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The mission of the Center for Global Studies (CGS) is to enhance understanding about the world's cultures, societies and economies as they shape and are shaped by global and transnational forces. As one of eight National Resource Centers housed in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, CGS provides resources for transforming interdisciplinary global studies via its research and teaching foci, professional training opportunities for educators, general public programs, and media outreach. 

The Center for Global Studies is home to the International Studies Program, including an undergraduate major, undergraduate minor, and a master’s degree. Graduate students may also pursue concurrent degrees jointly offered with six UW professional schools. The Center's 150 core and 208 affiliate faculty hail from more than 46 departments and schools within the UW and offer a comprehensive selection of over 400 international or comparative courses and 365 language courses in 50 languages.

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The Dangerous Allure of Tourism Promotion as a Post-conflict Policy in Disputed Azad Jammu and Kashmir (essay/blog post by Cabeiri Robinson) In October 2005, an earthquake altered the landscape of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), a region administered by Pakistan and claimed by India.

As efforts shifted from rescue and relief to long-term reconstruction, it became clear that the earthquake had transformed the social, economic, and political landscapes of AJK, too. For the international community, AJK became an acceptable terrain of engagement because the disaster was “natural." Click here to read Cabeiri Robinson's full essay on the Cultural Anthropology Journal's Blog Site. 

JSIS Correspondence
This blog highlights Jackson School students, faculty, staff and alumni accounts of traveling, studying, and working abroad.

Jackson School Journal of International Studies
The Spring 2014 issue is available online and profiles research and policy writing generated by undergraduate students at UW.

We encourage you to consider the journal and website as resources for students across campus and for others interested in compelling new articles on international studies.

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