University of Washington

James Augerot

Professor - Slavic Languages & Literatures, Box 353580


* B.A. 1956, Philosophy, Highlands University, New Mexico
* M.A. 1959, English Literature, Highlands University, New Mexico
* Ph.D. 1968, Slavic Linguistics, University of Washington

Foreign language competence: Albanian - 2, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian - 2, Bulgarian - 4, French - 3, German - 2, Hungarian - 1, Old Church Slavonic - 3, Polish - 2, Romanian - 4, Russian - 4, Turkish - 1

Teaching specializations: Slavic and Balkan linguistics; Second Language Learning; Language pedagogy; Computer-assisted Language Learning; History of Slavic Languages ; Structure of Russian Language

Recent courses: Elementary Bulgarian, First Year Russian, History of the Slavic Languages, Independent Study - Bulgarian, Independent Study - Romanian, Structure of Russian / Synchronic Slavic Linguistics

Recent publications:

  • Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Romanian Studies, co-editor with Paul Michelson and Kurt Treptow, 2006.
  • The Romanian Language, Elsevier Encyclopedia of Languages and Linguistics, London, 2005.
  • A Morphological Database of the Russian Language (to be published on CD-ROM), Available on web:
  • Limba Romana, a college course in Romanian. Center for Romanian Studies, Iasi, Romania, June 1999.
  • Romanian-Limba Româna Center for Romanian Studies, Iasi, 1999, 360pp.
  • Romanian Phonology: A Generative Phonological Sketch of the Core Vocabulary of Standard Romanian, Romanian Academy Press, 1974, 86pp.
  • Romanian Grammar Pamphlets (Editor) Center for Applied Linguistics, 1973, 86pp.
  • The Sounds of English and Romanian Bucharest University Press, 1984, 158pp (with Dumitru Chitoran and Hortensia Pârlog).
  • Aspectele teoriei a sintaxei (Aspects of the Theory of Syntax), Academy of Sciences, Bucuresti, 1968, 287pp. (Translation with Paul Schweiger).