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02/24/15 The Wind in the Bamboo: Indigenous People of African Appearance humanrights,isp,seac
01/16/15 Professor Jamie Mayerfeld’s Book Manuscript Discussion The Architecture of Human Rights: Why Constitutional Government Requires International Human Rights Law humanrights
12/10/14 Human Rights Day: A focus on Immigrant Rights humanrights,isp
10/21/14 In the shadow of Tienenman Square: Democracy, Christianity, Hong Kong china,faculty,humanrights,jackson,religion
10/16/14 Panel Presentation: Women's Land Rights as Economic Rights africa,china,eacenter,humanrights,isp,soasia
10/07/14 Roundtable discussion: How to Make Sense of the World when the World is Falling Apart china,ellison,humanrights,isp,jackson,mideast
09/28/14 UW Center for Human Rights, National Security Archive, & HRDAG to release secret Salvadoran military intelligence document: the “Yellow Book” humanrights
06/03/14 El Salvador Restorative Justice Tribunal Report-back humanrights
06/03/14 Exposing the truth of U.S. Torture: Restoring Human Dignity and the Rule of Law humanrights
05/23/14 Screening of "Stateless," and discussion with filmmaker Duc Nguyen humanrights,phd,seac
05/05/14 UW CHR 5th Anniversary Celebration humanrights
04/30/14 Yom HaShoah: Universal Perspectives on Holocaust Remembrance humanrights
04/29/14 Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals. humanrights
04/23/14 An evening of events related to Rwanda including screening of "Finding Hillywood" africa,humanrights,isp
04/06/14 Western Regional International Health Conference humanrights,latinam
03/13/14 Drones, ‘Targeted Killing,’ and the Law with David Glazier, Loyola Law School humanrights,isp
03/10/14 Meet Foundation Cristosal: A Rights-Based Approach to Community Development in El Salvador humanrights,latinam
03/10/14 Human Rights and Social Justice in El Salvador humanrights,latinam
03/02/14 Fundraiser for Human Rights in El Salvador humanrights
01/29/14 Revisiting War Crimes During the War in Viet Nam: Nick Turse Book Reading and Screening of "Winter Soldier" humanrights,isp,jackson,phd,seac
01/10/14 Human Rights and Disability Symposium humanrights
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/10/13 International Human Rights Day Celebration: "Seattle Human Rights Day" humanrights,seac
12/05/13 La Voz de la Justicia: Human Rights at a Critical Juncture in El Salvador humanrights
11/21/13 Brownbag Discussion on Human Rights and Multilateral Diplomacy with Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs humanrights
11/20/13 Screening of "Unmanned: America's Drone Wars" followed by a discussion on U.S. drone policy, and what you can do to change it humanrights
10/31/13 Jules Lobel, Litigation and Political Movements: Challenging Prolonged Solitary Confinement in American Prisons humanrights
10/25/13 The Dilemmas of Human Rights: Ideals and Illusions with Professor Seyla Benhabib humanrights
10/24/13 “No Longer Shackled by Chains but by our Economic Conditions:” The Struggle for Labor and Racial Justice in Colombia’s Ports with Jhon Jairo Castro humanrights,latinam
10/09/13 Empowering Women Fall Lecture Series: Her Land humanrights,isp
10/02/13 I Am Troy Davis: 2 Years Later humanrights
09/11/13 Panel Discussion, Indefinite Detention without Due Process humanrights
06/04/13 Special Commemoration on the 24th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre humanrights
06/03/13 Accountability and Guantanamo: Defending Rights in the Post-9/11 Era humanrights,isp
05/17/13 What Can We Do About Drones, Guantanamo & Torture? A brownbag discussion with Zeke Johnson, Director of Amnesty International’s Security with Human Rights campaign humanrights
05/07/13 2013 U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour with SHARE El Salvador (La Fundación SHARE) humanrights,isp,latinam
05/06/13 Joshua E.S. Phillips - None of Us Were Like This Before: American Soldiers and Torture humanrights,isp
05/05/13 Joshua E.S. Phillips & Ian Fishback: Confronting Our Legacy of Torture humanrights
04/12/13 "Glocalizing' Global Justice: Democratic Translations of human Rights and Social Justice humanrights
04/10/13 Twenty Years after the Salvadoran Truth Commission: Justice for Human Rights Abuses in El Salvador and Beyond humanrights
12/10/12 International Human Rights Day Celebration humanrights
10/11/12 Women and Land Rights humanrights
10/04/12 Beyond the Zionist Paradigm: New Hope for Israel/Palestine humanrights
09/05/12 Ending U.S.-Sponsored Torture Forever: Successes and Challenges. What Are the Next Steps? humanrights
07/21/12 Faith and Human Rights: Being Catholic, Being Pro-Equality humanrights
06/08/12 The Economic, Legal and Moral Cost of War: A Forum on Israel, Palestine, and the United States humanrights
