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Angelina Snodgrass Godoy

Contact information

Thomson Hall, Box 353650
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3650
Tel. 206.616.3585
Fax 206.685.0668

Academic employment history

Fall 2008-present  Helen H. Jackson Endowed Chair in Human Rights
Director, Center for Human Rights
University of Washington, Seattle
Fall 2007-present Associate Professor of Law, Societies, and Justice, and of International Studies Adjunct Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Washington, Seattle
Fall 2002-Spring 2007 Assistant Professor of Law, Societies, and Justice, and of International Studies Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Washington, Seattle
Winter/spring 2002 Visiting Fellow
Kellogg Institute for International Studies
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN


2001 Ph.D., Sociology, University of California at Berkeley
Dissertation title: Justicia a Mano Propia: The Privatization of Justice in Latin America
1997 M.A., Sociology, University of California at Berkeley
Thesis: “Our Right Is the Right to Be Killed”: Making Rights Real on the Streets of Guatemala”
1994 B.A., Sociology, Harvard University, magna cum laude

Selected publications

Popular Injustice: Violence, Community, and Law in Latin America (Stanford University Press, 2006)

My Life Is Not for Sale: Health, Wealth, and the Writing of Globalization’s Rulebook (manuscript in progress)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals
“A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Efforts to Enhance Security and Quality of Life in New York City and Bogotá,” with Katherine Beckett. Urban Studies 47, 2 (February 2010): 277-302

“Intellectual property and access to medicines: An Analysis of Legislation in Central America,” with Alejandro Cerón. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 87 (10, October 2009):733-804.

“Indigenous Rights, Resistance, and the Law: Lessons from a Guatemalan Mine,” with Amanda Fulmer and Philip Neff. Latin American Politics and Society 2008 (4), pp. 91-121.

“Power, Politics, and Penality: Punitiveness as Backlash in American Democracies,” with Katherine Beckett. Studies in Law, Politics and Society 45 (2008)

“Converging on the Poles: Contemporary Punishment and Democracy in Hemispheric Perspective,” Law & Social Inquiry 30:3 (Summer 2005): 515-548

“La Muchacha Respondona: Reflections on the Razor's Edge between Crime and Human Rights," Human Rights Quarterly 27 (2005): 597–624

“When ‘Justice’ is Criminal: Lynchings in Contemporary Latin America,” Theory and Society 33 (2004): 621–651

"Lynchings and the Democratization of Terror in Postwar Guatemala: Implications for Human Rights," Human Rights Quarterly 24 (2002) 640–661

“‘Our Right is the Right to Be Killed’: Making Rights Real on the Streets of Guatemala,” Childhood 6:4 (November 1999): 423-442

Articles in edited volumes
“Castigo y política en América: puntos de convergencia,” in Crimen e Inseguridad: Políticas, Temas, y Problemas en las Américas. Lucía Dammert, ed. Santiago, Chile: FLACSO, 2009.

“America Doesn't Stop at the Rio Grande: Democracy and the War on Crime,” 37-48 in After the War on Crime: Race, Democracy and a New Reconstruction, Mary Louise Frampton, Ian Haney Lopez, and Jonathan Simon, eds., New York University Press (New York), 2008

“Una perspectiva ‘invertida’ de la justicia transicional: lecciones de Guatemala,” in Entre el Perdón y el Paredón: Preguntas y Dilemas de la Justicia Transicional, Editorial Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), 2005

“Democracy, Mano Dura, and the Criminalization of Politics,” 109-138 in (Un)Civil Societies: Human Rights and Democratic Transitions in Eastern Europe and Latin America, Rachel May and Andrew Milton, eds. Lexington Press, 2005

“Los Linchamientos y la Democratización del Terror en la Guatemala de la Postguerra: Implicaciones en el Campo de los Derechos Humanos,” 125-174 in Los Linchamientos: ¿Barbarie o Justicia Popular?, Edelberto Torres-Rivas, ed. Editorial FLACSO (Guatemala City, Guatemala), 2003

Book reviews
Review of Pedro Pitarch, Shannon Speed, and Xochitl Leyva Solano, eds. Human Rights in the Maya Region: Global Politics, Cultural Contentions, and Moral Engagements. In A Contracorriente: Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall 2010: 459-463.

Review of Carlos Aguirre, The criminals of Lima and their worlds: The prison experience (1850-1935), in Punishment & Society July 2006; 8(3): 387 - 389.

Review of Susan Eva Eckstein and Timothy P. Wickham-Crowley, eds. What Justice? Whose Justice? Fighting for fairness in Latin America in Contemporary Sociology May 2005. 34(3): 303-305.

Review of Christopher Chase-Dunn, et. al., eds., Globalization on the Ground: Postbellum Guatemalan democracy and development in Contemporary Sociology September 2002 31(5): 582-585.

Review of Ricardo D. Salvatore, Carlos Aguirre, and Gilbert M. Joseph, eds. Crime and Punishment in Latin America: Law and society since late colonial times in Punishment & Society April 2003 5(2): 232-233.

