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01/21/15 Paris and Beyond: Making Sense of the World with Jackson School Faculty cwes,euc,isp,jackson,mideast
01/09/15 Twitter Chat with Ambassador O'Sullivan cwes,euc
12/02/14 2014 Master Teacher Workshop: Europe's Transformative 20th Century cwes,ellison,euc,jackson,outreach
11/06/14 Anything is Possible: How to Overcome Obstacles and Make a Difference cwes,euc,hellenic,religion
10/23/14 Food for Thought: Iceland, 2015 cwes,euc,jackson
10/17/14 Changes in the Arctic: Old and New Debates cwes,euc,jackson
09/17/14 The UK Political, Economic, and Business Environment" with Simon Moore cwes,euc
08/13/14 2014 Policy Forum for Educators - Security and the New Europe cwes,ellison,euc,isp,outreach
05/29/14 The 2014 European Parliament Elections: Democratic Breakthrough or Surge of Euroskepticism? cwes,euc,jackson
05/22/14 Fifty Years of EU-Turkish Relations in Turbulent Times: Where to Go from Here? cwes,euc,mideast
05/22/14 Turkey and the European Union cwes,euc
05/21/14 European Capital of Culture or Dubai on the Bosporus? Neo-Liberal Urbanism since 2002 cwes,euc,mideast
05/19/14 "The Choice for Europe" cwes,euc,outreach
05/16/14 2014 Graduate Research Workshop on the European Union cwes,euc
05/15/14 The Rise of the Far Right in Europe alumni,euc,hellenic,jackson,jewish,religion
05/15/14 Suzanne Daley, NY Times: "The Rise of the Far Right in Europe" cwes,euc,hellenic,jackson
04/03/14 Reading and Book Signing: "86 Days in Greece: A Time of Crisis" by Taso G. Lagos cwes,euc,hellenic,jackson
02/24/14 The Euro Crisis: Causes, Implications, and Consequences cwes,euc
08/13/13 Europe In and Out: An Assessment of Member-state Confidence in the EU cwes,euc
06/05/13 The Current Situation in Turkey: A Roundtable Discussion with Live Video Link to Turkey cwes,euc,mideast
05/22/13 EUCE business event: 2013 Europe Day Breakfast cwes,euc
05/22/13 Lecture: Europeanization and the Domestic Policies of Welfare State Reform cwes,euc
05/09/13 Europe Day: Free coffee & trivia on Red Square! cwes,euc
05/08/13 Europe Day Lecture: The European Union Today cwes,euc
04/23/13 Lecture: "Labor Yields: Norwegian Economic Management in the 21st Century" cwes,euc
04/22/13 Earth Day Lecture: "Roadmap for Moving to a Competitive Low Carbon Economy" cwes,euc
03/14/13 Lecture: The EU Beyond the Crisis: Social Impact and Exit Strategies cwes,euc
02/26/13 Lecture: Portable Tombs: Two Reliquary-Enkolpia of Saint Demetrios cwes,euc,hellenic,religion
02/08/13 Towards Global Food Law: Transatlantic Competition and Collaboration cwes,euc,isp
02/07/13 Feeding the World in the 21st Century: Symposium on Global Food and Farming Issues cwes,euc,isp
02/07/13 The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis: Will the Humans Be Saviors of the Earth? cwes,euc,hellenic,isp
02/06/13 Deadline to apply for EPLO internships cwes,euc
01/18/13 Lecture: Leading Greece Back to Growth cwes,euc,hellenic
01/13/13 Film screening: Pericles in America cwes,euc,hellenic
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/13/12 Lecture: The Euro Crisis cwes,euc
11/11/12 Fabulous Iceland: From Sagas to Novels cwes,euc
11/01/12 Britain Today: Big Year and Bright Future cwes,euc
10/29/12 Modern Direct Democracy in Washington State and Switzerland cwes,euc
10/12/12 Lecture series on Byzantine History by Dimitris Tsougarakis cwes,ellison,euc,hellenic
08/22/12 2012 Summer Teacher Workshop: "Europe Caught Between Austerity & Growth: Which way out of the Crisis?" cwes,euc
06/03/12 Conference: The Greek Debt Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities cwes,euc,hellenic
05/09/12 Europe Day Trivia Event cwes,euc
