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04/26/15 Yoni ki Baat: A South Asian "Vagina Monologues" Adaptation jackson,soasia
03/28/15 Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Worlds since WWII isp,jackson,soasia
03/14/15 Calligraphic Abstraction. Modern Art in Asia, the Middle East and Africa isp,jackson,soasia
02/28/15 A Moveable Feast: Sufi Festivals from the Silk Road to the Indian Ocean isp,jackson,soasia
02/27/15 The Dream of a Muslim Mikado: India, Japan and the Global Campaign for Islam eacenter,isp,jackson,japan,mideast,soasia
02/26/15 On Reading Culture in the Making jackson,soasia
02/21/15 African Elites in India jackson,soasia
02/19/15 A River Flows Through It: Transboundary Waters in China-India Relations china,eacenter,isp,jackson,soasia
02/15/15 City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India isp,jackson,soasia
02/14/15 Ancient Networks of the Indian Ocean isp,jackson,soasia
01/29/15 Lecture on "City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India" jackson,soasia
01/28/15 How to Get Away with Murder on the Silk Road: The Life and Times of Sagamoi as Seen in Documents from Niya jackson,soasia
01/21/15 Dehumanizing Stereotypes of the "other" in Afghan Ethnic Relations isp,jackson,mideast,soasia
01/10/15 Kultar's Mime jackson,soasia
01/09/15 Metro-Bollywood: New Hindi Cinema in New Delhi jackson,soasia
12/13/14 Author Reading: Haroon Ullah's "The Bargain from the Bazaar: A Family's Day of Reckoning in Lahore" soasia
12/05/14 First Friday Lecture: Sonal Khullar soasia
11/21/14 Rethinking 'Economy' in Contemporary India: A Feminist Interdisciplinary Dialogue soasia
11/19/14 Electrifying India Book Launch isp,soasia
11/15/14 Ek Adabi Nashist (A Literary Session of Urdu Poetry) soasia
11/09/14 Tasveer Presents: 9th Seattle South Asian Film Festival soasia
11/07/14 SEASON OF SACRIFICE soasia
11/02/14 The Art of the Indo-Persian Album isp,soasia
10/16/14 Panel Presentation: Women's Land Rights as Economic Rights africa,china,eacenter,humanrights,isp,soasia
10/14/14 India’s “Transformative Moment”? Modi, the Economy and Aerospace isp,soasia
10/06/14 Critical Language Scholarship Info Session soasia
09/28/14 The Invisible Hand isp,soasia
09/25/14 Scale Drawing: Rethinking Theories of Globalization and Contemporary Art from South Asia isp,soasia
09/21/14 Everything But The Paper isp,soasia
07/12/14 Concert - Carnatic Vocal Performance by Seetha Narayanan soasia
07/10/14 Presentation - Partnership for Sustainable Mountain Development in the Himalayan Region soasia
06/29/14 Words on Water: Writers from India in Conversation soasia
06/29/14 Tasveer Presents: 2nd South Asian International Documentary Festival soasia
06/09/14 Bangladesh Economic Development isp,soasia
05/30/14 Indian Classical Music Performance - Soul of Sound: Gundecha Brothers soasia
05/28/14 India Election Panel Featuring International Studies Faculty isp,soasia
05/25/14 Dhrupad on the Cello: A Concert by Nancy Lesh Kulkarni and Pt. Akhilesh Gundecha soasia
05/19/14 Visualizing and Invisibilizing the Subempire: Labor, Humanitarianism and Popular Culture Across South Korea, Southeast and South Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea,seac,soasia
05/12/14 Book Release Event - T.I.P.S. To Study Abroad isp,soasia
05/09/14 UBC Event Series: The Komagata Maru Project soasia
05/08/14 Pakistani Film Screening and Q&A with Director - Chuppan Chupai (Hide and Seek) soasia
05/03/14 Shruti & CRY Present: Ina Mina Dika – An Evening of Bollywood Music soasia
04/30/14 Lecture - Nalini Iyer, "Legacies of Colonialism: South Asian Diasporas in Africa" soasia
04/30/14 Deconstructing the Myth of “Indian Smell” in Vietnam: The Early Formation of the Annamese Nation seac,soasia
