in Lithuania ellison
02/10/13 Celebration of Slovene Cultural Day ellison
02/10/13 The Seagull ellison
02/08/13 National, Regional and Global Dimensions of the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones in Central Asia and Mongolia ellison
02/07/13 History Unfolding: Sajudis and Lithuania’s Independence Movement, 1987-1991 ellison
02/07/13 What Tajikistan Teaches Us about Syria ellison,mideast
02/07/13 Kyrgyzstan -- A Former Soviet Republic Struggling for its Identity Among Giants: Russia, China, Kazakhstan and the United States ellison
02/05/13 New Perspectives on Antanas Smetona and the History of Lithuania ellison
02/01/13 A Visual Tour of Tashkent ellison
01/31/13 Seattle in Uzbek Literature ellison
01/29/13 Challenges and Opportunities for Peace and Security in the Black Sea Region ellison
01/25/13 Highlights of the Activities of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association ellison
01/24/13 Memories of Tashkent May 1972 and the Start of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Relationship ellison
01/18/13 Central Asian Seminar Welcome ellison
01/17/13 Jazz on the Cover ellison
01/16/13 Education without Borders: Transforming Learning for the 21st Century eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
01/11/13 Nostalgia, Periodization, and Political Demobilization: Rock'n Roll in the SFRJ ellison
01/10/13 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Qazaqstan Jazushiari ellison
01/10/13 Recent Publications on/in Central/inner Asia: The Silk Road. An Annual On-Line Journal ellison
12/11/12 Role of Islam in Post-Communist Central Asia ellison
12/03/12 Choosing Methadone: Managing Addiction and the Body Politic in Post-Soviet Ukraine ellison
12/03/12 Islam and Politics in Central Asia ellison
11/29/12 Household and gender roles in 19th century Central Europe ellison
11/29/12 Recent Publication in/on Uzbekistan: Naim Karimov, 20 Asr Adabiyoti Manzaralari. Birinchi Kitob (Views of 20th Century (Uzbek) Literature. First Book). Tashkent: 'O'zbekiston,' 2008." ellison
11/26/12 Subjective Well-being and Human agency in Transition vs. Non-transition countries: Case of Ukraine ellison
11/19/12 Strategic Triangularity in Northeast Asia: Implication for US-Russian Relations ellison
11/16/12 Recent Publication on/in Kyrgyzstan: Aygul Bakeyeva, ed. 7- Aprel’ Kaarmandarï (The Heroes of April 7), Bishkek: Biyiktik, 2010 ellison
11/15/12 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Türkistan Ualayatïnïñ Gazeti 1870-1882 (Newspaper of the Turkistan Province) published by the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almatï: ‘Gïlïm’, 2003.” ellison
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/11/12 Latvian Christmas Bazaar ellison
11/09/12 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Discussion of the latest issues of the Zentralasien Analysen, Forschungsstelle Osteuropa, Universitat Bremen (Central Asian Analyses, published by the Research Center for East European Studies, University of Bremen)" ellison
11/08/12 From great expectations to humdrum reality: Eastern Europe's disappointments with post-communism ellison
11/02/12 The Collapse of Soviet Deterrence Theory, 1979-1989 ellison
11/02/12 The Collapse of Soviet Deterrence Theory, 1979-1989 ellison,isp
11/02/12 The Role of Central Asian the International Arena of post-Soviet Era ellison
11/01/12 Snapshots of Western Military Operations in Afghanistan ellison
10/27/12 St. Martin's Eve - Baltic Program Benefit ellison
10/26/12 The Other Dream Team ellison
10/26/12 Documentary: "The 1000th Anniversary of the Kyrgyz National Epic Manas (1995) with Excerpts from the Epos" ellison
10/25/12 What one needs to know about Kyrgyzstan ellison
10/23/12 The Georgian Elections: Power, People and the Polls ellison
10/22/12 Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy ellison
10/21/12 Sretensky Monastery Choir ellison
10/21/12 Seattle Polish Film Festival ellison
10/19/12 The Tibetan Bardic Tradition of King Gesar of Ling ellison
10/18/12 A New Foreign Policy Agenda for the President after the Election ellison
10/18/12 Turkic-Speaking Students in Xinjiang under the Impact of Global English and China's Language Policies: Some Preliminary Findings and Analyses ellison
10/15/12 The Myth of Khazar Conversion ellison
10/14/12 Taste of Old Russia - Annual Bazaar & Celebration of Russian Food & Culture ellison
10/12/12 Soviet Language Policies in the Central Asian Turkic Regions: An Overview ellison
10/12/12 Lecture series on Byzantine History by Dimitris Tsougarakis cwes,ellison,euc,hellenic
10/11/12 Competition Between Regional Powers in Central Asia ellison
10/02/12 The Films of Miloš Forman: Goya's Ghosts ellison
09/30/12 Polish Festival, Celebrating Polish culture and traditions ellison
09/25/12 The Films of Miloš Forman: Man on the Moon ellison
09/20/12 Eleni in Concert ellison
09/18/12 The Films of Miloš Forman: Amadeus ellison
09/18/12 Russia: WTO Benefits to US Companies, Eurasia and Europe: Removing Market Access Barriers ellison
09/16/12 River Ice ellison
09/15/12 Polish Bazaar in Lacey, WA ellison
09/11/12 The Films of Miloš Forman: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ellison
09/09/12 Harvest Festival ellison
09/09/12 Mägi Ensemble Inaugural Concert Weekend ellison
09/04/12 The Films of Miloš Forman: Loves of a Blonde ellison
08/31/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
08/28/12 Documentary: Miloš Forman: What Doesn’t Kill You… ellison
08/24/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
08/17/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers Long-timer's Party ellison
08/10/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
08/03/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers with LIVE Music ellison
07/29/12 Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association Picnic ellison
07/29/12 SGSCA Picnic at the Lincoln Park ellison
07/27/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
07/20/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
07/15/12 Meet the Author: Karolina Waclawiak at Elliot Bay Book Co. ellison
07/15/12 All Nations Cup ellison
07/13/12 Movie: Elena ellison
07/13/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
07/06/12 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
07/05/12 Poetry reading ellison
06/30/12 Slavic Festival ellison
06/30/12 Polish Book Club Meeting ellison
06/23/12 International Dance at the J. F. Kennedy High School in Burien ellison
06/21/12 Jan Švankmajer: The Surreal Puppet Poet ellison
06/21/12 Polish Consul visits Seattle at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
06/17/12 Movie: "Possession" ellison
06/02/12 Movie Daas by Adrian Panek at SIFF ellison
05/31/12 A Tribute to Josef Škvorecký – Rhythm on My Heels ellison
05/31/12 Protecting Property: Patronage Politics & Bazaars in Central Asia ellison
05/27/12 Northwest Folklife Festival:"Dances of the Baltic Sea" ellison
05/26/12 Georgian Independence Day celebration ellison
05/25/12 Balkan Dance Lessons: Vassil & Maria Bebelekov ellison
05/25/12 Book Review: Recent Publication on/in Uzbekistan: Sobir Mirvaliev: Uzbek Writers 20 th Century Uzbek Literature) ellison
05/24/12 Book Review: “Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: K. Jusupov, ed, Uluu Manaschi Sagimbay (The Great Singer of Manas Sagimbay). Bishkek: “Alatoo”. 1992.” ellison
05/23/12 Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin ellison
05/21/12 Revolutionary Aftermaths: Post-Soviet Lessons for the Arab Spring ellison
05/19/12 VII Annual Baltic Rights of Spring: A joint performance with local Estonian and Lithuanian folk dance groups. ellison
05/19/12 "27th Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium: ”Spiritual Ecology among Mongols, Central Asian Turks, Native Americans and other so-called Indigenous Peoples” ellison
05/17/12 Book Review: “Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Toqtar Beyisqulov. Qilï Zaman Azabï (The Agony of a Difficult Time). Almati: G’alïm. 2003” ellison
05/16/12 Connecting Europe: Opportunities in Bulgaria -- Keynote by President Rosen Plevneliev ellison
05/12/12 Spring performances by Latvian folk dance group Trejdeksnitis ellison
05/11/12 Balkan Party Dance Lessons: Jana Rickel ellison