05/09/12 Europe Day Lecture: Where Europe Ends cwes,ellison,euc
05/08/12 Europe Day Lecture: France Today cwes,euc,jackson
04/13/12 Conference: Securing Europe: The EU's External Relations in Troubled Times cwes,euc
02/29/12 The Euro at Twenty: A Greco-European Tragedy? cwes,euc
02/16/12 Letters from France: Type Designer Jean-François Porchez cwes,euc,jackson
02/04/12 Rescheduled Teacher Workshop on "Reforming the Welfare State: A Transatlantic Perspective" cwes,euc
01/19/12 Brownbag Colloquium: Recent Developments in Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking: Facts, Myths, Challenges cwes,euc
01/13/12 Lecture: Is This the End of Men's World in Poland? cwes,euc
11/14/11 The Polish Presidency of the EU: Implications for Europe & Transatlantic Relations cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/01/11 2011 MASTER TEACHER WORKSHOP SERIES Europe’s Muslim Populations: Historical Context and Current Challenges from East to West cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
10/10/11 UW Jackson School: How the World has Changed Since 9/11 cwes,euc
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/06/11 Conference: Innovation and the 'Win-Win' - Efforts towards Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunities to Enhance the Overall Public Good cwes,euc,jackson
05/24/11 Rethinking "Togetherness": Discourse, Identity, and Citizenship in the EU cwes,euc,jackson
05/24/11 "Meet Europe" Trade Event business,cwes,euc,jackson
05/09/11 Europe Day: Coffee and Trivia on Red Square cwes,euc,jackson
05/06/11 Lecture: Governing Europe: The Establishment and Growth of EU Agencies cwes,euc,jackson
05/04/11 Lecture: Can the EU get its Financial House in Order? cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
04/29/11 Conference: Towards a Social Europe? National Welfare States and European Union Social Policy cwes,euc,jackson
04/28/11 Keynote: Saving Jobs, Preserving the Welfare State: European Responses to the Great Recession cwes,euc,jackson
04/22/11 Lecture: The Socialism of Fools?: The Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism cwes,euc,jackson,jewish
04/15/11 Conference: Credit & Credibility in Early Modern Europe cwes,euc,jackson
04/08/11 Ninth Annual Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union cwes,euc,jackson
03/10/11 Lecture: Democracy in Transition: How Transnational Activists Change Deliberative Politics cwes,euc,humanrights,jackson
03/04/11 Lecture: The Politics of James Bond cwes,euc,jackson
03/03/11 Lecture: Not So Popular Culture: How Early Modern Spanish Writers' Manipulate Popular Culture cwes,euc,jackson
03/03/11 Lecture: Could the British Have Won the War for American Independence? cwes,euc,jackson
02/22/11 Screening and Q&A: Hollywood contra Franco cwes,euc,jackson
02/19/11 2011 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc,jackson
02/15/11 Lecture: Sentimental Literature and Anglo-Scottish Identity, 1745-1820 cwes,euc,jackson
01/25/11 Lecture: The Color of Africa: Black and White at the Battle of Adwa - Ethiopia, 1896 cwes,euc,jackson
01/14/11 Lecture: Fictional Exuberance: The Great Crash of 1720 in the Dutch Republic, England, and France cwes,euc,jackson
11/24/10 Lecture: Cleaning up the Vote: The Case of Electoral Fraud in Sweden, 1719-1909 cwes,euc,jackson
11/23/10 Symposium: Assets or Liabilities? Migration Debates in Europe cwes,euc,jackson
11/23/10 Dead Kings and National Myths: Why myths of founding and martyrdom are important cwes,ellison,euc,jackson
11/12/10 Lecture: Economic Governance in the European Union and the Aftermath of the Euro Debt Crisis cwes,euc,jackson