04/29/14 Workshop for Educators: Exploring Asia: Asian Cities – Growth and Change eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/27/14 Author and Journalist Sonora Jha to Speak at Fundraiser for India Non-Profit soasia
04/27/14 Tasveer Presents: Aaina South Asian Women's Focus Festival soasia
04/25/14 South Indian Classical Music Concert: Shashank Subramanyam soasia
04/23/14 Visiting Author: Ramachandra Guha, Gandhi Before India soasia
04/22/14 Interreligious Dialogue with Jesuits from Asia: “Neighborliness: Seeds, Challenges and the Practice of Interreligious Dialogue in India” soasia
04/21/14 Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan isp,soasia
04/17/14 Documentary Film Screening and Q&A with Director: Birth 1871 - History, the State, and the Arts of Denotified Tribes of India soasia
04/15/14 Classical Indian Musical Performance at UPS - Rajeev Taranath soasia
04/14/14 Hindi Poetry Lecture: Allison Busch - "In Defeat Lies Victory: Loss and Commemoration in Hindi Historical Poetry" soasia
04/05/14 Art History Lecture: Molly Aitken - "The Connoisseurship of Longing: 17th century Indian Painting" soasia
04/04/14 Art History Lecture: Molly Aitken - "Seeing Music/Sensing Moods: The Ragamala in South Asian Painting" soasia
03/29/14 Bollywood Lecture: Sudhir Mahadevan - "Bollywood in Love with Itself: Indian Film on Film" soasia
03/21/14 The History of Philology and the Practice of Philology soasia
03/11/14 Haroon Ullah: A Family's Day of Reckoning in Lahore soasia
03/08/14 South Asia Conference of the Pacific Northwest (SACPAN) soasia
02/28/14 India Month - Open Mic soasia
02/19/14 India Month - Bollywood Movie Night soasia
02/14/14 Severyns-Ravenholt Lecture: Islamic States and the Securitization of the Muslim Self isp,soasia
02/11/14 India Month - Chaat and Chat soasia
02/07/14 FIUTS CulturalFest International Expo soasia
01/29/14 Teacher Workshop-- Climate Change, Global Health, Vulnerability and Resilience: Understanding Risk in the Context of Regional Area Studies isp,jackson,outreach,phd,seac,soasia
01/17/14 Study Abroad Info Session soasia
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/05/13 "Pakistan: Living with Nuclear Weapons": A Two-Part Lecture with Brigadier General (retired) Feroz Khan isp,soasia
12/04/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/26/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/25/13 Lost in Translation: U.S. Military Cross-Cultural Challenges in Recent Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan mideast,soasia
11/24/13 The Meditative Dhrupad Music of India Spans the Globe soasia
11/22/13 Screening of Satyajit Ray's "Shatranj Ke Khilari" soasia
11/19/13 An Evening with Madhur Jaffrey soasia
11/19/13 Jagdish Bhagwati: "Why Growth Matters: Lessons from India’s Assault on Poverty" jackson,soasia
11/15/13 "Bhopali" Film Screening soasia
11/15/13 Benares Beginnings: Print Modernity, Book Entrepreneurs, and Cross-Cultural Ventures in a Colonial Metropolis soasia
11/14/13 "Bhopali" Film Screening soasia
11/08/13 South Asia Week!! soasia
11/08/13 Islamic Law and the Orphanages of Afghanistan isp,mideast,soasia
11/07/13 Psychedelic Wheels: South Asian Truck Art soasia
11/06/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/03/13 Short Story Workshop with Bharti Kirchner soasia
11/02/13 Diwali Morning Concert soasia
11/01/13 GRAVIS: Working with Desert Communities for the Empowerment of the Poor soasia
10/31/13 Hometown Desi: South Asian Culture in the Pacific Northwest soasia
10/30/13 The Social Skin: Humans and Animals in India soasia
10/29/13 A Discussion with Two Pakistani Journalists soasia
10/29/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/27/13 Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives that Transform Communities isp,soasia