05/09/12 Europe Day Lecture: Where Europe Ends cwes,ellison,euc
05/08/12 Perpetrators and Victims ellison
05/05/12 Annual Pierogi Fest at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
05/05/12 Macedonian and Bulgarian folk songs at Café Paloma ellison
05/04/12 Balkan Dance Lessons: Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
05/04/12 Book Review: "Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Zentralasien-Analysen Friday (Central Asian Analyses), published by the Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universitat Bremen, Germany. " ellison
05/03/12 “Some Ideas on the Concept of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Mongolia” ellison
05/02/12 Newspaper in Education Teacher Workshop presents Islam in Asia: Peoples, Practices, Traditions eacenter,ellison,seac,soasia
04/29/12 Mountain Climbing Presentation at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
04/26/12 Cabaret Rak and the VOX group at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
04/26/12 "Archival Research on Central Asian Muslims Studying at the Madrasas in Ufa and Kazan in the Late 19th- Early 20th Centuries" ellison
04/23/12 "Why Lyrics Last: Evolution, Cognition, and Shakespeare's Sonnets" ellison
04/21/12 "18th Annual Northwest Regional Conference for Russian, East Saturday European and Central Asian Studies” ellison
04/21/12 REECAS 18th Annual NW Academic Conference: Divergent Paths: Social, Cultural and Political Developments in Russia, East Europe and Central Asia ellison
04/20/12 “Perspectives of Turkmenistan’s Higher Education Practices” ellison
04/19/12 “Parents and Patronage: Family and State for Study Abroad from Kazakhstan” ellison
04/14/12 Celebrate the Return of Spring with Traditions of Macedonia, featuring Dragi Spasovski ellison
04/13/12 Meet the Author: E. Sniezkowska-Bielak at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
04/13/12 "Reflections on an International Conference on Education in Tashkent, February 17-18, 2012” ellison
04/12/12 “25 Years of Continuous Weekly Seminars on Central/Inner Asian Studies” ellison
04/04/12 US-Russian Relations: A Brown Bag with Angela Stent ellison
04/03/12 Is the Reset Over? US-Russian Relations after the Presidential Elections ellison
03/31/12 Three Piano Concerts by Anton Batagov: works by J.S. Bach, Debussy, Philip Glass and Batagov ellison
03/31/12 Spring Bazaar at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
03/31/12 18th Biennial Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literature, and Folklore ellison
03/30/12 Three Piano Concerts by Anton Batagov: works by J.S. Bach, Debussy, Philip Glass and Batagov ellison
03/29/12 Three Piano Concerts by Anton Batagov: works by J.S. Bach, Debussy, Philip Glass and Batagov ellison
03/24/12 Navruz Central Asian New Year ellison
03/20/12 Seattle Asian Art Museum: Colors of the Oasis Central Asian Ikats ellison
03/15/12 Film: In Darkness ellison
03/13/12 Meeting with HE Ilhom Nematov Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the US ellison
03/10/12 First Annual Balkan Night Northwest ellison
03/03/12 ANAR Cultural Evening focus on Bulgaria ellison
03/02/12 Ethnic Heritage Council 31th Annual Awards Dinner ellison
03/01/12 Book Review: Ulug’ Saltanat. Tarixiy Roman (The Great State. A Historical Novel. ellison
02/29/12 An Investigation of Estonian Humor: "Orav and Meri" ellison
02/28/12 Museumification of the Soviet Past ellison
02/28/12 The Yana RHS, Arctic Siberia: An Overview of the Excavations and Fieldwork in the Vicinity of the Site (2002-2011) ellison
02/28/12 Pop Group Czerwone Gitary at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
02/27/12 Europe and Russia in the 21st Century ellison
02/27/12 Estonian Foreign Policy Since 1991: Small Country in the Big World ellison
02/26/12 Agata Zubel in "Icebreaker VI" ellison
02/25/12 Polish Book Club Meeting at the Green Lake Library ellison
02/24/12 Book Review: Buudaybek Sabïr uulu. El Shayïrlarï. (People’s Poets). ellison
02/23/12 Queer Sexuality in the images of Soviet and Post-Soviet popular culture ellison
02/23/12 Book Review: Jïr arqauï- Maxambet (The Power of the Song –Maxambet ) ellison
02/17/12 Book Review: The Secret History of the Mongolian Queens. How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire ellison
02/12/12 Winter Nights 2012 featuring the Prima Trio ellison
02/10/12 Discussions on Spiritual Ecology: What can we learn from the spiritual relationship with nature which still exists among Mongols, Central Asian Turks, Native Americans and other so-called indigenous Peoples?” ellison
02/08/12 Health and the Health System in Russia ellison
02/05/12 Slovene Culture Day ellison
02/03/12 Negotiating Policy & Identity in Uyghur China ellison
02/02/12 The Role of the jighit beshi in the Uighur Community of Kazakhstan: Tradition and Innovation ellison
01/27/12 Azerbaijani Mugham: On Tar (Lute) and Kamanche (Fiddle) ellison,mideast
01/27/12 The Uzbek Poet and Writer Muhammad Ali Akhmedov (1942- ): His Life and Work ellison
01/27/12 Balkan Dance Lessons: Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
01/26/12 The Youth Movement "OL!" (BE!) and the "Free Thought University" in Azerbaijan ellison
01/24/12 A Russian Jew of Bloomsbury: The Life and Times of Samuel Koteliansky ellison
01/20/12 Perspectives of Turkmenistan’s Higher Education Practices ellison
01/20/12 ANAR Cultural Evening focus on Georgia ellison
01/19/12 A Visual Tour of Turkmenistan ellison
01/19/12 Recent Developments in Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking: Facts, Myths, Challenges ellison
01/17/12 From Telegraph to Twitter: Arms Control Diplomacy in the Information Age ellison
01/17/12 Rebuilding the Past: Memorials and Memory Politics in the former Yugoslavia ellison
01/13/12 Is this the end of men's world in Poland? ellison
01/13/12 Balkan Dance Lessons: Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
01/12/12 Poland: A New Growth Pole In Europe ellison
01/11/12 Prof. Robert Faggen, Claremont McKenna College Lecture: Milosz and the American Poets He Loved. . . and Hated ellison
01/09/12 Tourism and Current Issues in Central Asia ellison
01/09/12 Discovering the Treasures of Old Silk Road: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva ellison
01/08/12 Christmas Wafer Sharing and Carols at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
01/06/12 Public Opinion Surveys: Sample Design and Fieldwork in the Republic of Georgia ellison
01/06/12 Balkan Dance Lessons: Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
01/02/12 The Role of the jighit beshi in the Uighur Community of Kazakhstan: Tradition and Innovation ellison
12/31/11 New Years Eve Party at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
12/18/11 Concert of Ukrainian Festal and Sacred Music: Carol of the Bells ellison
12/17/11 Evening of Sevdah ellison
12/16/11 Maria Sklodowska-Curie Exhibition at the University of Washington ellison
12/10/11 Dunava Women's Choir Concert ellison
12/04/11 Seattle St. Nicolas Party- Mikolajki ellison
12/03/11 Bellevue St. Nicolas Party- Mikolajki ellison
12/02/11 "Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Ozod Sharafiddinov. Domlar (My Teachers).Tashkent: Ma'naviyat, 2009." ellison
12/02/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: Recent Publication in/on Uzbekistan: Ozod Sharafiddinov, Domlalar (Teachers). Tashkent: Ma’naviyat, 2009. ellison
12/01/11 "Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Buudaybek Sabir uulu. Jomokchular jana Jomoktor (Story Tellers and Stories) Bishkek: Turar basmasi, 2006" ellison
12/01/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Buudaybek Sabir uulu, ] Jomokchular jana Jomoktor (Story Tellers and Stories). Bishkelk:Turar basmasi, 2006. ellison
11/26/11 St. Andrew's Night Party / Andrzejki ellison
11/19/11 REECAS Alumni Event (Washington DC) ellison
11/19/11 Polish Cabaret: "A Moze" ellison
11/18/11 Latvia: Dilemmas of Change Twenty Years after the End of USSR ellison
11/18/11 Seattle Balkan Dancers: Bonaca and Orkestar Zirkonium ellison
11/18/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Qanatbay Eleusizulï. Adamnïñ Suñqarï (The Falcon of Man), Almati: Jazushï, 2001.” ellison
