Other South Asia Centers

Looking for South Asia resources closer to home? The following institutions host National Resource Centers for South Asia, Each of which sponsors programming for educators and the general public. If you are looking for South Asia Resources in your area, one of the following centers might be able to assist you.

Columbia University
North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies
University of Texas, Austin
University of California, Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Pennsylvania
South Asia Language Resource Center

The South Asia Language Resource Center is engaged in the following major tasks:

  • Create and disseminate new resources for teaching and research on South Asian languages, mostly via the World Wide Web;
  • Offer advanced courses in language pedagogy in conjunction with the South Asia Summer Language Institute;
  • Develop a shared infrastructure for delivery and archiving of South Asia language resources; and
  • Share infrastructure and approaches with other institutions having overlapping language interests, such as other Language Resource Centers, most notably those for the Middle East and Central Asia.

About National Resource Centers:

The UW South Asia Center is a National Resource Center funded by a Title VI grant from the US Department of Education as part of the department’s International Education Programs. There are currently 15 International Education Programs including the well known Fulbright-Hayes programs.

Title VI grants for National Resource Centers are available to institutions of higher learning and for the purpose of strengthening international education in teaching and research, increasing the knowledge of the general public about the region or country represented (including business leaders, government staff and the media) and providing educators with professional development opportunities.

There are well over 100 National Resource Centers in the US today covering most regions or countries in the world. The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies has seven National Resource Center representing Canada, West Europe, East Asia, Russia, East Europe and Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

South Asia Center
University of Washington
303 Thomson Hall
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-4800 phone
(206) 685-0668 fax

Anand Yang, Director

Keith Snodgrass, Associate Director

Molly Wilskie-Kala, Program Coordinator

Nick Gottschall, Graduate Student Assistant

Robyn Davis, FLAS Coordinator

Sunila Kale, Graduate Program Coordinator