10/24/13 Boys will be boys, and gods will be gods: A feminist reading of Krishna’s “pranking” in the song texts of Hindustani art music. A presentation followed by a performance. isp,soasia
10/23/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/23/13 The "Indian Style" of 1788 soasia
10/22/13 Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere with Ravi Venkatesan soasia
10/19/13 Bandhan- An Exploration of Marriage and Love in South Asia soasia
10/19/13 Jhilmil 2013 Hindi Hasya Kavi Sammelan: An Evening Filled with Laughter and Hindi Poetry soasia
10/13/13 Seattle South Asian Film Festival soasia
10/10/13 Seattle Public Library Presents: Jhumpa Lahiri at Seattle Town Hall soasia
10/10/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/10/13 Allegory and Illusion: Early Portrait Photography from South Asia soasia
10/09/13 "Her Land"- Empowering Women Through Art and Action soasia
10/08/13 Development Work in Contemporary Afghanistan: Accomplishments, Opportunities, and Challenges isp,mideast,soasia
09/15/13 The Banyan Tree soasia
07/07/13 Dhrupad Days—a Music Festival soasia
06/30/13 Shobdo (Sound) soasia
06/30/13 Shyamal Uncle Turns Off The Lights soasia
06/29/13 Mukti (Freedom) soasia
06/29/13 Bakita Byaktigoto (Rest is Personal) soasia
06/29/13 Chayamoy (The Shadowy) soasia
06/28/13 Shunyo Awanko (Act Zero) soasia
06/24/13 Trader Joe's Silent Movie Mondays: International Film Series soasia
06/12/13 Citing As a Site: Translation and Circulation in Muslim South and Southeast Asia seac,soasia
06/06/13 Transcontinental Trade in Antiquity: New Evidence from the Caves of Socotra (Yemen) soasia
06/06/13 Transcontinental Trade in Antiquity: New Evidence from the Caves of Socotra (Yemen) isp,mideast,soasia
06/06/13 On Sal Maj Lane-Book Reading isp,soasia
06/04/13 And the Mountains Echoed isp,soasia
06/03/13 Cultural Impacts of the Death of Kingship, Identity Politics and Current Political Situation in Nepal soasia
05/31/13 Pakistan Nuclear Program--In Conversation with Brigadier General Feroz Khan isp,soasia
05/28/13 A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story isp,soasia
05/24/13 Current Challenges in Global Mental Health: An Interactive Discussion soasia
05/23/13 RECLAIMING OUR COMMONS: Protecting our Land, Water, Biodiversity & Livelihoods soasia
05/19/13 Women and Democratic Movements in India: Changing Dynamics, Altered Perspectives soasia
05/16/13 The Global Movement for Environmental Justice: A Forum to Bring Together Two Prominent Indian EJ Activists and the UW community in Conversation soasia
05/12/13 Yoni Ki Baat soasia
05/10/13 Science, Religion and the Ideology of Urban Governance: Tales from a Globalizing Ahmedabad City, India soasia
05/07/13 Study Abroad Info Session - India isp,soasia
05/02/13 The Return of a King: Shah Shuja and the First Battle for Afghanistan isp,soasia
05/02/13 William Dalrymple at the South Asia Center isp,soasia
05/01/13 A Chat with the 2013 Humphrey Fellows from South Asia isp,soasia
04/30/13 Dizzy in Karachi: A Journey to Pakistan-Book Discussion and Slide Show isp,soasia
04/30/13 Exploring Asia Series: Political Change in the 21st Century. A Workshop for teachers. eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/29/13 Luncheon with anti-trafficking activist featured in "Half the Sky" soasia
04/24/13 Study Abroad Info Session isp,soasia
04/23/13 Factory Fire Panel with Bangladeshi Workers soasia
04/21/13 Music Series-Kiran Ahluwalia isp,soasia
04/20/13 Silk Fish Opium-Book Reading isp,soasia
04/16/13 Book Discussion: Roots and Reflections: South Asians in the Pacific Northwest isp,soasia
04/13/13 The Island President isp,soasia
04/09/13 Body of Victim, Body of Warrior: Refugee Families and the Making of Kashmiri Jihadists--Book Reading soasia
