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Saadia M. Pekkanen

Job & Gertrud Tamaki Professor

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  • Job and Gertrud Tamaki Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science; and Adjunct Professor, School of Law, University of Washington, 2004-Present.
  • Associate Director, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, 2014-Present.
  • Founding Director, Jackson School Ph.D. Program in International Studies, 2006-Present. []
  • Visiting Professor, University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg-Essen, Germany, Summer 2013.
  • Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan, 2010-2011.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Middlebury College, 1998-2003.


  • JSIS 594 Introduction to International and Area Studies
  • JSIS 595/ LAW B 554 Research Tutorial (social science methodology)
  • JSIS B 549 / LAW B 549 International Investment Law and Practice
  • JSIS 598 Field Seminar in Peace, Violence, and Security
  • JSIS 599 Field Seminar in Law, Rights, and Governance
  • JSIS A 437/537/POL S 424 International Relations of Japan
  • JSIS A 548 National Security of Japan


  • Yale Law School, Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.), 2004.
  • Harvard University, Department of Government, Ph.D. in Political Science, 1996.
  • University of Michigan Summer Training Program, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Diploma in Quantitative Methods of Social Research, 1995.
  • Inter-University Center for Japanese Language (IUC), Diploma in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan, 1993.
  • Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Masters in International Affairs (M.I.A.), 1988.
  • Richmond University, B.A. (Honors), London, England, 1986.



International Relations and Foreign Policy; International Law; Space Security and Policy; and the International Relations of Japan/Asia.  




  • Asia Designs: Risen Powers and the Struggle for International Governance. Editor (in manuscript).
  • The Oxford Handbook of the International Relations of Asia. Lead co-editor with John Ravenhill and Rosemary Foot (forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2014).
  • In Defense of Japan: From the Market to the Military in Space Policy. Lead co-author with Paul Kallender (Stanford University Press, 2010).
  • Japan's Aggressive Legalism: Law and Foreign Trade Politics Beyond the WTO (Stanford University Press, 2008).
  • Japan and China in the World Political Economy. Lead co-editor with Kellee S. Tsai. (Routledge, 2005).
  • Picking Winners? From Technology Catch-up to the Space Race in Japan. (Stanford University Press, 2003).


  • Agents of Design: How and Why Asian States Construct the External Institutions They Do,” in Asian Designs: Risen Powers and the Struggle for International Governance, edited by Saadia M. Pekkanen (in manuscript).
  • “The International Relations of Asia,” lead co-author with John Ravenhill and Rosemary Foot, in The Oxford Handbook of the International Relations of Asia, edited by Saadia M. Pekkanen, John Ravenhill, and Rosemary Foot (forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2014).
  • “Japan in Asia’s Space Race: Directions and Implications.” SITC-NWC Policy Brief 2013-7, Study of Innovation and Technology in China (SITC), University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) and United States Naval War College (SITC-NWC, April 2013).
  • “Investment Regionalism in Asia: New Directions in Law and Policy?” (World Trade Review Vol. 11, No. 1, 2012).
  • “National Security in Japan’s Space Policy.” Lead co-author with Paul Kallender-Umezu in Japan in Decline: Fact or Fiction?, edited by Purnendra Jain and Brad Williams (Leiden: Brill/Global Oriental, 2011).
  • “The Politics of Ambiguity in Asia’s Sovereign Wealth Funds.” Lead co-author with Kellee S. Tsai (Business & Politics Vol. 13, No. 2, 2011).
  • "Asianism Rising: Assessing China-Japan-US Dynamics in Regional Trade and Investment Realities," in Getting the Triangle Straight: China-Japan-US Relations, edited by Gerry Curtis, Ryosei Kokubun, and Wang Jisi (Tokyo: Japan Center for International Exchange, 2010).
  • "Trading Gains for Control: International Trade Forums and Japanese Economic Diplomacy." Lead co-author with Mireya Solis and Saori N. Katada, (International Studies Quarterly Vol. 51, No. 4, 2007).
  • "Assessing the Prospects for a US-Japan FTA" In APEC, The New International Architecture in Trade and Investment: Current Status and Implications (Singapore: APEC Secretariat, March 2007).
  • "At Play in the Legal Realm: The WTO and the Changing Nature of US-Japan Antidumping Disputes." In Beyond Bilateralism: The US-Japan Relationship in the New Asia Pacific, edited by Ellis S. Krauss and T. J. Pempel (Stanford University Press, 2004).
  • "International Law, Industry, and the State: Explaining Japan's Complainant Activities at the WTO." (The Pacific Review Vol. 16, No. 3, 2003).
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  • "Aggressive Legalism: The Rules of the WTO and Japan's Emerging Trade Strategy.", (The World Economy Vol. 24, No. 5 May 2001).
  • "International Law, the WTO, and the Japanese State: Assessment and Implications of the New Legalized Trade Politics." (The Journal of Japanese Studies Vol. 27, No. 1, 2001).



  • “The U.S.-Japan Space Security Forum,” in collaboration with the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation for the creation of a bi-national 1.5 track panel for research and dialogue on space security and policy, Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC), 2013.
  • Edited Book Project Grant, Center for Global Partnership (CGP), The Japan Foundation, 2010-2012.
  • American Society of International Law (ASIL), International Economic Law Interest Group Grant for Regional Event in International Economic Law, 2007-2008.
  • Book Project Grant, Intellectual Exchange Program, Center for Global Partnership (CGP), The Japan Foundation, 2005.
  • Social Science Research Council/Abe Fellowship Program (SSRC/Abe), 2002.
  • Research and Teaching Grant in International Law and International Political Economy, Ada Kent Howe Foundation, 1999.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, Social Science Research Council/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (SSRC/JSPS), 1998.
  • Postdoctoral Academy Fellowship, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies (Kukin), 1995-1997.
  • Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant in Political Science, Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation (NSF), 1995.
  • Dissertation Write-up Fellowship, Social Science Research Council/American Council of Learned Societies (SSRC/ACLS), Joint Committee on Japanese Studies, 1994-1995.
  • Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 1994.
  • Research Grant for Graduate Women, Radcliffe College, 1994.