Other articles
“Husky Pride, Honduran Justice,” op-ed (with coauthor Jim Gregory), Seattle Times, October 7, 2009

“A fair-trade port in the storm,” op-ed (with coauthor Alvaro Ramazzini), Seattle Times, November 9, 2005

“No: It Will Threaten Lives in Partner Countries,” op-ed, Seattle Times, April 14, 2005 :

“Health Care Difficult in Central America,” op-ed (with coauthor Cameron H. Herrington), Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 5, 2004

Selected Honors and Awards

2008 Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, University of Washington
2007 Student Service Award, in recognition of outstanding service to students (voted by graduating seniors), Jackson School of International Studies
2006 James D. Clowes Award for the Advancement of Learning Communities, University of Washington
2002 Visiting Residential Fellowship, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame
1999-2002 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship in Latin American Sociology
1995-1998 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
1995-1997 Berkeley Graduate Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley
1994 Ralph Bunche Fellowship from Amnesty International USA

Selected Grants

2008-09 Ford Foundation grant to support project “Balancing Health and Wealth: Intellectual Property, Access to Medicines, and the Right to Health in Central America,” to support research on intellectual property rights and political engagement by Central American public health experts (joint with Dr. Alejandro Cerón)
2007-08 Ford Foundation grant to support pilot project “Balancing Health and Wealth: The Human Rights Challenge to the Contemporary Intellectual Property Regime,” for capacity-building among Central American health and human rights professionals, civil servants, and activists
2006-09 National Science Foundation, Law and Social Science Program, grant to support “Writing Globalization's Rulebook: Balancing Health, Wealth, and Intellectual Property in the Era of Free Trade”
2007 American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship for project entitled “Globalization’s Rulebook: Democracy, Trade, and Whose Rights Matter in Latin America”
2006-08 Puget Sound Partners for Global Health’s Research & Technology Grant for project entitled, “Writing Globalization’s Rulebook: Balancing Health, Wealth, and Human Rights in the Era of Free Trade”
2006 Institute of Transnational Studies, University of Washington, research grant for project entitled “Whose Quality of Life? Citizenship, Space, and the Public in Contemporary Policing” (joint with Prof. Katherine Beckett)
2005-06 Arts and Sciences Exchange Program, University of Washington, for symposium entitled “Truth and Rights in Times of Terror: The Politics of Violence in Contemporary Latin America” (joint with Prof. Adam Warren)
2003-04 University of Washington, Office of the Vice Provost for International Education, grant to support international exchange activities in Guatemala
2003-04 University of Washington Simpson Center for the Humanities, to organize lecture series on “Human Rights from the Bottom Up” (joint with Prof. Michael McCann)
2002 University of Washington, Junior Faculty Development Award
2000 Research Grant, Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley


Invited Talks (selected list)

“A ‘Bottom Up’ View of Human Rights: The Intersection of Crime and Politics in Guatemala,” invited talk at the 2010 Lozano Long Conference “Republics of Fear: Understanding Endemic Violence in Latin America Today,” University of Texas at Austin, March 4-5, 2010

“Intellectual Property, Medicines, and the Right to Health: A View from Central America,” invited talk at the Global Justice conference, Program on Values, University of Washington, April 17, 2009

“Propiedad Intelectual y Globalización: Aportes para una Política Universitaria,” invited by the Consejo Superior Universitario of the University of Costa Rica, June 30, 2008

“Collegiate Apparel Production and Social Responsibility: A Report from Guatemala,” invited presentation at University of Puget Sound, April 24, 2008

“Globalización, Derechos Humanos y Propiedad Intelectual: El Dilema del Acceso a las Medicinas y el Derecho a la Salud en los Tratados de Libre Comercio.”Invited presentation at the Centro de Investigaciones Sociojurídicas (CIJUS), Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, March 14, 2007

“On the WIPO Development Agenda,” invited presentation at the conference Brazil and the Global South: Making Global Governance Work, May 4-6, 2006, at the University of California, Berkeley

“Violence, Law, and Violent Law: Lynchings in Latin America” invited presentation at the conference Violence and the Americas, April 15-16, 2005, at the University of California, Berkeley

“Violence and Victims: Lynchings, Agency, and the Legacies of War,” invited presentation at the conference Smoldering Ashes: Revisiting the Legacy of the Cold War in Central America, May 5-7, 2005, at the University of Oregon

“Dying for Medicines: How U.S. Foreign Policy and UW Institutional Practice Limit Access to Medicines in the Developing World,” invited presentation at the Third Annual Western Regional International Health conference, February 18-20, 2005, at the University of Washington

“Viendo la Justicia Desde Abajo: Reflecciones Sobre el Caso Guatemalteco,” presented at the conference Entre el Perdón y el Paredón: Preguntas y Dilemas de la Justicia Transicional, November 4-5, 2004, at the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)

“CAFTA and Access to Medicines,” invited presentation at Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA, November 19, 2004

La Muchacha Respondona: Contemporary Human Rights Challenges in Guatemala,” presented at the conference Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America: Lessons from the Past and Prospects for the Future, November 5-7, 2003, at the University of Oregon

“Lynchings in Latin America,” invited presentation at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, March 19, 2002

Professional service

University service
University of Washington Center for Human Rights Director, 2009-

Jackson School of International Studies

  • Executive Committee, 2009
  • International Studies undergraduate admissions committee, member, 2008-09
  • Latin American Studies, Acting Chair 2003-04
  • Latin American Studies Curriculum Committee 2002-03

Law, Societies, and Justice Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, member

Global Citizenship Task Force, member 2007-08

UW Licensing Advisory Committee, member 2007-08

  • Subcommittee on Guatemala factory violations, chair
  • Subcommittee on research, member

Human Rights Minor Curriculum Committee, member

Professional associations
Law and Society Association (LSA)

  • Law and Society Review, Editorial Board, member 2009-
  • Board of Trustees, member 2008-
  • LSA Article Prize Committee, member 2003-04

Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

  • Methodological consultant to the Otros Saberes Initiative, 2009-2010
  • Section on law and society, member

Board positions
Global Visionaries, October 2004-October 2005

CIRMA Guatemala (advisory board), January 2005-present

Other service
Director, with Alejandro Cerón, CEPIAM (Red Centroamericana para el estudio de la Propiedad Intelectual y el Acceso a Medicamentos, Central American network for the study of Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines), 2007-

Country specialist on Guatemala, Amnesty International USA, 1995-2005