04/06/13 Pathways to Bliss: Reinventing Buddhist Pilgrimage in Andhra Pradesh soasia
04/05/13 Miracle-performing Monks and Relocated Relics: Buddhist Expansionism in Relief Sculptures from Andhra Pradesh soasia
04/03/13 Oleander Girl--Book Reading soasia
04/01/13 The Revolutionary Optimists - Special Screening at University of Washington soasia
03/31/13 Journeys Ashore: South Asian Immigrants in the Pacific NW soasia
03/29/13 "Immigrant Rights in America"-talk by Kiran Bedi & Anu Peshawaria soasia
03/23/13 An Evening of Classical Music—Exploring the Joys of Spring soasia
03/23/13 Ibn Battuta and the World of the 14th Century soasia
03/08/13 "Routes and Cognitive Geography: An Alternate Asian History" soasia
03/05/13 Josh Preview Screening, with a Q and A with the director soasia
03/04/13 Roots & Reflections : South Asians in the Pacific Northwest soasia
03/02/13 Roots & Reflections : South Asians in the Pacific Northwest soasia
03/02/13 Ustad Aashish Khan Live in Concert soasia
03/01/13 Roots and Reflections: South Asians in the Pacific NW soasia
03/01/13 Open Mic Night soasia
02/28/13 Desi Bazaar w/ Indian Food soasia
02/24/13 The Nymphs of Hindu Kush soasia
02/24/13 Transgenders: Pakistan's Open Secret & Kerosene soasia
02/24/13 Inshallah Kashmir soasia
02/23/13 Invoking Justice soasia
02/23/13 Still Standing & Little Lama Returns soasia
02/23/13 Made in India soasia
02/23/13 The Rat Race & The Girl Who Knew Too Much soasia
02/23/13 The Politics of Pilgrimage: Xuanzang and His Meetings with Indian Kings soasia
02/22/13 Dandiya Dance Workshop soasia
02/16/13 China and India are One: An Indian Soldier's Travelogue of Beijing in 1890–1901 soasia
02/12/13 Candlelight Vigil for Delhi Rape Victim soasia
02/07/13 Reflections on Oak Creek: Critical Mourning and the Logics of Racist Violence soasia
02/06/13 Bollywood Jeopardy Night soasia
01/30/13 The Best of Both Worlds: A Conversation on Negotiating Diasporic Culture and Identity soasia
01/18/13 Jains to the Rescue: On Sati, Pati, and Jati Saviors of Maharana Raj Singh and his Son Sultan Singh soasia
01/16/13 Education without Borders: Transforming Learning for the 21st Century eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
12/07/12 Geopolitics of Climate Change and South Asia: Discourses of Fear and Cartographic Anxieties arctic,isp,soasia
12/05/12 Neo-Orientalism/Fundamentalism Discourse in Contemporary Society: Studies in South Asia isp,soasia
12/03/12 Doing Business in India. soasia
12/02/12 Many Arrows from Rama's Bow soasia
11/30/12 Saving Face--Screening & Discussion soasia
11/30/12 The Ramayana: India and the Diversity of Southeast Asia as seen in the realm of Puppetry soasia
11/27/12 Technology and Art - The Twain Did Meet. A Personal Journey soasia
11/19/12 Why Public Accountability is Needed in a Developing Country Like Pakistan: a Pre-Election Perspective soasia
11/17/12 New Geographies of Feminist Art- International Conference eacenter,soasia
11/15/12 Sacred Exhibition Value and Territorial Spectacle: Post-Reform India’s Automotive-Iconic-Cement Assemblages soasia
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/14/12 Artist Introductions: Wu Mali and Navjot soasia
11/11/12 Ramayana presented by ACT Theater soasia
11/10/12 Indo-American Friendship Forum--Town Hall Meeting with Indo-American Community soasia
11/08/12 Social Order:Women Photographers from Iran, India and Afghanistan soasia
11/08/12 Dirty, Sacred Rivers: Confronting South Asia’s Water Crisis soasia
11/03/12 Many Sitas soasia
10/29/12 Dragon-Elephant Tango: China and India Can Create the Geo-Civilizational Paradigm china,eacenter,isp,soasia
10/27/12 2012 South Asian Colloquium of the Pacific Northwest (SACPAN) soasia