11/17/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: A Look at Online Journals on Central Asia" ellison
11/14/11 The Polish Presidency of the EU: Implications for Europe & Transatlantic Relations cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/14/11 The Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Implications for Europe and Transatlantic Relations cwes,ellison
11/13/11 Poland’s Independence Day celebration in Seattle ellison
11/13/11 Seattle Polish Film Festival at the SIFF Cinema at the Uptown ellison
11/13/11 Russian Bazaar ellison
11/11/11 ANAR Cultural Evening focus on Uzbekistan ellison
11/10/11 The Initiation of Emergency Medical Priority System Dispatch-Protocol System ellison
11/09/11 Composer Spotlight: JAROSLAW KAPUSCINSKI Composing Juicy Intermedia: Where Is Chopin? ellison
11/08/11 Theodosil Spassov: Solo Concert of World-Acclaimed Bulgarian Virtuoso ellison
11/08/11 Charge of the Pink Brigade: Women’s Resistance to Patriarchy in Today’s Ukraine ellison
11/06/11 Fall Bazaar at the Polish Home / PCC ellison
11/04/11 Homeless in the World: War, Narrative, and Historical Consciousness in Eileen Chang, Gyorgy Lukacs and Lev Tolstoy ellison
11/04/11 Seattle Balkan Dancers: Balkan Line Dancing ellison
11/04/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: "Opportunities and Environmental Challenges of the Mining Industry in Mongolia" ellison
11/03/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: "The Impacts of a Warming Climate and Changing Land Use on Aquatic Ecosystems in Mongolia” ellison
11/02/11 Natural and Cultural History of the Kuril Archipelago ellison
11/01/11 Book Talk: The Communist Experience in the Twentieth Century ellison
11/01/11 2011 MASTER TEACHER WORKSHOP SERIES Europe’s Muslim Populations: Historical Context and Current Challenges from East to West cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
10/28/11 Film: "Goodbye, Till Tomorrow/Do widzenia, do jutra" ellison
10/28/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: Spiritual Ecology in Contemporary Mongolian Literature ellison
10/28/11 Voices & Images From Bulgaria ellison
10/28/11 Bulgarika band performance ellison
10/26/11 Poetic Spectacle Ciemna milosc wlasna ellison
10/25/11 Jacek Stachursky Show at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
10/25/11 Doing Business in Russia ellison
10/21/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: “Universities in Kazakhstan: A Students’ Perspective” ellison
10/21/11 Croatian Dance lessons ellison
10/20/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: “Turkey and Central Asia: Turkish Educational Institutions in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan” ellison
10/19/11 Film: East Bloc Love ellison
10/17/11 Tomas Sedlacek: Who Does an Economy Serve? ellison
10/17/11 Why Mongolia Matters eacenter,ellison,igrss,soasia
10/15/11 Tomas Sedlacek: Economics of Good and Evil: A Czech Perspective ellison
10/15/11 From The Depth of Eternity: The Music of Thomas De Hartmann ellison
10/14/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: "Uzbekistan and Germany" ellison
10/14/11 SILENT SOULS (Ovsyanki) ellison
10/14/11 Seattle Balkan Dancers ellison
10/13/11 Central Inner Asian Studies Seminar: “A Visual Tribute to Two Sister Cities: Paintings that Link Seattle and Tashkent” ellison
10/10/11 How the World has Changed Since 9/11 ellison
10/02/11 St. Spiridon Annual Bazaar ellison
10/01/11 Balkan Band: Kafana Republik ellison
09/25/11 Alisa Lahti Art Show Opening at Gilmartin Gallery ellison
09/25/11 Esma Redzepova ellison
09/18/11 Salon of Poetry Presents Peace Through Art at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
09/14/11 Meeting with St. Michalkiewicz ellison
09/13/11 Jerzy Skolimowski Retrospective at the Northwest Film Forum ellison
09/12/11 Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Seattle ellison
09/12/11 Building Ties Between Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine and Washington State ellison
09/07/11 Registration & Open House at the Polish School in Bellevue ellison
09/03/11 Slavic Cultural Festival ellison
08/28/11 SGSCA picnic at the Woodland Park ellison
08/27/11 Celebration of Ukraine's 20th Year of Independence ellison
07/25/11 Polish Presidency in the EU: Opportunities for the Pacific Northwest ellison
07/11/11 Art: Performance / Art ellison
06/29/11 Post-soviet European countries after 20 years of independence: same past, different destinies ellison
06/29/11 Music: Makendonski Biseri ellison
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/25/11 Dance: International Dance at the J. F. Kennedy High School ellison
06/25/11 Dance: Young Polanie ellison
06/22/11 Polish Film Club: Big Brawl (aka Big Bust) / Wielka wsypa ellison
06/18/11 Music: Song and Dance of Russian Gypsies at the Central Library ellison
06/18/11 Music: Cabaret Kropka nad i ellison
06/15/11 Music: Piotr Kosinski in Concert ellison
06/12/11 Film: Seattle International Film Festival ellison
06/07/11 Workshop: The Current Studies of Russia and Eastern Europe in China ellison
06/06/11 Lecture: Coping with the dissonant heritage in the planned Soviet towns: Visiaginas, Nowa Huta, Tychy, Eisenhuttenstadt ellison
06/03/11 Music: Bulgarian Accordion Legend Petar Ralchev and his Quartet ellison
06/03/11 Music: Petar Ralchev Quartet ellison
06/02/11 Film: My Perestroika ellison
06/01/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
05/31/11 Film: Silent Sonata ellison
05/31/11 Czech Table ellison
05/30/11 Film: Silent Sonata ellison
05/30/11 Russian Table ellison
05/28/11 Music: VOLYA Performs Belarusian Folk Songs ellison
05/28/11 Music: onefourfive, Georgian a Capella Choir ellison
05/26/11 3rd Annual UW Interdisciplinary Student Conference: Near and Middle East Studies ellison
05/26/11 Film: The Battleship Potemkin ellison
05/25/11 The US-Eastern European Partnership ellison
05/25/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
05/23/11 Music: Oleg Medvedev ellison
05/23/11 Russian Table ellison
05/22/11 Music: Russian Bards and Poets ellison
05/19/11 Auschwitz and the Politics of Memory in Communist Poland ellison,jewish
05/18/11 Film: Oskar ellison
05/18/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
05/17/11 Film: Mongol ellison
05/17/11 Czech Table ellison
05/16/11 Russian Table ellison
05/15/11 Lecture: The Wreck of the Sv. Nikolai ellison
05/14/11 Spring Dance Party at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
05/12/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Songs of Lamentation Among the Turkic Peoples of Central Asia ellison
05/11/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
05/11/11 Roundtable: Turkish-Armenian Relations and Recent Developments in the Region ellison
05/09/11 Azerbaijan Today: politics, identity, education and energy ellison
05/09/11 Russian Table ellison
05/07/11 Conference: Enough is (Not) Enough: Excess in German Literature and Culture ellison
05/07/11 Comedy Show: Club of the Funny and Inventive ellison
05/07/11 Music: Seattle-based band ALCHYMEIA Perform Celtic Eastern European fusion with a little French cabaret and some Cajun spices ellison
05/07/11 23rd Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Central/Inner Asian Studies ellison
05/05/11 Talk: Russian Women on Family, Work, and Sex Issues ellison
05/05/11 Lecture: Expanding the Imagination ellison
05/04/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
05/04/11 Lecture: Can the EU get its Financial House in Order? cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
05/03/11 Czech Table ellison
05/03/11 Center for Czech Education and Culture Reception ellison
05/03/11 Global Focus Lecture Series: Health Sector Reform in Russia: Panacea or Placebo? ellison
05/02/11 Russian Table ellison
04/29/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Environmental Activism in Uzbekistan Since Independence ellison
04/28/11 Global Leadership Series: Meeting the Cybersecurity Challenge with General Michael Hayden ellison
04/28/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Aqan Seri (1843-1913) ellison
04/27/11 Scott Radnitz Book Launch: Weapons of the Wealthy: Predatory Regimes and Elite-Led Protests in Central Asia ellison
04/26/11 Film: The Last Survivor ellison
04/25/11 Russian Table ellison
