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Director's Staff and Business Office | Programs, Centers, and Institutes

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Director's Staff and Business Office

Reşat Kasaba Director
Saadia Pekkanen
Associate Director
Kristina C. Bowman Communications Specialist
Donald Craig Data Manager
Filemon Gonzalez Fiscal Specialist 2
Mark Haslam Director of Computing Services
Kaitlyn Li Fiscal Specialist
Dvorah Oppenheimer Financial Administrator
Jeremy Pritchard Web Designer
Toni Read Assistant to the Director
Diane Scillo Travel
Kevin Swantek Business Office Coordinator

Office of Student Services

Wolfram Latsch Director
John Charlton Director, Career Services & Alumni Relations
Robyn Davis Director of Fellowships
Hidaat Ephrem Program Coordinator
Linda Iltis Undergraduate Adviser
Joan Marts Undergraduate Advisor
Paula Milligan Graduate Program Advisor

Programs, Resource Centers, and Institutes

African Studies

Ben Gardner Chair
Monica Rojas-Stewart Assistant Director

Applied International Studies MA

Jennifer Butte-Dahl Director
Andrea Sadlier Graduate Program Adviser
Elise Carlson-Rainer
Research Assistant

Canadian Studies Center

Vincent Gallucci Director
Nadine Fabbi Associate Director
Monick Keo Program Assistant

Center for West European Studies

Christine Ingebritsen Director
Phil Shekleton Associate Director
Eva Dunn Outreach Coordinator
Loryn Paxton Program Coordinator

China Studies

Madeleine Yue Dong Chair
Curtis Reed Program Coordinator

Comparative Religion Studies

Jim Wellman


Loryn Paxton Program Coordinator


Allyse Goehring Associate Director of Development, JSIS

East Asia Center

Bill Lavely Director
Kristi Roundtree Associate Director

Curtis Reed

Program Coordinator

East Asia Resource Center

Mary Bernson Director
Yurika Kurakata Assistant Director
Mary Barnes Outreach Coordinator

European Union Center of Excellence

James Caporaso Director
Phil Shekleton Associate Director
Eva Dunn Outreach Coordinator

Center for Human Rights

Angelina Godoy Director
Gai-Hoai Nguyen Assistant Director
Phillip Neff Program Operations Specialist

Information Strategies for Societies in Transition - Myanmar

Sara Curran Director
Mary Callahan Director
Jessica Beyer Associate Director/ Research Scientist

International Studies and Center for Global Studies

Sara Curran Chair & Director
Tamara Leonard Associate Director
Lauren Dobrovolny Program Coordinator

Japan Studies

Ken Tadashi Oshima Chair
Ellen Eskenazi Director of Outreach & Program Development
Martha Walsh Senior Program Associate

Jewish Studies

Noam Pianko Chair
Lauren Spokane Assistant Director
Ty Aldaheff Sephardic Studies Coordinator
Hannah Pressman Communications Coordinator
Kara Schoonmaker Digital Media Specialist
Rebecca Steelman Program Coordinator

Journal of Japanese Studies

Martha Walsh Managing Editor

Journal of Korean Studies

Tracy Stober Managing Editor

Korea Studies and Center for Korea Studies

Clark Sorensen Chair
Young Sook Lim Assistant Director

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

José Antonio (Tony) Lucero Director
Monica Rojas-Stewart Assistant Director

Middle East Center

Ellis Goldberg Chair & Director
Felicia Hecker Associate Director

The Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies

Scott Radnitz Chair & Director
Philip Lyon Associate Director
Rachel Elizabeth Brown Web and Special Projects Assistant
Sarah McPhee Publications and Special Projects Assistant

South Asian Studies

Sunila Kale Chair & Director
Keith Snodgrass Associate Director
Molly Wilskie-Kala Program Coordinator

Southeast Asian Studies

Laurie Sears Chair & Director
Sara Van Fleet Associate Director
Tikka Sears Outreach Coordinator
Molly Wilskie-Kala Program Coordinator
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