10/26/12 Right to Education: The Road Ahead soasia
10/25/12 Chai with Dr. Fran Pritchett soasia
10/25/12 Painting Sita's Garden: Mithila Artists Portray Their Lives soasia
10/23/12 What Makes a Poem Good? soasia
10/17/12 Religion, Republicanism and Emergency Power: American Lessons from the Indian Experience cwes,jewish,religion,soasia
10/14/12 The Ramayana and the Sacred Temples of Angkor: Cambodia and Beyond. Professor Boreth Ly, UC Santa Cruz seac,soasia
10/07/12 Shadows of Islam, Politics, and Contemporary Film in Indonesian Ramayana Traditions. Professor Laurie Sears of University of Washington seac,soasia
10/05/12 The Story of My Assassins soasia
10/04/12 From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia soasia
09/30/12 Sulalitam soasia
09/29/12 Ramayana Across Time and Space soasia
09/22/12 Ramayana From Her Perspective soasia
09/05/12 Terun Tejpal on his novel The Story of My Assassins soasia
08/03/12 Bring a Picnic, Sing a Song! Bollywood Outdoors Film Series soasia
07/13/12 Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta in Concert soasia
07/12/12 Words on Water: Indian Writers in Conversation soasia
06/29/12 Breathing Life into a Dying Language: Documenting Great Andamanese soasia
06/21/12 Summer Events with Writers soasia
05/31/12 Women and Children Through the Lifecycle soasia
05/30/12 Empire of Convicts: Indian Exile Stories from Colonial Singapore soasia
05/27/12 ‘Dinarang’ soasia
05/25/12 Pakistan Week 2012 soasia
05/25/12 Storytelling and Co-authorship in Feminist Alliance Work: Reflections from a Journey soasia
05/24/12 Urban Reproductive Health in Uttar Pradesh soasia
05/18/12 Welcoming Vali: An Exploration of the Literary Legacy of Vali Dakhani soasia
05/17/12 Presentation of the Frank Conlon Fellowship Award and presentation by Prof. Frank Conlon, What I Learned at School and Elsewhere--Reflections on an Academic Life. soasia
05/17/12 Maternal Health in South Asia: Factors influencing Care-seeking and Care Provision soasia
05/14/12 The Reception of Carol Salomon's Fieldwork among the Bauls of Bangladesh soasia
05/13/12 Ina Mina Dika -Light Indian Music Concert soasia
05/12/12 Development, Diaspora and the Next Generation III: Maternal & Child Health in South Asia Workshop soasia
05/11/12 Centenary of Sa’adat Hasan Manto soasia
05/10/12 Maternal and Child Health in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities soasia
05/09/12 New Geographies of Feminist Art -GWSS Departmental Colloquium soasia
05/04/12 “Mapping the Landscapes of the Mind -Exploring the Work Of Culture in the Indian Context” soasia
05/03/12 Child Psychiatry in South Asia soasia
05/02/12 Newspaper in Education Teacher Workshop presents Islam in Asia: Peoples, Practices, Traditions eacenter,ellison,seac,soasia
05/01/12 Politics in late 17th century Bikaneri paintings atelier soasia
04/29/12 Music of Afghanistan with Homayoun Sakhi and Salar Nader soasia
04/26/12 Translating Innovation for Maternal Child Health in South Asia soasia
04/24/12 Music of Afghanistan with Homayoun Sakhi and Salar Nader soasia
04/22/12 Tasveer Presents the Aaina Festival soasia
04/19/12 Space Within Limits: How Nepali Student Activists Position themselves in the Political Landscape soasia
04/19/12 Links between Natural Resource Use, Natural Resource Management and Health in South Asia and the Broader Developing World soasia
04/13/12 "'Inspired by the Sacred Breath of Jesus': Persian Poets and Prophetic Revelation"-A Talk on Amir Khusraw soasia
04/12/12 Fertility, Child Survival, and Kinship Patterns (Northeast India) soasia
04/11/12 Raj Kapoor & the Golden Age of Indian Cinema soasia
04/07/12 Asian Urbanism: Negotiating the Global soasia
04/07/12 The Future of Asia’s Cities: Design, Environment, Health soasia