04/24/11 Music: Alash Ensemble at The Triple Door ellison
04/22/11 Dance: Bonaca and Balkanarama ellison
04/21/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: The Appearance of a new Type of Oral Poets/Singers in the Kazakh Steppe in the 19th Century ellison
04/20/11 Ukrainian Table ellison
04/20/11 Polish Film Club: Documentaries by Marcel Lozinski ellison
04/19/11 Czech Table ellison
04/18/11 Russian Table ellison
04/16/11 Spring Bazaar at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
04/16/11 17th Annual REECAS-NW Conference ellison
04/16/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Creating Community Solutions to Rural Issues in Central Asia ellison
04/16/11 Seventeenth Annual Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Northwest Conference ellison
04/14/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Azerbaijan – A Complex Blend of East and West ellison
04/11/11 Regional Dynamics in Eurasia: a view from Azerbaijan ellison
04/11/11 Night of Russian and Polish Poetry at the University Branch Library ellison
04/09/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Struggles of Central Asia Since Independence ellison
04/08/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Welcome to the Spring Quarter Program! ellison
04/08/11 Workshop: Ukrainian Egg Painting ellison
04/07/11 Got It Covered? Meet Seattle's New Wave of International Journalism ellison
04/02/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Women's Work in Central Asia: Past and Present ellison
04/01/11 Music: Kafana Club ellison
03/28/11 Talk: Two Short Lectures on Mongolian Archaeology ellison
03/28/11 Networking Reception and Discussion: Chernobyl 25 Years Later: Lessons Learned? ellison
03/26/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Colorful Ikat Textile Design and Central Asian Aesthetics ellison
03/23/11 CANCELED: Transformation of the Ukraine Economy and Opportunities for US Business ellison
03/19/11 Navruz Celebration ellison
03/19/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Central Asian Nomads Today: Musical Storytelling ellison
03/12/11 Concert: "Fate, Like a Legend": Celebration of the Birth of Taras Shevchenko ellison
03/12/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Religious Pluralism of Central Asia ellison
03/05/11 Eastern European a cappella ellison
03/05/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Crafting Culture in Soviet Central Asia: Writers, Actors and Ordinary People ellison
03/04/11 World Languages Day ellison
03/04/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Recent Publication in/on Uzbekistan: Pirimqul Qodirov. Til va El. Temuriylar davridagi Mumtoz adabiy tilimiz muammolari (Language and People. Issues of our classical literary language during the Timurid period). G'afur G'ulom Publisher: Tashkent, 2005." ellison
03/04/11 Zhivago's Children: The Russian Intelligencia after Stalin ellison
03/03/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Aygul Bakeyeva, ed. 7-aprel' kaarmandari (The Heroes of April 7). Biyiktik: Bishkek, 2010." ellison
03/02/11 Talk: Modern Kyrgyz Girls: Soviet Actresses and National Heroines ellison
03/01/11 Talk: Sex on the Move ellison
02/27/11 Maslenitsa ellison
02/26/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: The Silk Roads: Central Asia in the Wider World ellison
02/25/11 Symposium: Global Law and Its Exceptions: Globalization, Legal Transplants, Local Reception and Resistance ellison
02/25/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Recent Publications in/on Kazakhstan: Roza Spanova. Biz Biletin Jeltoqsan. Estelik Esse (The Demonstrations in December 1986 (Jeltoqsan) We Know. Notes of remembrance). Jalïn Baspasï: Alma Ata, 2000. ellison
02/24/11 Polish Cooking Class ellison
02/24/11 Film: Rabbit a la Berlin ellison
02/24/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: R. Charles Weller. Rethinking Kazakh and Central Asian Nationhood. A Challenge to Prevailing Western Views. Asia Research Associates: Los Angeles, 2006." ellison
02/24/11 Remembered But Not Commemorated: Russian Political Elites on the Anti-Communist Revolution ellison
02/22/11 REECAS Alumnus Jason Jarrell on Life after REECAS ellison
02/20/11 RCMFS "Winter Nights" Concert ellison
02/20/11 Fourth Annual Winter Nights Concert ellison
02/19/11 Saturday University Lecture Series: Central Asia: Land and Peoples ellison
02/17/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Chilik: A View from a Kazakh Village" ellison
02/16/11 Talk: The Specter of "Godless Jewry": Secularism and the "Jewish Question" in Late 19th-Century Germany ellison
02/15/11 Lecture: The Rurik Expedition: Cycles of Accumulation in Russian Overseas Exploration, 1815-1818 ellison
02/11/11 Global Health Seminar: Central Asia ellison
02/11/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Round Table Discussion: Representatives of Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek Youth Reflect on their Countries' Nearly 20 Years of Independence" ellison
02/10/11 Exhibit: Eastern European Costumes and Textiles at the Henry Art Gallery ellison
02/10/11 Treadgold Memorial Lecture: Red Autobiographies ellison
02/10/11 The Energy Challenge of East-Central Europe ellison
02/08/11 Holocaust, Armageddon, and the Clash of Civilizations alumni,ellison,humsec,jackson,jewish,religion
02/05/11 Slovenian Cultural Day ellison
02/04/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Musical Performances in Kyrgyzstan From Pre-Soviet Times to the Present" ellison
02/03/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Uzbek & Kazakh Prose Literature Since Independence" ellison
01/31/11 The Conference Room Gallery Presents: "The Caucasus Mountain Range" ellison
01/28/11 Lecture: Reinvention of Urban Prose: Anthology Twelve in the Context of Contemporary Lviv" ellison
01/28/11 Balkan Dance Event ellison
01/28/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Kyrgyz Literature Since Independence" ellison
01/27/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Current State of Farming in Kyrgyzstan and Perspectives of Development" ellison
01/26/11 Talk: If Wikileaks existed in the 1930s: the view from the US Embassy in Latvia ellison
01/21/11 Lecture: "Pickleherring, the Prodigal Son, and the Prince of India: Theater and Performed Entertainment in Russia (late 17th-early 18th century)" ellison
01/21/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "EU Neighborhood Initiatives and Energy Governance in Azerbaijan" ellison
01/20/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "The Uighur New Literature in the Post-Mao Era" ellison
01/20/11 Chopin - Mortal Man, Immortal Genius ellison
01/19/11 Movie: "The Hourglass Sanatorium" ellison
01/14/11 Central Asian Studies Seminar: Welcome to the Winter Quarter Program! ellison
01/11/11 Prose and Poetry Rounds ellison
01/07/11 Rodnoi Ugolok Movie Night: Piter FM ellison
01/04/11 Exhibit: Publishing in Exile: German Language Literature in the US 1940s ellison
01/02/11 Christmas wafer sharing and carols at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
12/31/10 New Year’s Eve party at the Polish Cultural Center ellison
12/31/10 Russian New Years at the Russian Community Center ellison
12/18/10 Exhibition: Suitcase ellison
12/18/10 Evening of Sevdah: the love songs of Bosnia and Herzegovina ellison
12/14/10 Russian Circus ellison
12/12/10 Koliada: A Celebration of Ukrainian Christmas ellison
12/10/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
12/09/10 Screening of "Irony of Fate" (Ironiya Sud'by) ellison
12/08/10 Paper cutting workshop at the Polish Home ellison
12/07/10 Nuclear Central Asia ellison
12/07/10 Czech Table ellison
12/06/10 Russian Language Table ellison
12/05/10 Alexander Ardakov piano recital ellison
12/04/10 Tchaikovsky's "Queen of Spades" performance ellison
12/03/10 Performance of Jiří Pauer's Concerto for Bassoon ellison
12/03/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
12/02/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Primqul Qodirov, Ona Lochin Vidosi . Tarixiy roman (The Departure (Death) of the Mother Falcon. A Historical Novel). Sharq Nashriyoti: Tashkent, 2001” computing,ellison
11/29/10 Russian Language Table ellison
11/26/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
