University of Washington

YOUNG, Glennys

Professor, Department of History and Jackson School of International Studies.

Appointed: 1992.

Henry M. Jackson School of
International Studies
Box 353650
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195
FAX: 206-685-0668

Professional Experience

  • Professor, Department of History and Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, beginning September, 2012
  • Associate Professor, Department of History and Henry M.Jackson School of International Studies, beginning September, 1998
  • Assistant Professor, Department of History and Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, beginning September, 1992
  • Lecturer, Department of History (Fall 1991) and Department of Philosophy and Program in Cultures, Ideas, and Values, Stanford University, Fall 1990 to August 1992
  • Visiting Scholar, Hoover Institution, Stanford, California, September 1989 - September 1990.


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, December, 1989

             Dissertation: “Rural Religion and Soviet Power, 1921-1932.”

             Directed by Reginald E. Zelnik (Chair) and Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

  • M.A., University of California, Berkeley, 1983
  • B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1981, Summa cum Laude, Honors in History

             (Undergraduate study, Lafayette College, 1977-1979)

Recent Publications: 

Books Authored

The Communist Experience in the Twentieth Century: A Global History through Sources.
(New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. Release date: 29 July 2011.) 425 pp. plus
index and frontmatter.

Power and the Sacred in Revolutionary Russia: Religious Activists in the Village.
Pennsylvania State University Press, November, 1997. Paperback edition, 2008.
Honorable Mention, Hans Rosenhaupt Memorial Book Award, Woodrow Wilson National
Fellowship Foundation.

Edited Volumes

Co-Editor, Reginald E. Zelnik, Perils of Pankratova: Some Stories from the Annals of Soviet
(Seattle: April, 2005). (An ACLS E-book.)

“Preface,” to Reginald E. Zelnik, Perils of Pankratova (pp. ix-xiv). Peer-reviewed by other
contributors (Yuri Slezkine, Laura Engelstein, Benjamin Nathans, David Hollinger.)

Guest Editor, Law in Russia, no. 101 (August 1994) of the Donald W. Treadgold Papers
in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies, The Henry M. Jackson School of
International Studies, University of Washington

Articles in Journals (including work-in-progress)

“Emotions, Contentious Politics, and Empire: Some Thoughts about the Soviet Case,” Ab
Imperio: Studies of New Histories and Nationalities in the Post-Soviet Space
(2/2007): 113-
151 (Commissioned, Peer-reviewed). See also discussion of article by the editors on pp.

“Fetishizing the Soviet Collapse: Historical Rupture and the Historiography of (Early)
Soviet Socialism,” Russian Review, 66 (January, 2007): 95-122. (Peer-reviewed)

"`Into Church Matters': Lay Identity, Rural Parish Life, and Popular Politics in Late Imperial
and Early Soviet Russia, 1864-1928," Russian History/Histoire Russe 23: 1-4 (1996). (Peer-

"Trading Icons: Clergy, Laity, and Rural Cooperatives, 1921-28," Canadian-American

Slavic Studies (September, 1992). (Peer-reviewed.)

Book Chapters

“Bolsheviks and Emotional Hermeneutics: The Great Purges, Bukharin, and the February-
March Plenum of 1937,” contribution to Mark D. Steinberg and Valeria Sobol, eds,
Interpreting Emotion in Russia and Eastern Europe (De Kalb, IL: Northern University Press,
2011.), pp. 127-151. Publication date: June 1, 2011. Peer-reviewed.

“Emotsii, politika osparivaniia, i obshchestvennaia pamiat’: iz istorii Novocherkasskoi
tragedii,” in Jan Plamper, Schamma Schahadat, and Marc Elie, eds., Rossiiskaia imperiia
chuvstv: Podkhody k kul’turnoi istorii emotsii (In the Realm of Russian Feelings:
Approaches to a Cultural History of Emotions)
(Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie,
2010), pp. 457-479. English title: “Emotions, Contentious Politics, and Historical Memory:
A Story from the Annals of the Novocherkassk Tragedy.” (Peer reviewed.)

“Terror in Pravda, 1917-1939: All the News That Was Fit to Print,” in Catherine Evtuhov
and Stephen Kotkin, eds., The Cultural Gradient: The Transmission of Ideas in Europe,
(Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2003), pp. 167-185. (Peer-reviewed.)

"Bonch-Bruevich, Vladimir Dmitrievich." Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in
Russia and the Soviet Union
, v. 4. Academic International Press, 1991.

Selected Book Reviews

Paul Froese, The Plot to Kill God: Findings From the Soviet Experiment on Secularization
(University of California Press, 2008), Journal of the Scientific Study of Religion, (March,
2010), pp. 188-190.

Catriona Kelley, Comrade Pavlik: The Rise and Fall of a Soviet Boy Hero, Russian Review,
July 2006.

Vera Shevzov, Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution, in Journal of Modern History,
March, 2006, pp. 274-76.

Steven Merritt Miner, Stalin’s Holy War: Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics,
1941-45 in Russian Review (April, 2004) pp. 353-54.

Igal Halfin, From Darkness to Light: Class, Consciousness, and Salvation in Revolutionary
In Slavic Review (Winter, 2003), pp. 858-59.

William Husband, ‘Godless Communists’: Atheism and Society in Soviet Russia, 1917-
. Journal of Modern History (September, 2002), pp. 689-692.

Orlando Figes and Boris Kolonitskii, Interpreting the Russian Revolution: The Language and
Symbols of 1917
. In American Historical Review (June, 2002), pp. 971-72.

Daniel Peris, Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless. In Journal
of Modern History
72: 2 (June, 2000).

Vladimir Brovkin, Russia After Lenin: Politics, Culture, and Society, 1921-1929. In
American Historical Review 104:5 (December, 1999)

Mette Bryld and Eric Kulavig, Soviet Civilization between Past and Present. In Slavic
58:2 (Summer, 1999).

LynneViola, Peasant Rebels Under Stalin: Collectivization and the Culture of Peasant
in Russian History/Histoire Russe (Winter, 1999), pp. 438-441.

Felix Corley, Religion in the Soviet Union: An Archival Reader. In Journal of Church and
40: 4 (Autumn, 1998)

Articles in Other Periodical Publications:

“From Spain with Znanie? Adventures of an Historian of the USSR on the Iberian Peninsula,”
REECAS Newsletter, University of Washington (Spring, 2008): 1-4.

Interviews Given

“Faculty Interview with Associate Professor Glennys Young,” WES Northwest: The
Newsletter of the Center for West European Studies and the European Union Center of
Excellence, University of Washington
, 16, no. 3 (2010): 3, 11. Available online at http://