04/06/12 Making Postcolonial Futures: The "Slum-Free" Cities of the Asian Century eacenter,soasia
04/05/12 Nepal's Female Community Health Volunteer: A Sucess Story! soasia
03/24/12 Roots of Love (film and community discussion) soasia
03/17/12 I am Kalam soasia
03/15/12 Study in India in Summer 2012 Application Due soasia
03/10/12 Life in an Asian Slum soasia
03/03/12 SACPAN soasia
03/02/12 South Asia Conference of the Pacific Northwest soasia
02/22/12 Fabricating Extra-ordinary Criminality: colonial police, indigenous elites and the 'Goondas' panic in Calcutta, 1919-1929 soasia
02/16/12 A Century (almost) of Ghalib's English Translations: A Historical and Comparative Perspective soasia
02/14/12 Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity soasia
02/11/12 SoulFood Books soasia
02/08/12 "All of the Monks Have Guns"? On the Tibetan Cultural Psychology of Anger and Construction Political Non-violence soasia
02/02/12 Self Branding: Urban Spaces and Middle Class Culture in Hyderabad soasia
01/28/12 IAWW Republic Day Celebration soasia
01/17/12 Study in India in Summer 2012 Information Session soasia
01/14/12 Astitva: A Tale of Two Queens with Srivani Jade & Dr. Ratna Roy soasia
01/10/12 Briefing on the Forum on U.S.-India Commercial Relations: The Knowledge Economy jackson,soasia
12/03/11 Sita in Bollywood: Filmi Ideals of Conjugal Love soasia
12/01/11 The U.S. - India Commercial Relationship: The Knowledge Economy jackson,soasia
11/29/11 A multilingual poet in eighteenth-century India: A Krishna bhakta’s experiments with Urdu soasia
11/26/11 Sita Sings the Blues soasia
11/19/11 The Ramayana in Indian Art soasia
11/18/11 Meaning in the Margins: Kannada Captions in a Persian Manuscript from the Deccan soasia
11/16/11 Study in India in Summer 2012 Information Session soasia
11/12/11 Looking Through the Lens of the Ramayana soasia
11/10/11 Chai Why? soasia
11/10/11 Debi Prasad Chatterjee soasia
11/05/11 Buddha Poses soasia
11/03/11 A Conversation about South Asia Resource Collections and Other Resources soasia
10/27/11 Pakistan Today Top Ten Things Your Students Should Know outreach,soasia
10/18/11 Reconciling Community Realities with Evidence-Based Policy Making: Challenges in Meeting MDG-5 – A Case Study of India soasia
10/18/11 Amitav Ghosh soasia
10/17/11 River of Smoke reading by author Amitav Ghosh soasia
10/17/11 Why Mongolia Matters eacenter,ellison,igrss,soasia
10/11/11 Khaled Hosseini soasia
10/10/11 Rubaiyat Hossain soasia
10/09/11 Seattle South Asian Film Festival soasia
10/08/11 Meherjaan soasia
10/07/11 Water Lillies Play Reading soasia
10/06/11 Sarpa Sutra: the Mahabharata and an Experimental Play soasia
10/01/11 Dazzling India soasia
09/28/11 History, Evolution, Current Status, Challenges and Reforms in Medical Education and Public Health in India soasia
09/24/11 Mahishasura Mardini soasia
09/24/11 Mridula Koshy soasia
09/15/11 Pakistan’s War with Itself soasia
08/13/11 "Mahilaa Night"--Bo M. Karlsson Fundraiser for Young Women in Nepal soasia
07/13/11 EYE OF INDIA FESTIVAL--Words on Water: A Literary Festival of Indian Writers in the U.S. soasia
07/10/11 CHAKRAVYUGAM--A Tamil Play, AID SEATTLE Fundraiser soasia
07/06/11 EYE OF INDIA FESTIVAL--Opening event: ‘In Conversation’ with Actress Tabu Hashmi and "MEENAXI" Film Screening soasia
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/25/11 Sand Mandala Demonstration: Tibetan Monks of Ganden Shartse Monastery soasia
06/24/11 Bangla vocalist Srikanto Acharya in Concert soasia
06/24/11 US Fulbright Information Session soasia
06/23/11 Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Performance soasia
06/19/11 ASPAC/WCAAS Joint Annual Conferece: “Asia Rising and the Rise of Asian America” china,eacenter,japan,korea,seac,soasia