11/23/10 Dead Kings and National Myths: Why myths of founding and martyrdom are important cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/23/10 Czech Table ellison
11/22/10 Russian Language Table ellison
11/22/10 The “Other” Europeans: The Semiotic Imperative of Style in Euro Visions by Magnum Photos ellison
11/21/10 Jas & Malgosia ellison
11/19/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
11/19/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publication on/in Kyrgyzstan: Roza Aytmatova, Tarixtin Aktay Baraktari. Menin Eskerüülörüm. (White Pages of History. My Memories). Biyniktik : Bishkek, 2007" computing,ellison
11/18/10 Student discussion with Ambassador Steven Pifer on new START treaty ellison
11/18/10 Ambassador Steven Pifer talk: "Twenty-One Months of Reset: Where it’s Working; the Challenges that Remain" ellison
11/18/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publications in/on Kazakhstan: Ibïray (Ibrahïm) Altïnsarïn (1841-1889), Qazaq Xrestomatiyasï (Kazakh Anthology), first published in 1879, republished: “Bilim”: Almaty, 2003" computing,ellison
11/18/10 Arms Control Negotiations ellison
11/17/10 Movie The Wedding at the Film Club meeting ellison
11/17/10 Basia Trzetrzelewska at the Moore Theatre ellison
11/17/10 Paper cutting workshop at the Polish Home ellison
11/17/10 Basia ellison
11/16/10 Elena Agarkova: "Lake Baikal, Siberia: Will industrial development destroy the world's largest, cleanest lake?" ellison
11/16/10 Eastern European - American Chamber of Commerce First Anniversary ellison
11/15/10 Russian Language Table ellison
11/15/10 Panel Discussion: Civic Society and Independent Media in Central Europe: 30 Years of the Solidarity Movement in Poland ellison
11/14/10 Poland’s Independence Day celebration at the Polish Home ellison
11/14/10 People from Baku – Special Issue ellison
11/14/10 Israel, Russia and America. View from abroad ellison
11/14/10 Polish Film Festival: Copernicus Star ellison
11/14/10 Polish Film Festival: A Simple Love Story ellison
11/14/10 Polish Film Festival: War of Love ellison
11/14/10 Polish Film Festival: After.Life ellison
11/14/10 Polish Film Festival: All That I Love ellison
11/13/10 Polish Film Festival: A Woman Who Desired a Man ellison
11/13/10 Polish Film Festival: Never Say Never ellison
11/12/10 Keren Yarhi-Milo: "Leaders, Intelligence, and Intentions" ellison
11/12/10 Slavic Soul Party! ellison
11/12/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
11/12/10 Polish Film Festival: The Lullaby ellison
11/12/10 Polish Film Festival: A Little Rose ellison
11/12/10 Benefit Balkan Dance for NW Folklife ellison
11/11/10 Tadeusz Drozda Cabaret ellison
11/11/10 Polish Film Festival: The Silence ellison
11/11/10 Polish Film Festival: Roman Polanski: Shorts with Live Music by SzaZa ellison
11/09/10 Czech Table ellison
11/07/10 50th Annual Fall Polish Bazaar ellison
11/07/10 Polish Film Festival: Lesser Evil ellison
11/07/10 Polish Film Festival: Laura ellison
11/07/10 Polish Film Festival: Belcanto ellison
11/07/10 Polish Film Festival: Holy Business ellison
11/07/10 Polish Film Festival: The Swing ellison
11/07/10 Vladimir Spivakov & Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra ellison
11/06/10 Polish Film Festival: Bronek's Ballad ellison
11/06/10 Polish Film Festival: Balcerowicz. All or Nothing. ellison
11/06/10 Polish Film Festival: Christopher ellison
11/06/10 Polish Film Festival: Enen: Case Unknown ellison
11/06/10 Polish Film Festival: Piggies ellison
11/05/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
11/05/10 Polish Film Festival: The Miracle Seller ellison
11/05/10 Polish Film Festival: Born of the sea ellison
11/05/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: David Lewis. The Temptations of Tyranny in Central Asia. New York: Columbia University Press. 2008” computing,ellison
11/04/10 Polish Film Festival: Wonderful Summer ellison
11/04/10 Polish Film Festival: Animated History of Poland ellison
11/04/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Libraries in Uzbekistan, the Former Soviet Union and in the US” computing,ellison
10/31/10 Travels in Siberia ellison
10/29/10 Central Asian Turkic Languages and Culture Circle ellison
10/29/10 Kremerata Baltica Concert ellison
10/29/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “The University of Washington's Engagement in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1961-2010" computing,ellison
10/28/10 HE Ilhomjon Nematov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to US ellison
10/28/10 Ordo Sakhna, Musical Theater from Kyrgystan ellison
10/28/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Tatar Resistance to Russian Assimilation” computing,ellison
10/28/10 In the Land of St. Nino: Gender, Narrative, and the Christianization of Medieval Georgia ellison
10/26/10 Czech Table ellison
10/23/10 Autumn Evenings Concert ellison
10/22/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: “Chinggis Khan (Mong. Chinggis Haan) in Contemporary Mongolian Poetry" computing,ellison
10/21/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Chinggis Khan (1162-1227): His Reign and Continued Presence in Central/Inner Asia" computing,ellison
10/16/10 A Night at the Opera with the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee and Aleksandra Kurzak ellison,jackson
10/15/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Impressions of Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz II: Kyrgyz Interpretations of the Ethnic Clashes in June 2010" computing,ellison
10/14/10 "Miss Sarajevo" screening and book signing Bill Carter with introduction by Imam Abdullah Polovina ellison
10/14/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar: "Impressions of Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz I: Kyrgyz Elders and the Youth" computing,ellison
10/14/10 Monks, Martyrs, and the Formation of Armenian Christian Tradition ellison
10/08/10 Central Asian Studies Seminar computing,ellison
10/06/10 CANCELED: Peculiarities of Russian Politics and Russian-American Relations ellison
10/02/10 Via Romen Concert ellison
10/02/10 Zedashe Ensemble ellison
10/01/10 Zedashe Ensemble Concert ellison
10/01/10 The Art of Freedom ellison
09/30/10 Zedashe Ensemble: Folk Dance Workshop ellison
09/30/10 Zedashe Ensemble: Georgian Singing Workshop ellison
09/26/10 Russian Center 2010 Bazaar ellison
08/11/10 Global Competence Institute ellison
06/02/10 Komiks: Comic Art in Russia - a Reading and Book Signing with Author Jose Alaniz ellison
06/02/10 Humphrey Fellow Speaker Series - Bolot Bazarbaev of Kyrgyzstan ellison
05/31/10 Protecting Property: Patronage Politics & Bazaars in Central Asia ellison
05/31/10 Volya: Belarussian Archaic Folk Songs ellison
05/28/10 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Selected Publications on Uzbek Oral Literature by the Alisher Navoiy Institute of Literature, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan ellison
05/27/10 "Roundtable: Unrest and Interim Government in Kyrgyzstan." ellison
05/26/10 Kosovo and Current Practices in its Public Sector ellison
05/24/10 "Harm is Not Intended": The Place of Visible Ethnic Minorities and Immigrants in the Latvian Identity Discourse ellison
05/21/10 The Ghost of Shakespeare in Szymborska ellison
05/21/10 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Publications by and on Muxtar Auezov (1897-1961), foremost Kazakh Writer and Scholar of Kazakh Oral Literature, especially of the epic traditions of the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz (Manas) ellison
05/20/10 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Navro’z, Navrïz, Nooruz (Beginning of Spring = New Year) in the Works of Central Asian Turkic Writers and Scholars (To’ra Mirzaev, Matyokub Qo’shjonov and Others) ellison
05/18/10 Market Economics and International Socialism from Belgrade to Chicago and Santiago ellison
05/18/10 Challenges and Opportunities for Human Rights in Russia (Global Focus Lecture Series) ellison,focus
05/15/10 Dracula's Shadow - The Real Story Behind the Romanian Revolution ellison
05/14/10 The Changing Past: An Analysis of Bukharian Jewish Identity in Central Asia ellison
05/14/10 Is Social Memory a 'Useful Category of Historical Analysis' for Russian (and other) Historians? ellison