05/15/12 Gay Rights as Human Rights humanrights
05/12/12 International Conference on Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibilities humanrights
05/01/12 "Guantanamo Bay: A Ten-Year Struggle for Justice humanrights
04/17/12 The Growing Human Rights Crisis on the Northern Border humanrights
04/05/12 Endless War and Civil Liberties Erosions in the Age of Terrorism [CANCELLED] humanrights
03/17/12 Troy Davis: The Human Face of the Death Penalty humanrights
02/27/12 "The Arab Uprisings: Lessons of Past Revolutionary Contagion" humanrights
02/15/12 Criminal Process in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: The Origin of Human Rights Violations china,eacenter,earc,humanrights,jackson,korea
12/08/11 Human Rights Day Celebration humanrights
11/18/11 None of Us Were Like This Before: Reflections on American Soldiers and Torture (UW Seattle) humanrights
11/16/11 None of Us Were Like This Before: Reflections on American Soldiers and Torture (UW, Tacoma) humanrights
05/17/11 Baltasar Garzón humanrights
05/02/11 UW Center for Human Rights Spring Celebration humanrights
04/26/11 Film: The Last Survivor humanrights,isp
04/12/11 Who Killed Chea Vichea? In Cambodia, if you know things you can die. -- Film Screening / Q&A humanrights,isp,jackson,seac
03/26/11 Kenya Human Rights Group HARAMBEE humanrights
03/10/11 Lecture: Democracy in Transition: How Transnational Activists Change Deliberative Politics cwes,euc,humanrights,jackson
03/09/11 Happy Hour for Hope - UW Center for Human Rights Happy Hour humanrights
12/10/10 University of Washington’s “Write-a-Thon” Campaign humanrights
12/10/10 International Human Rights Day humanrights
11/16/10 "El Buen Vivir": An Indigenous Vision for Development and Governance humanrights
11/08/10 "Dreams and Nightmares" humanrights
05/21/10 Human Dignity and Human Rights: Western and Chinese Perspectives humanrights
05/14/10 Criminal Queers humanrights
05/13/10 Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents humanrights,humsec,jewish,religion
05/10/10 National Law Day panel discussion and reception humanrights
05/07/10 Campus-Community Partnership for Human Rights: A Celebration humanrights
05/06/10 The Jackson-Vanik Amendment 35 Years Later: Reflections on a Conference at the Kennan Institute ellison,humanrights,isp
05/01/10 Boundaries Borders and Belonging Symposium humanrights
04/28/10 Dining For Darfur humanrights
04/26/10 The Global Movement for LGBT Rights: IGLHRC’s Approach humanrights
04/23/10 UW-SU Global Law Brigades Auction Dinner humanrights
04/20/10 Communications Managements Units and the Expansion of Unconstitutional Detention Policies in the post-9/11 Federal Prison System humanrights
04/20/10 Report Back from Colombia: Peace and Human Rights Work in Latin America humanrights
04/19/10 Lecture: “Militant Democracy” humanrights
04/17/10 UNBOUND: Anti-trafficking Conference humanrights
04/14/10 The Ethics of Husky Gear: Labor Practices and UW Apparel humanrights
04/14/10 Unsustainable Tourism: Seattle Premier Screening of “Jamaica for Sale” & Conversation humanrights
04/13/10 The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness humanrights,jackson
03/10/10 Film Screening: “Not Yet Rain” humanrights
03/03/10 Human Rights and Sovereign Democracy in Russia humanrights
02/19/10 "The Illusion of Accountability: The Truth Commission in America's Torture Debate." humanrights
02/17/10 THE RESPONSE: Screening and Discussion humanrights
02/12/10 Panel Discussion: Business and Human Rights humanrights
02/12/10 The Global Movement for LGBT Rights: IGLHRC’s Approach humanrights
12/10/09 UW Center for Human Rights, Celebratory Reception humanrights
11/29/09 People's Summit humanrights
11/17/09 Information Session for New Course in the African Studies Program: Health, Human Rights and Social Transformation in the Greater Horn of Africa humanrights
11/13/09 "Water & Justice in Israel/Palestine." humanrights
11/12/09 Truth and Reconciliation through Memorial Building? Remembering Genocide and Resistance in Namibia humanrights
11/12/09 Film Screening: Between Joyce and Remembrance humanrights
11/12/09 Hemingway and American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War humanrights
11/12/09 "Why Accountability for Torture Is Crucial for Human Rights, Our Security, and Our Souls" humanrights
11/12/09 Malalai Joya humanrights
11/11/09 "From Seasons Such as These" humanrights
11/11/09 Malalai Joya humanrights
11/10/09 Film: Dreams and Nightmares humanrights
11/04/09 Getting Away With Murder: The Impact of Impunity in India humanrights
11/03/09 Commitment, Controversy, and Torture: The Road to Defeat in Vietnam (and in New Wars) humanrights
11/03/09 UW Center for Human Rights, Graduate Student Informational Meeting humanrights
10/27/09 Walker Ames Lecture: Francisco Goldman humanrights