11/12/10 Lecture: From Lydia to Greece: The Origins and Use of Coins in the Classical World cwes,euc,jackson
11/04/10 Lecture: The Dog That Did Not Bark: Anti-Americanism and the Financial Crisis cwes,euc,jackson
10/21/10 Lecture: The Nordic View of the European Union cwes,euc,jackson
10/07/10 Lecture: Is America Still Exceptional? A European Perspective cwes,euc,jackson
08/12/10 Europe and the Environment: 2010 Summer Workshop for Middle School, High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,euc,jackson,outreach
06/03/10 Lecture: Counterterrorism Policy in Norway: Fighting an enemy that isn't there? cwes,euc,jackson
05/22/10 Western US Graduate Research Workshop on the EU cwes,euc,jackson
05/20/10 Presentation: EU funding opportunities for US scholars & universities cwes,euc,jackson
05/20/10 Lecture: Print in a Time of War: Caricature and Allegory in Early Modern French Images of Spain and Flanders cwes,euc,jackson
05/19/10 Lecture: Alabama in Africa cwes,euc,jackson
05/10/10 Europe Day Trivia & Espresso cwes,euc,jackson
04/26/10 Lecture: The EU After Lisbon and the Challenges Ahead cwes,euc,jackson
04/26/10 Lecture: Image, Word, Thing: Seeing and Transporting Imperial Nature in the Hispanic Enlightenment cwes,euc,jackson
04/24/10 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc,jackson
04/16/10 Lecture: The Fonds Ricoeur cwes,euc
04/16/10 Cancelled: Lecture: The Politics of James Bond cwes,euc,jackson
04/15/10 Lecture: Calvin's Political Philosophy cwes,euc
04/08/10 Lecture: Beyond Strong and Weak: Re-thinking Post-Authoritarian Civil Societies cwes,euc,jackson
04/07/10 Lecture: España en Europa: EU lessons from an 'old' new member state cwes,euc,jackson
04/02/10 Migration and the New Citizenship in the European Union cwes,euc
04/01/10 Lecture - Europe’s Dilemma: Immigrant Integration in Western Europe cwes,euc,focus
03/20/10 Third Annual Powell and Heller Family Holocaust Conference cwes,euc,jackson,jewish,religion
03/15/10 Steven Hill discusses his new book "Europe's Promise" cwes,euc,jackson
02/25/10 MOVIE: Persepolis cwes,euc,jackson,mideast,smak
02/23/10 Lecture: Human Rights and Historical Memory cwes,euc,jackson
02/18/10 MOVIE: Battle of Algiers cwes,euc,jackson,smak
02/17/10 CANCELLED: Lecture: Note-Taking Among The Media in Early Modern Europe cwes,euc
02/11/10 CANCELLED: Presentation: EU Funding Opportunities for US Scholars and Universities cwes,euc
02/08/10 Lecture: Immigrant Integration and Anti-discrimination Policy in Europe cwes,euc,jackson
02/05/10 Lecture: The Fabrication of the King: Raphael and Le Brun Reflecting on the Textile Medium cwes,euc
01/28/10 MOVIE: Goodbye Lenin! cwes,ellison,euc
01/15/10 Lecture: Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion in the Royal Navy, 1740-1820 cwes,euc
01/12/10 Lecture: What The Lisbon Treaty Means for Europe cwes,euc,jackson
01/12/10 K-12 Workshop: North Korea on Our Minds and in Our Classrooms euc,earc,isp,korea,outreach
12/10/09 Ideology and the Tragedy of East Central Europe in the 20th Century ellison,euc
12/03/09 Freedom on the Fence ellison,euc
11/20/09 21st Polish Film Festival in America ellison,euc
11/20/09 Conference: Legacies of Unification: Twenty Years of German Unity cwes,euc
11/19/09 Keynote Address: Germany 1989: A new kind of revolution? cwes,euc
11/16/09 Council of European Chambers of Commerce Networking and Business Card Exchange cwes,euc,jackson
11/12/09 Lecture on Hemingway and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade cwes,euc,jackson
11/11/09 Scenes from "From Seasons Such as These", a play about the life of former UW student Thane Summers, a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War cwes,euc,jackson