05/12/10 The Donald Treadgold Memorial Lecture - “The Future of Disbelief: Religion and Secularization in Soviet Borderlands.” ellison
05/08/10 22nd Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Central/Inner Asian Studies: Environmental Issues in Central/Inner Asia ellison
05/06/10 The Jackson-Vanik Amendment 35 Years Later: Reflections on a Conference at the Kennan Institute ellison,humanrights,isp
05/05/10 Tuvan Throat-singing workshop ellison
04/30/10 Azerbaijan Today ellison
04/29/10 The Place of Music in Afghan Society ellison
04/23/10 "Poland and the Baltic Republics in the New Century -- a meeting with Dr. Steven Stoltenberg, US State Department" ellison
04/23/10 Building the Improbable: the Creation of the I.V. Savitsky Karakalpak State Museum in Nukus, Uzbekistan ellison
04/23/10 Baltic Animation Film Program at Seattle Art Museum ellison
04/22/10 Central Asian Turkic Heroic Epic Songs and Soviet Policies of Repression ellison
04/19/10 Latvian Fulbright Scholar Lecture: Ivar Ijab ellison
04/19/10 A New Start: The Obama-Medvedev Treaty on Reductions of Strategic Nulcear Forces ellison
04/17/10 16th Annual REECAS Northwest Academic Conference ellison
04/15/10 Changing Gender Roles and Relations in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan: Girls, Women and Grandmothers ellison
04/14/10 Return to Democracy or Constant Crisis? Polish Cinema after 1989 ellison
04/12/10 Lecture on Russian Witchcraft ellison
04/12/10 Book Talk - “The Prose of Life” ellison
04/11/10 Conversations with Pacific Northwest Ballet presents All Balanchine ellison
04/09/10 Welcome to the Spring Quarter Program Event ellison
04/02/10 The Ukrainian Time Machine ellison
04/02/10 Migration and the New Citizenship in the EU: What the Lisbon Treaty means for Europe ellison
03/27/10 Polish Book Club Meeting ellison
03/20/10 Annual Novruz Celebration advise,ellison
03/05/10 “The Central European Dimension of the Global Economic Crisis: Prospects for Recovery" ellison
03/05/10 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: ellison
03/04/10 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan ellison
03/03/10 Human Rights and Sovereign Democracy in Russia ellison
02/26/10 Recent Publication on/in Kazakhstan: Mirjaqip Dulatov. Oyan Qazaq! (Wake up, Kazakh!) ellison
02/25/10 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: “Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Historical Sources" ellison
02/18/10 Central Asian Turkic Historical Documents and their Application to Law Reforms in Central Asia ellison
02/12/10 Askar Akaev versus Kurmanbek Bakiev: Are the Kyrgyz Better Off? ellison
02/11/10 Afghanistan Forum II: The Role of Elders in Afghan Society ellison
02/11/10 MOVIE: Beshkempir ellison
02/05/10 Turkmenistan's Educational System and its Challenges ellison
02/05/10 Winter Nights Concert - Rachmaninov vs. Shostakovich ellison
02/04/10 Afghanistan Forum I: The Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Lingual Population of Afghanistan ellison
01/29/10 The Uzbeks of Afghanistan in Recent Western Scholarship ellison
01/28/10 Reinvention of Urban Prose: Anthology Twelve in the Context of Contemporary Lviv ellison
01/28/10 On Empire’s Edge: the Career of Mohan Lal as a Servant to the British Empire in Kashmir and Afghanistan ellison
01/28/10 MOVIE: Goodbye Lenin! cwes,ellison,euc
01/22/10 Construction and De-Construction of ‘Nations’ in Central Asia ellison
01/21/10 Climate Change and Water Resources in Central Asia ellison
01/21/10 The Pearl: Opera, Serf Theater, and Forbidden Love in Catherine the Great's Russia ellison
01/20/10 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: ellison
01/20/10 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: ellison
01/16/10 In the Solitude of Cotton Fields ellison
01/15/10 The Trouble with Russian Comics ellison
01/14/10 The Sun ellison
01/07/10 The Vanished Empire - a new film by Karen Shakhnarazov ellison
12/10/09 The Polish Poster - A Visual Metaphor ellison
12/10/09 Ideology and the Tragedy of East Central Europe in the 20th Century ellison,euc
12/04/09 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan ellison
12/03/09 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan ellison
12/03/09 Freedom on the Fence ellison,euc
11/20/09 Conference: Legacies of Unification: Twenty Years of German Unity ellison
11/20/09 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan ellison
11/20/09 21st Polish Film Festival in America ellison,euc
11/19/09 Keynote Address: Germany 1989: A new kind of revolution? ellison
11/19/09 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia ellison
11/19/09 Vladimir Pozner speaks at FRAEC's 20th Anniversary Event ellison
11/14/09 "New Life" a new expirement by Theatre Khameleon ellison
11/14/09 Tomaz Salamun with special guest Matthew Zapruder (poetry reading) ellison
11/12/09 Current Development and Medical Reform Projects Implemented by Nonprofit Agencies in Uzbekistan ellison
11/12/09 Film Screening: The Island (Russia) ellison
11/12/09 The Impact of the Mongol Empire on the Evolution of Russo-Asian Autocracy ellison
11/12/09 Why Accountability for Torture is Crucial for Human rights, Our Security, and Our Souls ellison
11/08/09 49th Annual Polish Fall Bazaar ellison,euc
11/06/09 The Afghanistan Legal Education Project of the School of Law, UW ellison
11/06/09 A Hidden Buddha: The Expression of Spirituality in Mongolian Literature During the Soviet Era ellison
11/02/09 Discussion with Hedrick Smith ellison
10/31/09 CONFERENCE - Crossroads of Asian Music and Poetry: China and Inner Asia/China and Southeast Asia china,eacenter,ellison,earc,seac
10/30/09 The Uzbek Short Story: a Mirror of Uzbek Life ellison
10/30/09 Xinjiang Workshop china,eacenter,ellison
10/30/09 CONCERT: Asian Musical Crossroads: China and Inner Asia/China and Southeast Asia china,eacenter,ellison,outreach,seac
10/30/09 Autumn Evenings RCMFS Fall Concert ellison
10/29/09 Kyrgyzstan's Bazaars: A New Picture of Economic, Cultural and Political Vitality in Central Asia ellison
10/29/09 Xinjiang: Behind the Violence ellison
10/29/09 Xinjiang: Behind the Violence china,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp
10/23/09 Kyrgyzstan's South: Impressions of Osh ellison
10/22/09 Report on the 10th Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) ellison
10/20/09 Playing French Seattle 2009 - Featuring the works of playwright Matei Visniec cwes,ellison,euc
10/19/09 Lecture: Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Collapse of the Communist Establishment cwes,ellison,euc,isp
10/18/09 TurkFest 2009 ellison
10/14/09 US-Russian Foreign Policy Discussion with Thomas Graham ellison
10/10/09 Dry Waters: The Soviet Union's Environmental Legacy in Central Asia ellison
10/04/09 CroatiaFest 2009 ellison
10/03/09 Chirgilchin (POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER) ellison
10/03/09 Meet the Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle Concert, Wine and Russian Pastries/Fundraising Event ellison
09/26/09 Russian Bazaar 2009 ellison
09/18/09 "Memory Work" and Collective Identity: New Perspectives on Societal Integration in Post-Sovet Estonia ellison
09/17/09 Georgian Music Workshop ellison
08/28/09 29th West Coast Estonian Days Song & Dance Festival ellison
08/20/09 The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Europe’s Evolution Since 1989: 2009 Summer Workshops for High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,ellison,euc,outreach
07/31/09 A Luncheon with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak ellison
07/29/09 FRAEC's 20th Anniversary Kick Off Event ellison
06/28/09 The Esoterics Celebrates the 100th Birthday of a Romanian Hero ellison
06/14/09 2009 Seattle International Film Festival ellison
06/05/09 Weekly Language Groups ellison
06/04/09 Commemorating the Polish Elections of June 1989: A Restrospective with Video, Discussion and Remembrances ellison
05/29/09 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: ellison
05/28/09 Meeting Kyrgyzstan's Food Security Challenge with Home Gardens ellison
05/28/09 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan ellison
05/22/09 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan ellison
