Study Abroad in Greece
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Students in AthensLeft: Professor Christine Ingebritsen and students pose in Athens on our 2010 program

Hellenic Studies offers study-abroad programs for students interested in expanding their cultural knowledge and awareness of the rich artistic and intellectual legacy of Greece, while also enhancing their intellectual curiosity and facilitating their development as citizens of the world.

Ioannina, Spring Quarter:

Above: Students on the 2013 Ioannina program line up at the starting line of the ancient Olympics
Since 2001, the study-abroad program to Ioannina in Northern Greece has given students not only an intimate look at Greek culture and society, from the ancient to the modern, but also provided an appreciation of the full meaning of this extraordinary legacy in relation to the challenges and social issues facing us today. The program was founded by Dr. Theodore Kaltsounis with the expressed purpose of providing students with a chance to meaningfully expand their academic horizons. Study abroad prepares students that meaningfully impact their personal lives and career paths.

The goals of the Ioannina program are:

  • To provide Greek language skills that help students inculcate themselves closer to the cultures and mores of the land and its people
  • To connect Greek culture to western civilization and, thus, foster a critical appreciation of today’s modern reality
  • To become familiar with national and cultural issues both as they have developed in the past and they are manifested in the present.

Students receive 15 credits for their quarter of study abroad, the normal load for each quarter at the University of Washington. To fulfill the goals, the credits are allocated equally for Modern Greek language study (5 credits), a course in a particular aspect of Greek culture (5 credits), and a course (5 credits) examining current national and international issues. Short excursions are made through the term to important sites and the final week consists of a final tour to more distant sites, ending in Athens.

For more information or to apply, visit the program website here.

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