11/10/09 Showing of "Dreams and Nightmares", a documentary film about the Spanish Civil War cwes,euc,jackson
11/08/09 49th Annual Polish Fall Bazaar ellison,euc
11/04/09 Lecture: Cartographies of Time cwes,euc
10/30/09 Lecture: Economic Regulation and Social Solidarity: Conceptual and Analytic Innovation in the Study of Advanced Capitalism cwes,euc
10/20/09 Playing French Seattle 2009 - Featuring the works of playwright Matei Visniec cwes,ellison,euc
10/19/09 Lecture: Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Collapse of the Communist Establishment cwes,ellison,euc,isp
10/15/09 Film Screening: Un novio para Yasmina cwes,euc
08/20/09 The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Europe’s Evolution Since 1989: 2009 Summer Workshops for High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,ellison,euc,outreach
05/27/09 France's Role in the World: Policies and Priorities cwes,euc
05/22/09 Europe's Near Abroad: EU External Relations and the Future of the Black Sea Region cwes,ellison,euc
05/21/09 The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus cwes,ellison,euc
05/09/09 Ninth Annual Documentary Film Workshop: Coming of Age in a Changing World canada,cwes,euc,outreach
05/08/09 Challenges of Democracy cwes,euc
04/30/09 The Gatekeepers of Christendom: Religious Politics and the Challenge of Islam in the New West cwes,ellison,euc
04/23/09 Democratic Quality in America and Europe cwes,euc
04/18/09 15th Annual REECAS-NW Conference: Ecological, Cultural and Political Change in Russia, East Europe and Central Asia cwes,ellison,euc
04/17/09 Europe Day Breakfast: Current and coming EU rules, regulations and policies that impat American business cwes,euc
04/17/09 Hunger Strikes by Suffragettes and Irish Republicans, 1909-1923 cwes,euc
04/16/09 Nordic Influences in the Russian Language cwes,ellison,euc
04/14/09 Cultural Identity in Southeastern Europe: Balancing the Global and the Local cwes,ellison,euc
04/07/09 6th Annual International Classroom Workshop cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,outreach
04/03/09 Beaumarchais and the Bastille cwes,euc
04/01/09 Hot Spots in Our World: Russia, Europe, and the Redefinition of Eurasian Security after the Georgian War cwes,ellison,euc
03/07/09 2009 West Coast Model European Union cwes,euc
02/27/09 Who are the Europeans (and why does that matter for politics)? cwes,euc
02/26/09 Globalization and Climate Change: Challenges in the New Maritime Arctic cwes,ellison,euc
02/06/09 "Arctic Sovereignty and Climate Change: A Nordic Perspective," Arctic Sovereignty Lecture Series cwes,euc
01/27/09 Antisemitism: An Eternal Hatred? cwes,euc
01/22/09 Antiquities and Academies: Cultural History and National Identity in the 18th-Century Spanish World cwes,euc
01/20/09 Islam in Europe: Integration and Radicalization, Two Faces of the Same Coin? cwes,euc
01/16/09 The International Legal Framework and Recent Developments Regarding the Continental Shelf in the Arctic Ocean: Arctic Sovereignty Lecture Series cwes,euc
01/16/09 Visual Knowledge / Facing Blindness cwes,euc
01/08/09 Market Liberalization and Labor in the European Union: Tales from the Transport Sector cwes,euc
12/11/08 The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West cwes,euc,outreach
12/05/08 Taxation and the Worlds of Welfare cwes,euc
12/03/08 Slovenian Literature on Film cwes,euc
12/01/08 How to Read Russian Children's Comics cwes,euc
11/22/08 Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Examination cwes,euc
11/06/08 The Black Sea and the Mediterranean as a Crossroads of East and West cwes,euc,outreach