05/22/09 Europe's Near Abroad: EU External Relations and the Future of the Black Sea Region cwes,ellison,euc
05/21/09 The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus cwes,ellison,euc
05/21/09 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Fifty-three Years of the Central Asiatic Journal Wiesbaden.” ellison
05/20/09 Showing of Polish Film: 'Katyn' ellison
05/19/09 A Special Evening with His Excellency, Valdis Zatlers ellison
05/18/09 Latvia: Ally and Partner in Europe ellison
05/17/09 Spring Opera: Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin ellison
05/16/09 Raven Chronicles: Translating Slovenian Lieterature ellison
05/15/09 River Basin Management and Hydropolitics in Central Asia ellison
05/13/09 Revanche ellison
05/13/09 Hotspots in our World Lecture Series China’s Far West: Identity, Administration, and Separatism in Xinjiang china,eacenter,ellison,earc
05/11/09 The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Centennial Events ellison
05/09/09 Victory Day Celebration ellison
05/09/09 Soldatskij Prival - Victory Day Celebration ellison
05/09/09 Mariusz Kwiecien in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro ellison
05/09/09 21th Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Inner/Central Asian Studies ellison
05/06/09 Discussion with HE Zamira Sydykova, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Repbulic ellison
05/04/09 Bosnia-Herzegovina: Between Dissolution and Reconciliation ellison
05/03/09 Crime and Punishment ellison
05/02/09 Base Boys Band's 2009 May Concert ellison
04/30/09 From the Central Asian Steppes to African-American Self ellison
04/30/09 The Gatekeepers of Christendom: Religious Politics and the Challenge of Islam in the New West cwes,ellison,euc
04/29/09 How public is our Republic (of Poland )? ellison
04/28/09 Music of Mongolia and South Africa ellison
04/24/09 Central Asian Turkic Poetry: An Overview ellison
04/23/09 Cold War Nostalgia: From Stalin World, Lithuania, to the International Spy Museum, D.C. ellison
04/23/09 Mongolian Poetry: An Overview ellison
04/23/09 Rethinking U.S.-Russia Relations ellison
04/22/09 Mongolian Language Group ellison
04/22/09 Russian Language Table ellison
04/20/09 The Donald Treadgold Memorial Lecture: Warning of Global Warming? The Intertwined Nature of Ecological, Cultural and Political Change in the Far East of Siberia ellison
04/18/09 CALL FOR PAPERS: 21th Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Inner/Central Asian Studies ellison
04/18/09 15th Annual REECAS-NW Conference: Ecological, Cultural and Political Change in Russia, East Europe and Central Asia cwes,ellison,euc
04/17/09 “Amir Temur’s Image in Uzbek Literature II: Poetry and Historical Novels ellison
04/16/09 "Amir Temur ‘s (1336-1404) Image in Uzbek Literature I: Epic Songs and Legends” ellison
04/16/09 In Tandem: Talks and Readings by Translators ellison
04/16/09 Nordic Influences in the Russian Language cwes,ellison,euc
04/15/09 The Russian Way and Russian Soul ellison
04/15/09 Russian Language Table ellison
04/15/09 The Logic of Regime Change in Post-Soviet Eurasia ellison
04/14/09 Cultural Identity in Southeastern Europe: Balancing the Global and the Local cwes,ellison,euc
04/11/09 Spring Is Here, and That Means it's Time to Sing! ellison
04/09/09 The International Community in Afghanistan : An Afghan Perspective ellison
04/08/09 Russian Language Table ellison
04/07/09 6th Annual International Classroom Workshop cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,outreach
04/01/09 Hot Spots in Our World: Russia, Europe, and the Redefinition of Eurasian Security after the Georgian War cwes,ellison,euc
03/28/09 5th Baltic Rites of Spring Festival ellison
03/21/09 Musical comedy "No Way!" ellison
03/21/09 Novruz ellison
03/21/09 Lache Cercel and His Roma Swing Ensemble ellison
03/20/09 The Road of the Roma: From Rajasthan to Romania ellison
03/18/09 Russian Language Table ellison
03/17/09 Czech Language Table. ellison
03/12/09 Uzbek Literary Circle ellison
03/11/09 Mongolian Language Group ellison
03/11/09 Russian Language Table ellison
03/10/09 Russia and its Neighbors: Challenging the Post-Soviet Status Quo? ellison
03/10/09 Managing Risk in an Uncertain World ellison
03/09/09 Kazakh Conversation Circle ellison
03/07/09 K-8 Arts Mosaic ellison
03/06/09 Viewing of Kazakh Films ellison
03/05/09 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan ellison
03/04/09 Russian Language Table ellison
03/02/09 The Cultures of Postcommunism in Ukraine: Perspectives on the Creation of New Identities ellison
03/02/09 Social Activism: Some Preliminary Observations on Differences Between Latvia and the United States ellison
02/28/09 A Night at the Opera and "Up Close & Personal"with Mezzo-Soprano Małgorzata WalewskaA Night at the Opera and ‘Up Close & Personal" with Mezzo-Soprano Małgorzata Walewska ellison
02/28/09 Voices and Images from Bulgaria, 1966: An Extensive Exhibit of Photographs by Martin Koenig ellison
02/26/09 Globalization and Climate Change: Challenges in the New Maritime Arctic cwes,ellison,euc
02/25/09 Russian Language Table ellison
02/23/09 Native Latvians and Russian-Speaking Community in Latvia: Forming a More Perfect Union ellison
02/20/09 The Nights of Winter ellison
02/20/09 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: Teaching Traditional Values in Kazakh and Uzbek Elementary Schools: A Review of School Books ellison
02/20/09 Northward Perspective of Russia: The Arctic Promise vs. the Siberian Curse. ellison
02/18/09 Russian Language Table ellison
02/17/09 Czech Language Table ellison
02/15/09 Those Who Rescued Jews ellison
02/13/09 Reunion with Tashkent August/September 2008 ellison
02/13/09 Toward a Post-Arctic World ellison
02/12/09 Rescue in the Polish Countryside: Politics and Differentiation in the Occupied Village ellison
02/12/09 Ahmad Yasawi (d. 1166) Hikmats (Words of Wisdom) in Uzbek Scholarship ellison
02/11/09 Newspapers in Education Teacher Workshop “Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century” Part of the Exploring Asia Series ellison
02/11/09 Russian Language Table ellison
02/08/09 The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! ellison
02/07/09 Seattle Singing Workshop with Balkan Music Speacialists ellison
02/06/09 Some Observations on the Uzbek Short Story ellison
02/05/09 Turkmenistan Today: An Overview of Recent Developments ellison
02/05/09 One of the Rescued ellison
02/04/09 Russian Language Table ellison
02/03/09 Czech Language Table ellison
02/02/09 Survivalism, Marginality, and the Past in Polish Ecological Politics ellison
01/30/09 The Marginalization of the Turkmens of Iraq ellison
01/29/09 The Children of Irena Sendler ellison
01/29/09 Balancing the Common Uses of Uighur Medicine in Xingjiang ellison
01/28/09 Russian Language Table ellison
01/25/09 A Journey Down the Silk Road of Today ellison
12/14/08 Russian and Gypsy Songs ellison
12/14/08 Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, Seattle ellison
12/14/08 "The Quick Change Room" by Nagle Jackson ellison
12/13/08 St. Nicolas Party in Kirkland ellison
12/13/08 Art of the Children of Ukraine ellison
12/12/08 Christmas Traditions & Carols ellison
12/12/08 Sergei Eisenstein's "Alexander Nevskey." ellison
12/11/08 "The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West," Master Teacher Workshop ellison
12/09/08 Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Celebration ellison
12/09/08 Uzbekistan Today ellison
12/08/08 Disseration Colloquium ellison
12/05/08 Balkan Cabaret ellison
12/05/08 American Councils language programs in Central Asia ellison
12/04/08 Azerbaijan Delegation ellison
12/03/08 Russian Language Table ellison
12/03/08 Georgia Crisis Roundtable ellison
12/03/08 Slovenian Literature on Film ellison
12/01/08 How to Read Russian Children's Comics ellison
11/29/08 2nd Annual "Evening of Sevdah: The Love Songs of Bosnia and Herzegovina" ellison
11/29/08 St. Andrew's night party / Andrzejki ellison
11/28/08 Recent Publications on/in Uzbekistan: Memoirs written by Jadids (Reformers): Mahmudhoja Behbudiy (1875-1919) ellison
11/27/08 Recent Publications on/in Kyrgyzstan: Discussion of new Kyrgyz publications by and on Chingiz Aitmatov ellison
11/26/08 Russian Language Table ellison
11/23/08 Polish Film Festival in America ellison
11/22/08 "Mix But Don't Shake" a French Comedy ellison
11/19/08 Russian Language Table ellison
11/17/08 Polish Film Festival in America ellison
11/16/08 Performance by Stefche Stojkovski ellison
11/16/08 Just Like Heaven ellison
11/16/08 Performance by Stefche Stojkovski ellison
11/15/08 A Warm Heart ellison
11/15/08 Performance by Stefche Stojkovski ellison
11/15/08 Blue Helmets and Black Markets: The Business of Survival in the Siege of Sarajevo ellison
11/14/08 Recent Publication on/in Kazakhstan ellison
11/13/08 Teacher Workshop (Global Classroom) “Waking up to Russia : A Look at Russia from a Global Perspective with an Inside Look at the Russia-Georgia Conflict ellison
11/13/08 Recent Publication on/in Central Asia: Introduction to Europe’s scholarly organizations dealing with Central Asia and their publications ellison
11/12/08 Russian Language Table ellison
11/11/08 Czech Language Table ellison
11/10/08 Roundtable with Journalists from Georgia ellison
11/09/08 Poland's Independence Day celebration at the Polish Home ellison
11/09/08 Book Talk: 'The Pearl: A True Tale of Forbidden Love in Catherine the Great's Russia ellison
11/07/08 The Baltic Region as a German Borderland in World War I and its Aftermath ellison
11/07/08 US-Russian Relations: Panel Discussion and Q&A Session ellison
11/06/08 The Stars of Russian Video Art ellison
11/06/08 Mongolia and its Poetry ellison
11/06/08 "The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West," Master Teacher Workshop ellison
11/06/08 Ambassador Carey Cavaugh Speaks on Russia-Georgia Relations ellison
11/05/08 Russian Language Table ellison
11/05/08 Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center ellison
11/02/08 From Smyrna to Seattle ellison
11/02/08 Annual Fall Polish Bazaar ellison
11/01/08 Performance by Marcin Wasilewski Trio ellison
11/01/08 *****CANCELED****6th Annual International Classroom Workshop at Whitworth University ellison
10/31/08 The Genocide of the Karachai Turks of the Caucasus ellison
10/30/08 Hungary Now: Opportunities and Challenges ellison
10/30/08 The Collectivization and Famine in Kazakhstan (1929-1931) ellison
10/29/08 Russian Language Table ellison
10/28/08 Czech Language Table ellison
10/24/08 Eine kleine Nachtmusik ellison
10/24/08 LIving in a World Cultural Heritage City: Cultural Preservation in Bukhara, Uzbekistan ellison
10/23/08 Uzbekistan’s Ferghana Valley: From a Native’s Perspective ellison
10/22/08 Russian Language Table ellison
10/21/08 Our Lady Czestochowa: Religious or National Symbol of Poland ellison
10/17/08 Impressions of Tajikistan, Summer 2008 ellison
10/16/08 Remembering Chingiz Aitmatov (1928-2008) ellison
10/15/08 Russian Language Table ellison
10/14/08 Czech Language Table ellison
10/12/08 Russian Food Festival ellison
10/11/08 Annual Polish Studies Auction ellison
10/10/08 The Kazakh and Kyrgyz Tradition of Offering a Memorial Feast (Ash, As) Within a Year of a Person’s Death ellison
10/09/08 University of Central Asia: Its Goal, Academic Structure and Campuses ellison
10/08/08 Russian Language Table ellison
10/08/08 Roundtable Discussion with Faculty and Students ellison
10/07/08 Russian-American Relations: Challenges for the New American Administration ellison
10/05/08 An Evening with KAL ellison
10/05/08 Croatia Fest 2008 ellison
10/03/08 Bulgarian Dance Party ellison
10/03/08 Welcoming to the Autumn Quarter Program! ellison
10/02/08 Thirteen Years Since the End of the Balkan War: Social and Psychological Perspectives ellison
10/01/08 Russian Language Table ellison
10/01/08 President of the CzechRepublic: The European Union Presidency and Perspectives on Leadership ellison
10/01/08 Miloš Forman’s Formative Films ellison
09/28/08 Russian Bazaar ellison
09/25/08 Seattle International Film Festival: Masaki Kobayashi's trilogy: "The Human Condition Part III: A Soldier's Prayer" ellison
05/20/08 New Education Opportunities in Russia: Saint Petersburg and Kazan ellison
05/18/08 An Exhibit Featuring Members of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Communities ellison
05/17/08 Rachmaninov Vespers ellison
05/16/08 Recent Publication on/in Central Asia: Russian and Soviet Colonialism ellison
05/16/08 Uzbek Conversation Circle ellison
05/15/08 Uzbek Film: Voiz (The Orator) ellison
05/14/08 Russian Language Table ellison
05/12/08 Is Russian Labor Really Docile? The Post-Communist Proletariat in Comparative Historical Perspective ellison
05/11/08 A Night at the Opera and Up Close & Personal with Extraordinary Mariusz Kwiecien ellison
05/10/08 Twentieth Annual Nicholas Poppe Symposium on Inner/Central Asian Studies ellison
05/09/08 Roundtable Discussion ellison
05/09/08 Roundtable Discussion ellison
05/09/08 Uzbek Conversation Circle ellison
05/07/08 The Creation and the Breakup of Former Yugoslavia-From One Came Seven, Maybe More ellison
05/07/08 Russian Language Table ellison
05/06/08 Farhat J. Ziadeh Distinguished Lecture in Arab and Islamic Studies: Shari’a as Law and Legal System: Changing Perspectives ellison
04/17/08 12th Annual Seattle Sister Cities Reception ellison
04/17/08 Film: “End of an Era. Tashkent ellison
04/14/08 The Donald Treadgold Memorial Lecture: “Post-Communism as a Rorschach Test: Sources and Consequences of Various Models of Post-1989 Transformations.” ellison
04/13/08 The Ilkhom Theatre Festival: Closing Reception ellison
04/13/08 The Ilkhom Theatre Festival ellison
04/12/08 14th Annual REECAS-NW Conference: “Nations, States, and Identities in Russia, East Europe and Central Asia.” ellison
04/11/08 Refusnik ellison
04/11/08 Tashkent and Other Places of Uzbekistan in the Paintings of Uzbek Artists ellison
04/10/08 History of the Tashkent-Seattle Relationship ellison
04/08/08 Mass Culture or Counter Culture?-Czech Catholicism and American Catholicism: A Comparison of their Social, Cultural and Political Situation and Impact ellison
04/07/08 His Excellency Erlan A. Idrissov ellison
03/30/08 Film: “The Singing Revolution ellison
03/28/08 The Ilkhom Theatre Festival: Wine Tasting ellison
03/25/08 The Ilkhom Theatre Festival: Post-Play Discussion ellison
03/22/08 K-8 Art Mosaics ellison
03/15/08 Polish Spring Bazaar ellison
03/14/08 Collaboration and Conflict: The US-EU Partnership ellison
03/12/08 Russian Language Table ellison
03/10/08 Nagorno-Karabakh and Self Determination ellison
03/07/08 Uzbek Conversation Circle ellison
03/06/08 Recent Publication on Tsarist and Soviet Colonialism in Uzbekistan ellison
03/05/08 Russian Language Table ellison
03/03/08 Climbing Up or Just Muddling Through? Democratic Transition in Ukraine ellison
02/29/08 Recent Publications on Kyrgyz History ellison
02/28/08 Recent Publications on/in Kazakhstan: Questions Kazakhs are Asking ellison
02/27/08 Part I: The Uighurs of Xinjiang and Central Asia: The Politics and Culture of a Stateless People. (Pre-concert Lecture) ellison
02/27/08 The Creation and the Breakup of the Former Yugoslavia: From One Came Seven, Maybe More ellison
02/25/08 Highlanders Group Krywan & Masztalski Cabaret ellison
02/25/08 Georgia and Abkhazia: A Frozen Conflict ellison
02/22/08 Russia in the Eyes of Poles, Poland in the Eyes of Russian ellison
02/22/08 Recent Publications on/in Central Asia: The European Union and Central Asia ellison
02/21/08 China and Central Asia ellison
02/16/08 Russian National Orchestra ellison
02/16/08 Viva Polonia Ball ellison
02/14/08 Update on Kyrgyzstan ellison
02/14/08 Polish Singer: Basia Bulat ellison
02/12/08 Hercules in Central Asia ellison
02/11/08 Russia’s Capitalist Revolution ellison
02/08/08 Impressions of Xorazm (Khorezm), Uzbekistan ellison
02/08/08 Research and Study Abroad Opportunities in Mongolia ellison
02/07/08 A Reception to Meet a Russian Delegation from the Visitor Leadership Program ellison
02/07/08 Alisher Nava’I in Uzbek Oral Literature: A Contribution to the 567th Anniversary of His Birthday ellison
02/07/08 Mongolia’s Common Property Resources and the Challenges of Economic Development ellison
02/06/08 Transformation and Great Power Diplomacy in Northeast Asia ellison
01/30/08 Elliptic and Unbridled: The Early Films of Bela Tarr ellison
01/28/08 Kosovo and the Road to Independence ellison
01/23/08 Newspaper in Education ellison