11/01/08 Annual International Classroom Workshop at Whitworth College cwes,euc,outreach
10/30/08 Hungary Now: Opportunities and Challenges cwes,euc
10/29/08 Trans-Atlantic Update cwes,euc
10/09/08 "Changing Climate: The Greek Experience," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/08/08 "Biodiversity: The Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna in Crete," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/07/08 "Sustainability: Issues, Assessment and Ranking of Nations," Onassis Foundation Lecture Series cwes,euc
10/02/08 Francesco Mochi and the Edge of Tradition cwes,euc
08/21/08 Godard's '60s cwes,euc
08/20/08 The EU and the World: 2008 EU Summer Seminar for High School, Community College, and In-Service Educators cwes,euc,outreach
06/26/08 Life Cycle Rituals and Traditions across Cultures: 2008 Jackson School of International Studies Summer Seminar for Educators, Grades 6 and Up cwes,euc,outreach
06/09/08 Cultural Capital and Stratification in Contemporary Britain cwes,euc
05/27/08 Populist Radical Right Parties of Europe cwes,euc
05/20/08 Inventions of the Imagination: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Imaginary Since Romanticism cwes,euc
05/19/08 Our Ancestors the Sighted: Making Blind People French and French People Blind, 1750-1991 cwes,euc
05/09/08 Europe Day: The Historical Impact of European Integration cwes,euc
05/09/08 Europe Contested:Canadian Interdisciplinary Summer School on Europe and Germany, the Institute for European Studies at the University of British Columbia cwes,euc
05/08/08 Flying High: How Open Skies Benefits US Travelers and Businesses cwes,euc
05/05/08 Why and How Does the EU Become (More) Democratic? cwes,euc
05/02/08 The European Union After Enlargement: Policies and Politics in a New Context cwes,euc
04/30/08 Polygamy and Empire: Civilizing the Jewish Family in Colonial Algeria cwes,euc
04/30/08 Pushing States' Rights? Reforming Federal Structures in Germany cwes,euc
04/30/08 Revolution's Aftermath: Twenty Years of Polish Democracy cwes,euc
04/26/08 Jackson School International Knowledge Bowl! cwes,euc
04/17/08 The Economic Feasibility of Comprehensive Welfare States in a Comparative Perspective cwes,euc
04/16/08 Tax Protest in European Welfare States cwes,euc
04/08/08 Mass Culture or Counter-Culture? Czech Catholicism and American Catholicism: A Comparison of Their Social, Cultural, and Political Situation and Impact cwes,euc
04/04/08 Redeeming Jews: Sephardic Intermediaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean cwes,euc
04/02/08 Russia, the European Union and the US: Soul Mates? cwes,euc
03/30/08 8th Annual Documentary Film Workshop, "Teaching Diversity & Cross-Cultural Understanding throuh Documentary Film, for high school, community college and in-service educators cwes,euc,outreach
03/30/08 "Ghiberti and Gelato," Private docent-led tours of the upcoming Seattle Art Museum exhibits, "The Gates of Paradise" and "Roman Art from the Louvre cwes,euc
03/22/08 Hands on the World: Connecting Crafts and Cultures in the K-8 Curriculum cwes,euc,outreach
03/14/08 Collaboration & Conflict: The EU-US Partnership cwes,euc
03/08/08 Europe After 1945: Resources Beyond the Textbook cwes,euc
03/03/08 War and Democracy: The Domestic Political Consequences of International Conflict cwes,euc
02/23/08 2008 West Coast Model EU cwes,euc
02/14/08 Deadline for application and abstract to Europe, Globalization and Sustainability cwes,euc
02/04/08 Regionalization and Retrenchment: The Impact of European Integration on the Welfare State cwes,euc
01/25/08 Institutional Competitivesness and the Global Economy: The Danish Miracle cwes,euc